Killer ‘Charlie Alliston’ – another criminal about to escape justice

Singlespeed & Fixed Gear “I still feel that variable gears are only for people over forty-five. Isn’t it better to triumph by the strength of your muscles than by the artifice of a derailer? We are getting soft…As for me, give me a fixed gear!”

Henri Desgrange (31 January 1865 – 16 August 1940), a French bicycle racer and sports journalist who set twelve world track cycling records, including the hour record of 35.325 kilometres on 11 May 1893, and the organiser behind the 1st Tour de France of 1903

Charlie Alliston [new tattoo ‘trophy’(?)]

Our British ‘broken’ scales of justice came into use again just last week, when teenage pedestrian killer Charlie Alliston [the first cyclist ever to have been charged with the offence] was acquitted of the manslaughter of a lovely 44-year-old lady crossing the busy road in central London in her lunch hour, a year and a half ago.

This was certainly NOT the first time a speeding, shouting, twenty mile an hour, ‘thrill-seeker’, cyclist has hit and killed a pedestrian, as it certainly happened a decade ago to Rhiannon Bennett, when her reckless affluent middle-age killer, Jason Howard, riding a 5 grand customized carbon fibre titanium bicycle no less (without reflectors on the back or pedals though, so non-compliant with the Highway Code), hurtled towards and mowed-down the teenager, as she and her group of friends walked to the village shops, smashing her head on the kerb. HE got away with a derisory 2¼ grand fine (not even the maximum of £2,500), despite a previous conviction and his admission that he could have avoided her if he had slowed down, eh? Tellingly, he had shouted “move because I’m not stopping” before he finally hit the group.

Oh yes, in this most recent case, the legal authorities tried their best to get justice for Mrs Kim Briggs, who had sustained non-survivable brain injuries when mowed down by Alliston, a crazy anti-social cyclist (wearing a top with ‘Anti Social’ on it), who was acting out, in real life, his personal fantasy of being like American alley cat style, film stunt cyclist, who screeches and dodges traffic through city streets at breakneck speed.

But the lax indulgent law we have here let them down, and despite the litany of lies told in and out of court by Alliston about what had happened; he even lied about the victim being on her phone at the time of the collision (known categorically to be wrong), and ignoring his warning calls, he nevertheless got off, when on conviction he could have faced a maximum of life imprisonment. In many of our minds, Alliston actions fall well into line with involuntary, or gross negligence manslaughter term, which covers the situation where a death results from an unlawful act, or from gross negligence.

Unfortunately, the Defence persuaded the jury otherwise, though the jury did nevertheless find him guilty of the other serious offence he was charged with, that of ‘wanton and furious driving’. Now like us majority, you probably have never heard of that one before, eh? Well it is an offence that dates back to the 1861 Offences Against the Person Act, and yet that remains the only law covering the most serious cycling offences which has been used for successful prosecutions in recent years [It was of course originally aimed at the wanton drivers of ‘horse-drawn carriages’ who showed disdain for human life].

All and sundry at trial could see, including the Judge, that Alliston was totally without a grain of remorse and he just didn’t give a damn. Now instead of immediately getting banged-up, he’s off home to enjoy himself ‘on bail ‘until sentenced in mid-September, despite the clear fact that he is facing jail-time. Like all UK criminals, that’s what happens in this day and age, and he thinks he needn’t be too concerned – is he right? Probably.

The MAXIMUM punishment he faces now, will be a 2 years custodial sentence, and you can fully expect the Judge to be more lenient [his lawyers will plead, due to his young age (and possible clean record?), that he should get a slap on the wrist, eh?], so perhaps just a year – which actually will turn out in reality to be only 6 months in a cushy open prison [you see the Judge will say ‘her hands are tied’ and she can’t give him a harsher jail term simply because he has no remorse and won’t accept that he has done wrong or refuses to accept any responsibility whatsoever in this tragedy].

IS THAT JUSTICE WHEN HE HAS SENSLESSLY AND NEEDLESSLY KILLED SOMEONE and has left a husband a devastated widower, and her two young children with no mother, and them all to suffer the pain of an ongoing life sentence, do you think?

Many, many months AFTER the fatal crash killing, Alliston inexplicable and insensitively had a ghoulish designed ‘death skull’ with three blood-red tears coming out, tattooed behind his left ear [the skull representing death and the tears as used by some criminals to show they have killed someone?]. Mind you, he hid it by growing his hair during the actual trial and then immediately had it cut when the Jury went out – seem a bit like a sick mental problem, to you?

Now, the past our law makers had found that juries were for some obscure reason reluctant to find killer drivers guilty of manslaughter – that is why the optionally statutory offence of causing death by dangerous driving was also brought-in some thirty years ago, so it surprised many of us that it was tried in this case against a cyclist, who is able to claim car drivers are much more of an enormous risk, so the law should concentrate on them to try and improve safety on our roads – what a crass cope-out, don’t you think? The push-bike evangelists seem prepared to ignore the dreadful fact that perhaps some 3 pedestrians are killed EVERY year by cyclists, but they don’t count, eh? Try telling that to those killed and their families? Surely, there is no defence in any circumstances to seeking to excuse one crime by pointing-out that others are doing worse things, is there?

It is an inescapable, undeniable fact though that in this Country, there exists a group of cyclists riding our roads, who clearly present the risk of doing physical damage to pedestrians, so such folk do need to be reigned-in and harshly dealt with when they offend, but that doesn’t happen just now, does it? No, never mind not enforcing the letter of existing legislation, that is simply because currently, the necessary law is just not there to protect society against the increasing number of egoistic, obscenity-spewing, bloody dangerous, inconsiderate, wildly out-of-control, excessive testosterone driven, cyclists – and who is to blame for that, do you think?

Well, it is our successive Governments of course, who consistently have done ABSOLUTELY nothing about it, ably aided and abetted by our out of touch members of Parliament, as well as the cyclists’ own groups. Just a few years ago the MP Andrea Leadsom tried to introduce a Private Members Bill to toughen-up the law against ‘dangerous cycling’ – but it failed because the Government didn’t back-it as promised and MPs decided that extending daylight saving was much more important to discuss than actually introducing the specific offence of causing death by dangerous cycling {They all, including ministers, should now consider themselves ‘killer lovers’, don’t you think?].

Perhaps, Alliston in his trial, ought really to have pleaded diminished responsibility, due to impaired mental capacity, as that would have been quite believable to many of us outsiders, eh? After his reckless riding, he had even ranted at his poor victim who was lying critically injured in the road, then later posted abusive, accusing, smearing, stuff about her in online internet posts to falsely blame her for the collision, claiming it happened as she had zero respect for cyclists., and even more so wrote a pack of lies in London’s Evening Standard newspaper about the event, which we now all know was indeed an ‘accident waiting to happen’, wasn’t it?

Yes, rebel Alliston started on this particular road to notoriety, when he first removed the front breaks of his road-bike, to get the extra thrill he found in that [Two year’s previous to this dreadful collision, he had tweeted: ‘The time when you first take your brakes off and feeling like you’re in a @lucasbrunelle movie’ (Lucas Brunelle being the film-making stunt cycle rider)]. That’s why HE thought it was ok and “cool”, to ride around London without a front brake, which even responsible courier cyclists know is not, as they consider that having such a brake is the right thing to do (even if they are keen ‘fixies’).

Then just a MONTH before he killed Mrs Briggs, he then bought the off-road Planet X carbon-frame track-bike with its trendy, cycling ‘fetish’, fixed-gear rear wheel, with no front break, as used for velodrome racing, so 100% illegal to ride in our streets. This was bought second-hand, when he lied to reassured the seller that it was only going to be used ‘legally’ on the track – but he had no intention of ever doing that whatsoever, did he? [NO, so he blatantly lied to the Court when he claimed that he didn’t realise his bike was illegal on the road, when he had bought the thing off the LFGSS forum, a cyclist group focused on fixed-gear bikes, and which is crystal clear about that, eh?]. Such bikes are difficult to ride and control because you can’t even freewheel with a fixed-gear, as the peddles keep turning.

A professional study of the incident concluded that Alliston would have been able to stop and avoid the collision if the bike had been fitted with a front brake, as required by law for exactly that reason. [As tested, a Track bike took 19M to stop – six times the 3M distance of a Road bike (when Alliston had as much as 6½M to stop, but of course couldn’t or wouldn’t (at least if he’d slowed sufficiently, her life could have been saved – he didn’t even get out of the saddle to stand on the peddles as the technique most used to stop as quickly as possible), did he?]. Even a 20mph car can fully stop in 12M.

[To stop quickly on fixie-bike which hasn’t been fitted with a front brake, riders can force the bike to skid by locking-up the rear wheel, or use a skip stop where you do a wheelie on the front wheel, or try to pedal backwards].

Fixed-gear may have been the old fashioned original drive for cycles, but it has been re-popularist over the past fifteen years or so, for reasons apparent only to its bike enthusiasts?

After Alliston’s collision with Mrs Kim Briggs, he was more concerned about damage to his illegal ‘fixie’ bike, than he was about the fatal injuries he had caused.

Like a car, a bike in the wrong hands simply becomes an offensive weapon, so a fit 150lb cyclist hurtling down the road, can easily cause fatal or life changing injuries to an adult or even more so a child. Its combined weight in a collision would be in the region of say 175lb, delivered at a speed of some 20 miles per hour. Imagine that hitting somebody and just compare it with what physical damage would be done to a person by striking them on a full swing with a very large sledgehammer, weighing only 20lb, and say at even half the same speed, eh? [That devastation human body impact force, is precisely why we have a law forcing car back-seat passengers to “belt-up” to preventing them being thrown forward and killing those in the front if the car is involved in a bad accident, isn’t it?].

As soon Alliston, the self-styled ‘anti-social’, risk-take cyclist, realised he was actually facing the court high jump, he quickly decided (on legal advice, perhaps?) he was quite ill (post dramatic stress disorder of course) and as always happens in court, illness (together with depression now), was rolled-out at the Old Baily by his Defence team. Well, his demeanor in Court certainly didn’t appear to demonstrate that at all, did it? He was ‘anything but’ what one would expect from a fit young man accused of the dreadful crime of homicide, and remorseful for causing the death of an innocent person. He was an unlikeable, arrogant, self-confident prat, who showed his utter disregard for his inexcusable actions and indeed distain for our society that includes him even now still sporting clothing with ‘antisocial’ emblazoned across it.


[The cycling fraternity apologists would have it, that there isn’t a problem with ‘antisocial’ cyclists, so how comes then that in 2015, they were involved in 2 deaths amongst 525 other casualties (which was a fifty percent increase in just 6 years), eh?]


Barrack Obama the worst ‘ever’ President of the United States, now replaced by Donald Trump – the most incompetent ‘ever’ President of the United States?

 President Donald Trump of the Republican Party [the GOP – Grand Old Party]

President Donald Trump in the Oval Office, with, from left, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, Vice President Mike Pence, White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, Press Secretary Sean Spicer and National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, all 4 staffers (except the VP of course) sacked within the last  year by Trump, eh?

Mr nice guy, likeable, Barrack Obama who served his fellow Americans as President for his full eight years but achieved dam all, was superseded by Mr nasty, hateful, fellow Donald Trump who has embarrassed his fellow Americans as President for a mere eight months, but succeeded admirable in creating division and strife throughout the nation, as well as causing disconcertion around the World with his bizarre behaviour and his tyrannical outbursts, hasn’t he?

Now, Trump got into power through a popularist vote, with rabble rousing speeches, appealing to the non-intellectual, bigoted, masses that abound in that otherwise great country.

Many of us this side of the pond, were understandably (?) quite surprised that he even won the nomination as the Republican presidential candidate, but even more shocked, when he beat a credible Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton, to secure the Presidential crown itself. Nevertheless, we had hoped he would act as a breath fresh air and breath some substantial life into American politics – we have all been sorely disappointed though, haven’t we?

Instead of knuckling down to the serious and burdensome task of leading a proud nation, and being a beacon of light in what has become a gloomy dangerous world, he has demonstrably failed to carry that onerous load of responsibility bestowed on him by his people in becoming the leader of the free world, and a man entrusted with immense power. No, he has simply reverted to his belligerent, boasting, moronic, bullying, ways to antagonise all and sundry, and has learned nothing about democracy or running a government, nor for that matter politics itself or how to persuade the members of Congress to pass his legislation.

His naked ambition and quest to abolish Obamacare, and so abandon 20 million of the poorest US citizens who needed to rely on it for their health care, was ultimately quashed by the Senate four weeks ago. Tellingly, the man who caste the vote to sink the move and deny Trump even a watered-down bill, so no partial token victory, was a Senator who had risen from his hospital sickbed (brain cancer) to do just that with providing the ONE decisive vote needed. That was Arizona senator John McCain whose war record was mocked just a year ago by Trump as him NOT being a war hero of the Vietnam war, because his aeroplane had been shot down and he had been CAPTURED by the enemy (tortured during 5½ years of capture to boot). [What goes around comes around, eh?].

Less than a couple of weeks ago, Trump failed to properly condemn the ultra-right who provoked violence in a Charlottesville demonstration and counter-demonstration, that left a woman dead. Trump speech writers tried to get him out of a hole on it, and that partially worked, until the very next day, in typical Trump style, he went ad libbing off-script in a ranting impromptu press conference to simply increased the damage he had already caused to his dwindling reputation and which had marked him out as a racist – it didn’t help that Steve Bannon, was Trump’s forceful and divisive alt-right chief strategist (who had served as executive chairman of his presidential campaign no less), but a white supremacist movement apologist, did it? [He is quoted as saying some years ago that his main goal was to “destroy all of today’s establishment”]

Well Bannon got the push a week ago (joined now by adviser Sebastian Gorka, who was part of the White House nationalist faction, who was fired today) – all too late in many’s opinion?

The demonstrable fallout of all that, was that Trump’s entire arts council group of 16 members, quit in protest, and then followed this week by his State department science envoy and university professor, also resigning [his resignation letter indeed contained a ‘hidden’ message saying IMPEACH]. Not only that, but a flood of CEOs [like of Merck, Walmart, J&J, JP Morgan Chase, GM, GE, Pepsi, etc] serving on his business advisory council also jacked it in, forcing Trump to completely disband it – that façade, leaving Trump now dangerously isolated from the business community, and making him certainly the most secluded from corporate America, President ever, eh?

Now, if braggard Trump is so proud of his supposed national popularity [so many people love him that he claims the media won’t report it!], how comes he has had to spend so much other taxpayers’ money [we assume HE doesn’t pay tax himself as he won’t show his personal tax returns?) on secret-service protection to the extent that in just eight months he is well on the way to incurring more cost than Obama did in his full eight years, eh? He is walking on thin ice, as blowing the service’s budget could leave them looking the other way when a real threat appears, eh? [Perhaps he should remember that in President Kennedy’s assassination, the actual fatal head wound reportedly (& creditably?) came from a gunshot accidently fired by by a bodyguard (then covered-up of course)].

Last week in a Phoenix, Arizona wild rally, Trump disgraced the presidency by his igniting, rampaging, ranting and rambling, delusional, self-congratulatory speech – it has been described as ‘downright scary and disturbing’ by a renowned past director of national intelligence.

In it, he denied the very fact that there were indeed thousands of protestors in the streets outside and instead he loudly lambasted the “sick” media, identifying & targeting in his view “the so bad failing New York Times”, “the lobbying tool for Amazon, the Washington Post”, “the so bad and pathetic CNN”, “CNN is really bad but ABC…”. “I really think and believe that they don’t like our country. I honestly believe they don’t want to make our country great again”. He says “I am an honest person that wants to tell the truth”, yet he has already made a thousand or more misstatements as President? Again, he boasts “We are building a wall” with Mexico even “if we have to closed down our government”. Outlandishly, he claims that the “crooked media is actually attacking” his supporters, and “attack the decency of our supporters…”, so “It is time to expose the crooked media deceptions and to challenge the media for their role in fomenting divisions”, and indeed further stated “it’s journalists who are bolstering hate groups”

He also hinted that he would pardon former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio to save him from a potential 6-month jail sentence next month, following his conviction in July for criminal contempt – indeed Trump has done just that with a full pardon in the past day [note, Arpaio was a prominent supporter of Trump’s during the election campaign].

He really doesn’t believe “any president has accomplished as much” as he himself has done “in the first six or seven months”. As a passing comment, he mentioned that they would “end up probably terminating NAFTA …” (some way of making a major policy announcement on ending the north-american free trade agreement, eh?)

What planet is HE on? Trump has just shown why even some Republicans [like say Senator Bob Corker?], are seriously questioning his mental state, temperament, competence, and capacity to serve as, and be President, when he alone has his finger on the nuclear trigger. Furthermore, there is widespread stark concern at the top of the Republican Party that Trump has been a corruptive influence on it, doesn’t represent their core beliefs, and moreover has completely dis-united it.

He has marginalising transgender people, as well as given succulence to the likes of the KKK and the neo-Nazis. Now, whether that kind of thing will break Congress’ loyalty bond with an incumbent first-term sitting president, is a moot point, but as the mid-term elections are just next year, we will soon see, don’t you think? [Up for election are all 435 seats in the House of Representatives, and the full terms for 34 of the 100 seats in the Senate. Plus, 36 Governors in the 50 States].

Some of those in the know, believe that Trump wants out and well before he or anyone in his entourage is even accused of treason over the indisputable Russian involvement in his election as president. You see, few are kissing his ass, and he hadn’t expected that, had he? No doubt he will claim in suddenly resigning that he has been hounded from office by the media’s biggest witch-hunt in American political history – but just expect him to issue a flurry of pre-emptive pardons for himself and others before he goes, won’t you?

A pardon, which wipes-out a crime, should not be confused with clemency, which simply removes or reduces the punishment.

[Now, you may well ask, “Can the US President issue a pardon before a person has even been charged of a crime?” Yes, he most certainly can (and that is all down to the original historic power of the British monarchy, isn’t it?). His power to pardon indeed extends to every offence known to the federal (but NOT State) law, and may be exercised at any time after its commission, either before legal proceedings are taken, or during their pendency, or after conviction and judgment. Moreover, he CAN even pardon himself (except for impeachment of course), but whether that power extends to a pardon of himself for any possible unspecified future conviction is somewhat indistinct].


[Some would say that as long as Donald Trump is gone from the White House, who cares how the hell how, but as the result of a blatantly rigged election for both elected, it certainly wouldn’t be right for VP ‘Mike Pence’ to take over, would it? NO, that is not natural justice in a democracy].



Donald Trump, is a past habitual & serial lawbreaking offender – so will his Presidency end really in a future ‘impeachment’ calamity?


President Donald Trump of the Republican Party [the GOP – Grand Old Party]

In the last few weeks, two posts here looked at the way forty-fifth President Donald Trump is performing as president of America – they were “President of the United States Donald Trump – both a villain and would-be American Dictator?” and “President Donald Trump WILL likely face future ‘Impeachment’ – but will he last that long though?”

That latter post included the significant fact that American proven political expert, Professor Allan Lichtman, concludes that without doubt, impeachment is on the cards as the “inevitable” end for the Trump presidency. [Lichtman HAS been correctly forecasting elections for countless years and has correctly predicted the result of the last NINE American Presidential elections, including that of Trump himself, moreover].

Lichtman has written a book ‘THE CASE FOR IMPEACHMENT’ and this post now can confirm that it is well worth a read, if you are up for it?

It is not the objective nor purpose of this particular post to neither paraphrase, precis, nor provide a synopsis of Lichtman’s interesting book, but it is to further outline the issues raised, to explain the dangers now facing Trump, and to provide here personal comment on them.

Now, Lichtman is a renowned historian, a distinguished Washington university Professor indeed [Alma mater Harvard University], but don’t be put off by that, will you? No, his book is anything but the stuffy stuff that you might previously have read in history books, as it is informative, vibrant and utterly readable stuff even for us more ordinary people. [Can be obtained from Wordery by post if you want].

In deciding Trump’s end fate, it is no good simply looking at public opinion polls, nor major events on the streets, nor ranting public rallies’ speeches & their substantial attendances, nor social media strange tweets, comments & outbursts, nor for that matter what the TV or other media news or pundits have to say, because his short-term (?) impeachment fate will solely depend on his actual performance as a ‘lawful’ President, and not necessarily on him being an unworthy or not well performing one, don’t you think?

Now the basic problem here, is that Trump doesn’t give a jot about knowing why ‘previous presidents’ have fallen foul of Congress, and that crass ignorance will lead him into hanging-on to a much similar road, leading to disgrace and office oblivion, surely?

You see, it is Trump’s past behaviour, persistently reinforced indeed by causing ongoing governance crises by his current actions this year, that have including the issuing of illegal (?) presidential orders, all just in his first hundred days as America’s newest ‘astonishingly empowered’ leader, and that type of behaviour casts aspersions on his character and suitability to carry on as US President for his full term, doesn’t it?

Remember, Americans have had the deep harsh experience of living under the yoke of a colonial tyranny governed by the British crown [King George III], so when it ultimately gained its independence (by force – declared in 1776), it certainly wasn’t going to ever go back to any kind of dictatorship rule, was it? As outlined in the previous first post, Trump so far not only acts like, but expects to get away with being, a dictator – and according to all accounts he has certainly done so throughout his ultra-successful business life.

Many of us will be puzzled by how past dictators and tyrants achieved that unassailable position of absolute authority, not restricted by a constitution or by laws, within their nations – you know, people like Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Tojo, Tito, Perron, Marcos, Mugabe, and Morsi, eh? Now these are not ones who seized control by military action or revolution like say Castro, Franco, Mao, or Pinochet, but they are people who rose to the top by gaining widespread ‘popular’ support, primarily by enlisting the unquestioning trust of the ignorant masses, through establishing extensive cohorts of dedicated followers, combined with the manipulative use of ultra-nationalistic propaganda, expressed through writings, persuasive speeches and mammoth rallies, provocative radio broadcasts, supportive newspapers, control of political or workers’ organisations, or just far-reaching word of mouth, and thrived on the ingrained fears, prejudices and bigotry therein, with messages and doctrines that appealed to the lowest possible common denominator, stupid thick-headed idiots at the bottom of their society – so it has been with Trump, hasn’t it? Then followed the outlawing of opposing political parties, controlling the press, putting in place oppressive secret police, and suppressed strikes and public meetings and demonstrations [Americans just watch this space, eh?].

Well, Trump’s rude awakening will be, that while the levers of absolute power might ‘appear’ to be under his total control, the Constitution writers as well as invoking the separation of powers, tellingly put in place a suicide pill, a long stop, precisely to terminate any unwary despotic scoundrel of a president, who is intent by his own actions to circumvent the nation’s safety & traditions or the power of Congress, which is a constitutional edict specifically intended to hold him in check – that politically lethal pill is of course called “impeachment” (and a guilty verdict on that, means he is immediate out of power and out on his ear – without appeal, eh?).

[If first the House of Representatives decides there IS a case to answer and so lays charges, then a full-blown legal trial follows in the Senate (which then acts as judge & jury, and decides on a simple majority)].

Trump should be warned that actual ‘law breaking’ (which he seems have a panache for anyway?) alone isn’t the only thing that gets someone impeached, as it has a much broader brush covering all breach of trust wrongdoings, as past events have certainly shown.

Most of us this side of the pond, didn’t know [but Lichtman does] that the impeachment sanction doesn’t start with the President and his abuse of power, but simply goes all the way up the chain to him, as it applies ‘equally’ to all the other civil officers (including the lowest) of the United States.

The other powerful and seemingly ‘untouchable’ government officials, are of course the Federal Court Judges at the head of the US judiciary, so they are prime potential candidates for impeachment if they abuse their powers (indeed fifteen of them have been impeached, whence eight were convicted by the Senate, only four were acquitted, but a further three knowingly (?) resigned before their actual trial).

Many [too many?] Presidential appointments do not require Senate approval, so Trump went ahead and recklessly appointed (?) many politically inexperienced & unqualified officials, even including family members to be his closest White House executives and advisors (all on high salaries and benefits from public money of course) – you see, as President he acquires the authority to unilaterally appoint over 350 people to high-level positions within the federal government.

Make no mistake though about it, will you? Those that Trump puts into commanding positions of power [both Senate approved and otherwise] are garnered with his dangerous policies that can destroy the work of major departments and agencies and so trash existing law, and can thereby thwart also the will of Congress. That applies not least to Trump’s determination to destroy the environment by dumbing-down the accepted “irrefutable” science [Trump’s own description which he now claims is a hoax by others, no less?] on climate change, withdraw America from concerted international action to stabilise global warming (predominately caused by us humans), and instead promote further extensive use of fossil fuels, garnished with expanded federal facilities allocate to boot – such changes will be irreversible and WILL inevitably terminate our planet, and mankind along with it of course.

Now, whether or not the international community will let Trump and his Congress Republican fellow travellers (the majority of who are also ‘climate change deniers’), get away with it Scot free without the charge of crimes against humanity, is another matter, eh? [The unsettling thing is that under a decade ago Trump was one of the prominent supporters of effective measures on climate control – but that was when he thought it best in HIS own business interests and certainly BEFORE he sought high political office, and hence badly needed the votes of his society’s ignorant uncaring morons and those of the business world making fast bucks out of oil, gas, coal, and the like, wasn’t it?].

[In 1996, the Code, defined ‘Crimes against Humanity’ as various inhumane acts, like “murder, extermination, torture, enslavement, persecution on political, racial, religious or ethnic grounds, institutionalized discrimination, arbitrary deportation or forcible transfer of population. This was of course well preceded by the trial at Nuremberg in 1945/46 for humanity crimes committed in WWII].

At home, Trump has publicly implied a few weeks ago that he has the ultimate authority to pardon even HIMSELF of any ‘crime’, and indeed theoretically he can [while HE is actually still in OFFICE], BUT he most certainly has zero say when it comes to his own impeachment, doesn’t he?

[Oh yes, we might well see him pardoning any of his family or team members, who might have committed or are then convicted of treason, say in their shady dealings with the Russians during the election campaign (though THAT would undoubtedly provoke the impeachment process?), when the word on the security wires is that Russia illegally set-out to influence the presidential election beforehand, but don’t get misled into thinking that Trump’s involvement with the Russians is just limited or restricted to that more recent escapade alone, because HE has been involved in dubious business dealings terms with them for some decade or more – what’s more, he’s been fingered a number of times, but not done though (will he be much more vulnerable to that now though as President, do you think?)].

As President, Trump certainly cannot be done in the courts for wrongdoing in official matters, as he is immune from prosecution ‘while serving’, but that doesn’t apply at all in his ‘private’ affairs where his uncontrollable panache for lying WILL get him impeached, wouldn’t you say? [He should ask Bill Clinton about it, shouldn’t he?].

[The follow-on president to the previous disgraced guy, President ‘Tricky Dicky’ Nixon, was one President ‘Gerald Ford’ (a fellow Republican), first appointedVP after the ‘elected’ VP had to resign in disgrace, who immediately inexcusably (?) fully pardoned Nixonfor his Watergate and ALL his numerous other already ‘identified’ crimes against his Country no less, apparently to draw a line under Nixon’s illegal presidential actions (which included ‘unprosecuted’ crimes against humanity)? Crass, eh?].

In his book, Lichtman goes to some lengths to expose in detail, Trump’s litany of lies, misdemeanours, brushes with the law (& massive financial hits taken in fines & compensation), and his precocity for frequent long-running embroilment with the courts & authorities – it definitely makes compelling reading to those of us this side of the water, who had rarely heard of Trump until last year, eh?

As one would expect, he diligently and explicitly records Trump’s despicable lifelong habits, that shows a record of unmitigated private gain and enriching himself at the expense of others, lying and secrecy, law disregard, conflicts of interests, sexual abuse and predatory mistreatment of women, shown with a pervasive denigrating attitude to them, cover-ups on all manner of things, lack of transparency or disclosure or honesty, always blaming others for his failures, as well as his current distain for the constitutional constraints placed upon him in his esteemed job as president, eh?

As most of us know by just listening to him spouting-off, Trump has got a screw loose and is a monster, a blatant lying, ‘rabble-rouser’ who tells it big! Lichtman’s book is literally littered with countless examples of Trump’s lies, big lies, BIG lies and even BIGGER lies – you will be scunnered (Scottish for feeling utter disgust), and without doubt be amazed at his bare-faced cheek.

You see, if he believes something is true, thinks it is, or even says it is, then it is ‘de facto’ ‘bloody true’ in his eyes. Probably Trump doesn’t read or even speak German (he may speak only English himself, though his grandparents were German born), so personally he won’t have read and digested Adolf Hitler’s, Mein Kampf, book but that is exactly where the misinformation technique of the “big lie” (große Lüge) originated and was later promulgated during WW2 by his main propagandist Joseph Goebbels, came from, wasn’t it? In reality, the concept was quite simple – use a lie so colossal that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.” Well, that has most definitely been Trump’s technique since the year dot, it seems?

Trump, in cahoots with his team, makes-up his own facts and figures and when challenged has no compunction in denying the truth, by unbelievably claiming his are “alternative” ones [i.e. the ones he wants everyone else to accept in place of the real ones that don’t suit his plans]. Anything said ‘against’ Trump is either a hoax or fake news or a unprecedented witch hunt, while proven falsehoods perpetrated in his favour are explained as being just alternative reality.

This shameless and already shameful president, who has shown all the indications of being a closet racist by his past misdemeanours in illegally blocking blacks from his apartments, and not least by his recent equivocal statements and failure for days on end, to specifically and adequately condemn violent ‘tooled-up’ ultra-white extremists (including the Ku Klux Klan) on an opposed neo-Nazi rally, with it is claimed, the end result (if indeed not the aim?) of demonstrably encouraging them to say HE is on their wavelength, so they will continue to support him? [Trump’s prevarication, will have been much to the delight of his extreme-right, relentless white nationalist, but the man who played a major role in his election and his chief strategist (now-gone at last), Steve Bannon? [when it is also said that the White House is now filled with white supremacists].

One major issue is that some of Trump’s recent actions are spooking the markets, and God knows what will happen, if as seems possible, he is seen as responsible for crashing the financial markets, not only in America, but elsewhere?

Furthermore, Trump seems intent on using his unique power to make his very own US law, as demonstrated by his signing of 90 executive actions [consisting of 32 Executive orders/28 Presidential memoranda/30 Presidential proclamations in his first 100 days (the legality of some of them certainly questioned and questionable?).

[Executive orders are assigned numbers and typically direct members of the executive branch to follow a new policy or directive, while Presidential memoranda delegates tasks that Congress has assigned the president, to members of the executive branch (can be, but don’t have to be published or numbered), when Presidential proclamations are mostly ceremonial observances of federal holidays or awareness months, but some can carried enormous weight].

However, all of these executive actions can have a devastating impact on America and the World, despite the fact that they may not seem so, to unsuspecting outsiders.

Now, please don’t be complacent into thinking, or persuading yourself, that Trump’s USA is just the Americans’ problem, and that the rest of us in other counties can sleep easy at night, will you? No, because what the American President does, can and does impact us all – exactly for example as Hitler’s Germany permanently altered the World eighty-years ago?

Following the lead given by some from the past, to ingratiate themselves with the masses and gain power, Trump constantly denigrates both the media [while at the same time, perversely using it for free, to promote his own image, or disseminate misspeak, or double speak aka 1984 George Orwell], together with rubbishing Washington politicians (despite the indisputable fact that he now must rely on Congress to pass or reject laws).

Trump knows that the free independent press and media have a major influence on the voting public, so throwing them off balance, seems to him quite a sensible strategy, particularly if he can force them off his back, but when it comes to targeting fellow national politicians, he is skating on thin ice because while appreciating that the voters can beach him after 4 years, it is those, and ONLY those, in Congress who can actually ditch him (through impeachment) and throw him out of office, in the meantime.

Without any question, there will come a time (not far off perhaps, and maybe by mid-term elections in a year’s time?), when members of the Senate and House of Representatives weigh-up the costs of Trump loyalty and realise that being increasingly sidelined, and moreover being associated with and embarrassed by, a despised recalcitrant divisive president, will critically damage their reputations and get themselves fired by the voters from their current lucrative & rewarding political careers, wouldn’t you say?

The Russians are laughing their socks off about their marvellous success in undermining the democratic processes of the West by manipulating the Presidential election in the flagship/figurehead and heart of a democratic and free-thinking system – that of America itself. All the indications are however, that those who treasonably cooperated and colluded with this foreign power in their achieving that goal will be identified and brought to justice, surely? Oh yes, without doubt, President Donald Trump IS worried about that. Will, he do a Nixon on it though and resign BEFORE the shit hits the fan, eh?

[18 U.S. Code § 2381 – Treason: Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States]

Now, if Trump goes because it turns out that the Election WAS rigged, where does that leave the succession? The constitutional position is that if the President goes then the elected Vice President then takes over, but how can Mike Pence take over when he, as just the running-mate of a culpable president, was equally illegitimately elected?

No, Pence should resign in disgrace before Trump himself jumps ship, and his replacement is chosen by Congress – it seems like, that fairly should be offered to Hillary Clinton, don’t you think? Then, when Trump finally goes the crown will automatically pass to her – so no need for another election


[It isn’t possible to fully explain the case made by Lichtman for Trump’s ‘impending’ impeachment even in this longish blog, because his diligently reasoned argument stretches to nigh-on 300 pages- so read it yourself if you can?].


The tragic tale of little mite ‘Charlie Gard’ – a story of unknown pygmy ‘dedicated’ parents facing-up against a famous giant ‘compassionless’ hospital? UPDATE


The parents’ final heart-rendering message

UPDATE 03.08.2017

The original post “The tragic tale of little mite ‘Charlie Gard’ – a story of unknown pygmy ‘dedicated’ parents facing-up against a famous giant ‘compassionless’ hospital?”   was published here last Tuesday.

Published now below is the dialogue with one of the blog’s readers, who has a much different opinion about the issue, and that may be of interest to other readers?

Appended also, is another little story where doctors and hospitals DIDNT know BEST it seems?


I read your article, whilst I obviously agree with what your reports of PARENTS really knowing BEST says, I just think this particular case is so unique in terms of Charlie’s condition and I really don’t agree that Great Ormond Street should be condemned, they are not arrogant and didn’t screw up.

What happened to Charlie was absolutely awful but I do believe they were genuine and only ever wanted what was best for him, and for him not to endure suffering.

I read this article which focuses on the judgment itself as a lot of information has been misrepresented.

Prof Hirano strung out the court and especially the parents for more than six month since January when Gt Ormond St invited him to come and examine Charlie, an invitation which he never took up.

I do agree the lack of legal aid and the announcement of the scan result in court was awful, it says the judge had strong words about the legal aid.


I have now read this link information, but still stand by my opinion. Oh yes, GOS had the ‘high ground’ in medical terms but the ‘low ground’ morally and they can’t justify not letting him die at home when they had participated in him living for the past 7 months.

Nevertheless, yours is an important alternative view.

Also have you seen any MEDICAL evidence from GOS that supports their OPINION that Charlie was suffering and in pain? If so do you have a link?

Another aside – the court QC representing the State appointed Guardian for Charlie is chair of a ‘right to die’ organisation. Is that insensitive, or not?

[Surely, the parents should have represented their son in court, and NOT a State appointed guardian’s barrister, supposedly acting in the interests of Charlie – when she is the chair person of Compassion in Dying, the sister body of Dignity in Dying, formerly known as the Voluntary Euthanasia Society?]


I know they stated it was hard for anyone to know if he was in pain but they know he could not hear, see, make a noise or move. So, he may or may not have felt pain, some drs believe it was ‘likely’ and potentially at a ‘significant’ level but its only opinions on both sides I believe. The medical staff at Great Ormond Street Hospital were the reason Charlie was alive and there’s no reason for them to wish ill intent towards any patient. It was them that contacted the international experts to see if nbt was an option.

They believed he was in pain; quote: “Even now, Charlie shows physical responses to stressors that some of those treating him interpret as pain and when two international experts assessed him last week, they believed that they elicited a pain response” said the Gosh statement.


OK but that was the case 7-8 MONTHS ago, so surely humanity says another 7-8 DAYS & letting Chalie home for his last hours would have been the right thing to do!


I don’t know. I guess that would have been right for the parents. I haven’t read why the hospital felt that wasn’t right for charlie but there must have been a valid reason according to their code of practice.


You’re so trusting of hospitals!


This case was so public there is no way they would want to cause further anguish to the poor parents. I just don’t believe gosh intentions were anything but honest and putting him first.


Their honest intention was for the baby to die forthwith and were determined to see that through and sod the parents’ anguish, don’t you think?


Not at all!

End of dialogue


The further story then:

A fit female pensioner, who regularly enjoyed walking miles in the forest and at the seashore, had suddenly been struck-down with a severe lower leg pain that essentially curtailed all activity, with pain even in bed overnight, which was hardly hit by strong morphine based painkillers.

A GP arranged just physiotherapy as the suggested cure. The next GP seen some weeks later, was told by the husband that he suspected a possible back problem, as his wife had had to have a serious back operation about 20 years before and asked him for an MIR scan of her back – that was brusquely & briskly refused as he diagnosed, without examination, a severe knee arthritis condition, exacerbated by a fall, but he swore it would be OK in a couple of weeks. With no improvement a long while later, the lady saw yet ‘another’ GP who understood her plight, said she would arrange a MRI scan and prescribed her medication – bleeding depressant tablets! The scan turned-up to be NOT on her back or even leg at all, but on her blessed knee (which she already had known was arthritic).

At the hospital clinic, the surgeon seen there, confirmed that she needed a knee replacement operation and promised to add her to the hospital waiting list. Didn’t happen of course, but instead she was called many weeks later to ANOTHER clinic appointment to see a more senior consultant surgeon. At that consultation, he confirmed the requirement for a knee replacement, but nevertheless postponed her going on the list for that because in HIS examination he suspected that she had another problem as well – you guessed it? A back problem! That needed to be investigated FIRST – with you guessed it, eh? A MIR scan on her back, as asked for 6 months previously, eh?

You can bet your bottom dollar that the lady won’t get her medical problem resolved until a year is up at least, will she?


[Sometimes ordinary, non-medically knowledgeable, people’s instincts are more correct than the bleeding doctors they rely on, aren’t they?]


The tragic tale of little mite ‘Charlie Gard’ – a story of unknown pygmy ‘dedicated’ parents facing-up against a famous giant ‘compassionless’ hospital?


The parents’ final heart-rendering message


This post is reluctantly written and with tears still in the eyes and with a heavy heart indeed, for the courageous, beleaguered, maltreated family of Charlie Gard, who have finally lost their fruitless long fight for the life of this their baby son, who all too early joined the angels last Friday, and indeed a week before his first birthday.

It is a post that was hoped would never have to be written, and comes with personal deep-felt sadness to recount the grief that has befallen the truly wonderful parents of little Charlie, Connie Yates and Chris Gard.

Some say it is a matter that should not now be written about, but that is sorely wrong, because it is an important story and a plight that has captured attention and touched many around the World from the rich and powerful and its leaders like Pope Francis and President Trump, to us lower ordinary souls, hasn’t it? It is something that cannot and moreover must not be simply swept under the carpet and out of sight, because lessons must be learnt, surely?

Oh yes, this blogger must be one of those outsiders scorned by the High Court judge in the case, when he pontificates his belief that we know nothing of value, so should not have felt entitled to hold strong opinions about the situation – no doubt because we are not rich, privately educated, legally trained, medically qualified, or upper-class know-alls, eh?

But, anyone who has had a very ill and sick child knows the extreme stress that it brings to concerned and loving parents, and that is more than self-evident when you see week upon week, the deep grief etched all over the face of Charlie’s mother, isn’t it?

The life of this beautiful little boy when hanging in the balance, because of a rare genetic disorder, simply became a distressing tug of war between diligent, loving, caring, parents, against the all mighty, professional, detached, Great Ormond Street hospital management, and it was inappropriately acted out in court, where it descended into an emotive but disgusting power struggle between smart-arsed lawyers, with the poor distressed parents virtually voiceless, helplessly standing at the side, only to witness the family’s future analytically dissected by lawyers and medical experts.

The mum & dad to all intent and purpose, are just ordinary, run of the mill, London people, who have had to take-on the powerful machinery of the State, disgracefully without even the help of legal aid (as that was denied them because they didn’t qualify even as parents fighting for their child’s life, but thankfully they were helped with magnanimous free legal representatives), which then has unilaterally decided that it really knows well what is in the “best-interests” of their severely-damaged baby son, and so rides roughshod over their deep and sound personal instincts for their child’s survival.

Hence, it was decided by the insiders, that Charlie’s best interests was just to die, and indeed to do that with undue haste, without ever going home, and without allowing his mum & dad to have even a little quality time away from what had become his toxic hospital environment, and moreover the inside of a cold daunting court room, just to be privately with their little treasured boy during his last hours.

There is a widespread assumption that the doctors and medical big-wigs always know best, as they are uniquely qualified to have an opinion, and ordinary people like us, certainly are not. Well, we have news for them, not all of us agree, do we? For a start those of us who have been close enough to see near-up, the training of doctors and their ‘on-the-job’ development of skills, can tell you that they damn well DON’T know ALL, and never will.

Furthermore, most of us know from personal experience of widespread latitude, lack of knowledge, and incompetence of some of the medical profession – and indeed the records are littered with the evidence of their failings, and not least demonstrated by the fact that the NHS pays out massive sums in compensation to damaged patients EVERY year, year on year on year [The amount of cash set aside for medical negligence compensation soared to over £55billion last year alone, which is almost half its annual budget – what the bloody hell, eh?].

Besides, we shouldn’t forget that trust in the medical profession waivers when we read reports about such things as the scandalous patient neglect at Mid Staffs, or that chronic failures of foetal heart monitoring in hospital maternity units, is the cause of seventy-five percent of stillborn or brain-damaged children during childbirth.

Now, all this said is not recorded to denigrate the medical profession in any way or form, but simply to demonstrate that circumstances are difficult many times, and despite the predominately marvellous work undertaken, lives and futures saved, sometimes miracles performed, and while doctors are widely respected for their dedication and knowledge are NOT revered GODS – though some of them apparently would like to think so, at times?

Connie, Charlie mother’s instinct was to fight for her son’s treatment [she said “if he was still fighting, then she and her husband would still fight”], while the doctors in Great Ormand Street had simply come to the end of THEIR road and were beret of fresh ideas, basically because they had no effective drugs to try, so regretfully no doubt, they announced their death sentence on the tot.

Doctors in America still had other ideas though on how the little mite could be saved, albeit perhaps not cured but helped significantly, by the use of ‘experimental’ drugs. Now, we would all recognise that using ‘unproven’ treatment is not the best of ideas, but when it is the ONLY choice, it clearly becomes the BEST option, doesn’t it? Anyone with any experience or even any knowledge or understanding about drug approval and official treatment sanction by the relevant authorities, will know that it takes many, many, years for new things to be brought into use, and in that period things have to be ‘trialled’ using human Guinea pig patients – sometimes to their detriment of course, when things don’t work as hoped.

Well, Charlie’s parents understandably were more than prepared to give it a go, and they astoundingly managed to raise an amazing £1.3million through an internet charity appeal seven months ago, to make it all possible (as obviously there was no way that the NHS would fund such a speculative escapade, was there?).

However, the parents undoubted joy at such a success was completely doused as they hadn’t banked on the intransigence of the GOS elite, who blocked the plan, and stepped-in to opposed this effort, which in THEIR view was not in the best interest of THEIR patient, as in THEIR opinion, the as yet ‘medically unproven’ treatment was unlikely to benefit Charlie – you see it seems that Charlie no longer belonged to Connie Yates and Chris Gard, but to GOS who had taken over his future (and had decided to end it by remove Charlie from life support). So, the hospital being in favour of letting the baby die instead of trying overseas treatment in the US, would then not release Charlie into his parent’s care – now if that was not making Charlie a prisoner of the NHS (as vehemently denied by the judge?), then what the hell is, for God’s sake? It means that birth parents count for nothing, and that is totally wrong, surely?

[Two hospitals were willing to treat Charlie Gard: a hospital in Rome, and a hospital in New York City. The US doctor of hope was Dr Michio Hirano, an American neurologist, offering to provide revolutionary nucleoside bypass therapy treatment for Charlie].

Now, of course the NHS doesn’t actually have the ‘absolute’ right to decide a child’s fate and that is why the matter ended up in court, forcing a poor sod of a reluctant judge to act as Solomon in a traumatic case, impossible to call.

There can be no doubt that the judge also would have had sleepless nights over his obvious emotional involvement and clearly, he felt for the parents and wanted to prevent their suffering being prolonged, but the intransigence of the adamant GOS and their unshakeable determination to have their way, right or wrong, prevented him from overruling their medical opinions in favour of the parent’s much more applicable instincts, it would seem?

To many of us outside observers, GOS seems to have put all manner of obstacles in the parents’ way, not least including at the conclusion, a dastardly refusal to allow Charlie home to spend his last few hours of tranquillity with his mum and dad.

The hospital refused a home death (the parents place was deemed ‘unsuitable’, yet NEVER visited?), because GOS overstatedly argued that the end-of-life care plan had to be safe (¿they said he had to die?), spare Charlie pain (¿there hasn’t been an ounce of evidence presented that he was ‘in pain’?), and protect his dignity (¿what dignity when being abandoned to die, and what could have been ‘more’ dignified than the little mite dying at home in his mother’s arms and reassured by his Dad’s love? – certainly not the brutal alternative of a few hours in a hospice which he was transferred to). Oh yes, indeed GOS said a distressing or disordered death shouldn’t be risked – but then subjected him to exactly that sad end, didn’t they? They also said in court that the plan must honour his parents’ wishes about the time and place of his place of passing, but then nevertheless proceeded to trounce both of those very important things and the hope it would have given the family – why, why, why, for Christ’s sake?

Not only have GOSH by their high handed actions and crass behaviour destroyed the grateful goodwill and thanks that previously existed, and was moreover specifically expressed by the parents, for the complete dedication and care of all the hospital staff who had tended Charlie and worked tirelessly on that, for the past ten months at their hospital refuge, where he had remained until last Thursday, but GOS nevertheless have negated all that and lost all trust of the parents by their inappropriate actions over the past months, and worse still, have probably destroyed for decades, if not forever, the well-deserved of, exemplary medical reputation of the renowned GOSH in its pioneering excellence in children’s critical care. They seem to have undoubtedly trashed the brand, unfortunately?

Many of us who know GOS Hospital very well or who have had past dealings with it, or who indeed have had need of it, are aghast that its international reputation has been needlessly trashed by the powers that be, and worry that future charity funding on which it depends will dramatically fall away as a consequence – which will harm the future for many thousands of children of this generation [GOSH Charity had an income last year of nearly £95million (spending over £50million of it) plus GOS was awarded £37million of State funding last year by NIHR for research into rare diseases in children – and that is some powerful and much needed help for sick children, isn’t it?].

It has been said that because of Charlie’s case, there has been shocking and disgraceful hostility shown to GOS hospital staff and that kind of abuse of medical staff must be totally condemned by us all, but it has obviously come about by the insensitive actions of the hospital, and moreover Charlie’s parents have also been given similar grief by the moronic idiots who don’t give a sod about their plight, and somehow resent their public fight for their son

Just a week ago or so ago, Charlie’s parents finally gave-up their seven-month fight to take Charlie to the US, after new brain and muscle scans revealed their son had unrecoverable deteriorated in those passing months – it was now too late to even try save him, solely because GOS screwed-up, by refusing to release the baby when the US was still able to try the experimental treatment.

[With inexplicable cruel insensitivity, it was the GOS barrister herself who announced in open court, the devastating news that Charlie’s final brain scan (that indeed dictated his demise) had shown that there was no longer any hope. That dreadful statement (Mr Gard called it “evil”) was voiced to the utter physical distress of parents Connie and Chris, who hadn’t by then even seen that devastating medical report].

The sheer arrogance of GOS is disturbing and its by-line “child first and always”, which seems now to be an overriding moto, saying that others don’t count anymore, and they ALONE are the arbitrators of right & wrong, it would seem?

As you might know, doctors have to undergo formal training in how to deal with the associated consequences of tragic medical situations, but it would seem that those at GOS who were charged with dealing WITH Charlie’s situation, either didn’t attend the sessions, didn’t heed the messages, or perhaps didn’t even pass the course, don’t you think?

It would appear that GOS will have their way, no matter what the human consequences and deep cutting hurt. Worryingly, they have shown in this case, unbridled lack of human compassion and erroneously established medicine over maternal instinct. Their heartless treatment of the parents of Charlie was lacking in moral decency, wouldn’t you say?

Getting then to the ultimate and perhaps, main purpose of this blog, which is to recount a couple of relevant and compelling reports of PARENTS really knowing BEST.

The first refers to a columnist on a UK national newspaper, who tellingly shared her personal experience of her baby’s critical illness. Her child was unwell, she thought with an ear infection, so she sought medical help, only to be told that antibiotics couldn’t be provided as the medical good-practice guidelines were that baby didn’t need them, as it was so young and was being breast fed.

Over the next few weeks the mother’s instinct was that her baby was in fact really sick, because she ‘just knew’ there was something seriously wrong, as she felt that there were subtle changes in its crying and behaviour that weren’t really discernible to others. She took the baby off to the GP surgery but couldn’t get an appointment. However, she was so concerned about her maternal instincts, that she hung around until the end of surgery and collared the doctor leaving and pleaded for him to examine her baby.

He did so, told her he ‘agreed’ with her, diagnosed a condition he had never seen but had read about at medical school, and had the baby immediately transferred by ambulance to hospital. There the diagnosis was confirmed, and the ear infection was so advanced and critical that it could only be treated by drilling into the skull to deliver antibiotics directly into the infection. The baby’s life was saved, but only just and at the twelfth hour, and only because of the mother’s basic instinct and diligent determination to save it, and that rightly overruled medical opinion.

The second account involves a young man in his late twenties, who suffered a massive spontaneous brain haemorrhage, so was rushed to a specialist neurological hospital to undergo emergency brain surgery, and then spent many many weeks in intensive care with numerous brain infections, contracted sepsis that almost killed him, and had further brain operations, whence he finally emerged after months of dedicated treatment, alive but seriously disabled. He was paralysed on one side, crippled, partially blind, mute, unable to read or write or communicate.

The NHS told the family that he would spend the rest of his life like that and would be forever dependant on a permanent carer. His father’s instinct however was to fight for his son to have a future, but he was told bluntly in no uncertain terms that his son would NEVER get better, as such patients NEVER did, and to live with it.

That diagnosis wasn’t accepted by the father, so he fought the NHS at the highest level, tooth and nail, for his son to be at least treated and to have specialist residential rehabilitation care. He pointed out to the top brass that the reason such patients don’t get better was solely because they don’t receive any treatment, and while it was a 12million to 1 chance of winning the Lottery, yet every week someone won it – he simply wanted his son to just have just that kind of chance.

Against all the odds he won the argument, his son had a specialist operation to straighten his ankle that allowed him to walk again, he had an eye operation at London’s Moorfields hospital that restored his sight fully, he regained the ability to read and write, he was able to talk again after 2 years (when the doctors had said it was impossible for him to regain speech after being mute for just 6 months), and he was able to fully communicate again.

He will always be somewhat disabled unfortunately, but nevertheless, he now he lives a completely independent life, goes on holiday, he has his own flat, he commutes to work part-time, and he has regained his full driving licence so drives his own nice adapted car, and is a far cry from the medically predicted lifetime drain on society.

Could baby Charlie Gard have been saved? Great Ormond Street Hospital said a definite NO; a renowned American neurologist doctor said YES and was prepared to put his reputation on the line to have a go; the majority of outsiders said PERHAPS. The irony is that NONE of us will EVER know, because inexplicably to most of us, he wasn’t given even that slimmest of chances, was he?

[All that said Charlie Gard’s life and his parents epic struggle to save him has not been meaningless nor in vain (they say they will “fill the void” left by their baby’s death by launching a charity foundation to use the £1.35million of donations raised to help kids who have similar conditions to their son’s)]

President Donald Trump WILL likely face future ‘Impeachment’ – but will he last that long though? UPDATE

THE MAIN POST WAS PUBLISHED ON LAST SUNDAY and this is a small addition to that

UPDATE 01 August 2017

Casualty Number 8 of Trump’s maverick ire, has just been revealed and it was his brand-new and third communications director in six months, Anthony Scaramucci.

It is beyond a joke and beggars belief, doesn’t it? The guy lasted a mere 10 days – oh yes, it’s tough at the top, isn’t it? The White House is increasingly without stability and is embroiled in disorder with constant shakeups and turmoil, which is fuelled by Trump himself, isn’t it?

Other significant news is that Trump himself wilfully stepped-in, overriding strategy advisors, to personally dictated his son’s initial, misleading statement about the meeting Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort, had with a Russian lawyer [it falsely claimed that the meeting had “primarily discussed a program about the adoption of Russian children”]. This could put the President’s name in the frame for direct involvement in the affair, leaving him vulnerable to allegations of a cover-up, doesn’t it?

Many of his advisors fear that Trump’s naïve arrogance in increasingly convincing himself that he doesn’t need the help of hired professional lawyers, strategists or publicists, because he sees everything as a simple political problem he can solve himself, without even ever  recognising the existence of any legal jeopardy, could bring him down – so that could turn out to be his Achilles heel, wouldn’t you say?


[Roll on Impeachment, don’t you think?]


President Donald Trump WILL likely face future ‘Impeachment’ – but will he last that long though?

A PREVIOUS POST A FEW DAYS AGO President of the United States Donald Trump – both a villain and would-be American Dictator?” outlined the view that Donald Trump was acting like a ‘dictator’. This new post here covers the possible consequences of his bizarre behaviour.


In that last post, amongst other things it also identified six senior figures who had bitten the dust in as many months, because they had fallen foul of Donald Trump so he had vented his egoistic Machiavellian trait for getting rid those who anger him or upset his plans. Well, almost immediately he has added yet ANOTHER ONE to the hit list – ousted number 7 victim, the highest-profile personnel sacking yet, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus [Trump said “a good man” – pushed out for lack of belligerence?] and the departure announced by Trump on Twitter of course, eh?

This whole situation simply demonstrates the ongoing turmoil within the Trump administration and its total failure to make any political progress whatsoever. After nearly some 7 months as President, Trump has utterly FAILED to do anything at all that he planned, and indeed were key election promises, hence he has passed ZERO bills into legislation through Congress – so much then for the expectation of him installing his major policies in the first 100 days, eh?

Meanwhile, North Korea under its young nutcase dictator leader Kim Jong-un, continues ‘unabated’ and unscathed, to test fire inter-continental missiles that increasingly threaten their long-range ability to land a nuclear bomb on America, doesn’t it?

Not only all that, but disturbingly Trump has managed to indisputably obtain and retain the wooden spoon for popularity [the LOWEST EVER approval rating for any recent new President, at 55% disapproval, no less? That has happened not least because he kicked-off by getting majority disapproval after only 8 blinking days and his sacking of FBI chief James Comey in May only escalated the decline). Mind you he has played quite a bit of golf (totalling almost 6 weeks) and has managed to communicate with all and sundry with an astounding thousand or more tweet messages, many of them angry and abusive eh?

Trump hasn’t done his approval ratings much good by his constant ranting at an already hostile media (it only gets its revenge, eh?), nor by saying goodbye to the few experienced operators within his skeleton White House crew, nor apparently by appointing a rich, foulmouthed, combative, politically untried, Wall Street financier, Anthony Scaramucci (a good pal though of his eldest son Don Jr), as his THIRD communications director in SIX months, nor by having his irrelevant daughter Ivanka Trump & son-in-law Jared Kushner, at the centre of power, nor Trump’s hints that he has the power to pardon any mates (or even himself) falling foul of the law, nor by trying really hard to discredit the guy appointed to investigate his involvement, if any, in the Russia meddling saga, Robert Mueller, – so Trump’s spokesman for his private legal team even stacked in protest to that one?

His weakness and irrelevance as President, was not only exposed and obvious, but was woefully evident the night before yesterday, when Trump’s latest attempt to repeal & replace ‘Obamacare’ was dramatically defeated in the US Senate after a long late-night tense session. Moreover, and significantly, this was in fact a much ‘watered-down’ attempt to introduce an alternative affordable quality healthcare system for all American citizens, particularly the poorest ones, numbering millions.

[That ‘final’ defeat was in fact orchestrated by a Senator who came out of hospital to speak & vote, who Trump had previously belittled as a ‘non-military hero’ because he had been ‘captured’ in Vietnam (despite the fact that his attack aircraft had been shot down, himself badly injured, when he endured five and a half years as a POW including periods of torture, then refused release earlier than other prisoners), compared to Trump himself who had avoided military service in Vietnam – with draft deferments of four for College, and one for bad feet, no less?].

Meanwhile, regarding the Trump promised “economic growth”, it is a charade and while the claim is that they will get a 1% annual increase (from 2% where it has been for the past 17 years no less, dramatically jumping-up to 3%), which indeed is disturbingly part of their actual budget, there is scant evidence of that appearing, as apparently nobody there believes the MAGAnomics nonsense just launched will, with its wasteful tax giveaways, in any sense bear fruit, eh?

Trump may even face a ‘guilt by association’ situation if his son-in-law Kushner, a completely unqualified senior presidential advisor, proves to have committed collusion (i.e. treason) or any other wrong-doing, in regard to some four contacts he certainly had with the Russians both during the election campaign and tellingly including during the transition period before Trump actually took office. He asserted to the House intelligent committee that he didn’t realise that the Russians wanted to help Trump by a plot of dishing the dirt on Democrat opponent Hillary Clinton, simply because HE hadn’t really read his e-mails from Don Jr that made it crystal clear (believable or not?) – criminal and civil offences ‘might’ have been committed by him and the other two involved in meeting Kremlin-connected Russian female lawyer (front man for Putin?) Natalia Veselnitskaya, eh? Furthermore, Kushner had not disclosed on his security application (no less), a meeting with Russian US Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, nor any other Russians he met, nor other foreign officials, he explains that as an “admin error” (believable or not? security submission! ).

Where is it all going to end then, do you think? Well, many of us think it WILL end in the impeachment of President Trump. Now back in last November, a post here about Trump suggested that it seemed ‘unlikely’ to many of us, that Donald Trump would actually serve a ‘full term’ as President [meaning that a relative nobody Vice-President Mike Pence, would become the next President indeed]

Well, apart from any revelations that come out from the Russia investigation (and it seems that Russia DID directly attack the USA, but just didn’t use military force), it is thought that Trump may have many other skeletons in the cupboard from his past business & tax affairs, and if so (and should they ever to see the light of day), they could also be grounds for formal “impeachment”

Now special counsel Mueller can choose to investigate whatever he interprets as relevant to his inquiry (even though Trump is clearly attempting to warn him off poking into the Trump family business affairs), and he certainly can (and probably WILL) question Trump under oath, and that raises the stakes dramatically, because perjury would definitely be a hanging offence (certain impeachment would follow).

However, that final sanction DOESN’T actually happen unfortunately (?) just because a guy is failing, incompetent or badly screws-up, does it? No, the impeachment process (to REMOVE the bleeding President from power) ONLY occurs when the man (there haven’t been any women yet!) get up the noses of Congress to such an extent that the members of his own party realise he is a millstone round their neck so seriously fear political survival or that they personally will not be re-elected by their voters because of their association with the President, or their lack of opposition to him, wouldn’t you say?

You see, although in Trump’s case the Democrats can be relied-upon to try to unseat him by any means possible, it is only the Republicans that can actually weald the coup de grâce, because they have a majority in BOTH houses of the Congress, don’t they?

[Impeachment to remove presidents before their term is up results if they have committed “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors”, and first step requires a simple majority in the House of Representatives voting to go to trial, essentially meaning the president being indicted if one or more charge sticks, and that then leading to the actual Senate trial overseen by the chief justice of the Supreme Court, whence if there is a two-thirds majority of Senators who lodge a guilty decision, the president is removed from office forthwith].

However, it must be worrying for Trump (or certainly OUGHT to be) that the very serious idea of impeachment, has already started to be mooted in the US, starting with a Texas congressman (Democrat naturally), but as well by legal experts, and that emanates alone from Trump sacking Comey, as ridding himself of the FBI chief and in fact asking him to drop an investigation, might be seen as the president committing ‘obstruction of justice’, don’t you think?

As it stands some say impeachment is still ‘unlikely’ because of entrenched Republican party loyalty, but that may not be such a valid conclusion according to American political expert Professor Allan Lichtman, who says that just a small ten percent defection would do it, and although Impeachment is a dish that takes time, it is without doubt the “inevitable” end for Trump he says, eh?

Now you may well ask, “What the hell does HE know?”. The short answer to that, is that using a mathematical model and scientific method since the 60s, he HAS been correctly forecasting elections for some thirty years and correctly predicted the result of the last NINE American Presidential elections (including in one of his books, that of Trump himself– one of the few to do so, moreover?). In the absence of any meaningful data information on Impeachment processes (there have only been 3 in US history), he has carried out a deep study on impeachment basis & history married against Trump’s record that included analysing his flaws that make him doomed, using his record in business and his performance in the first few months as President – so he has come-up with his non-partisan prediction on Trump’s ‘non-future’, and reportedly he has written a book THE CASE FOR IMPEACHMENT’ (well worth a read no doubt?). Republicans while desperate wishing to support their president, are in reality walking a personal high-wire and in danger of toppling off as unpredictable Trump continues to cause them vibrations.


[The betting boys give Donald Trump just a 58 per cent chance of serving-out a full first term and 48 per cent chance of hitting the buffers through impeachment or resignation – place your bets ladies & gentlemen, eh?]


In United States history, just three presidents have actually faced impeachment proceedings, but only two of them were then impeached for high crimes and misdemeanours, but they were BOTH cleared:

  1. The 17th president Andrew Johnson in 1868, impeached for the alleged unauthorised sacking of the secretary of war, but he was acquitted by one vote.
  2. The 37th president Richard Nixon in 1974, facing impeachment for alleged obstruction of justice, abuse of power, and contempt of Congress, regarding the Watergate scandal, simply resigned before he had to face certain prosecution & conviction.
  3. The 42nd president Bill Clinton in 1998, impeached for alleged perjury and obstruction of justice, regarding an extramarital affair with Monica Lewinsky, but he was acquitted on both charges by 22 votes and 17 votes respectively (with ALL fellow Democrats voting ‘not guilty’ – thereby thwarting justice?)


One other president came very perilously close to being charged with impeachment crimes:

  • The 10th president  John Tyler  in 1843, faced the first ever impeachment resolution in the House of Representatives, regarding his veto of a bill and that angered lawmakers, but it was defeated.

President of the United States Donald Trump – both a villain and would-be American Dictator?

In the modern West in this day & age, most people have no concept of ‘dictatorship’ and probably have some difficulty in answering the question “What is a Dictator?”, don’t you think? The answer is of course that a dictator is a political leader who wields absolute personal power, often used for oppression, and even abusive rule.

Well, the people over the pond in the US will soon be able, not only to be capable of fully telling you that, but to recount, ‘through recent experience’, just what it is like to live under a dictatorship, it would appear?

Now, you will no doubt have heard and know the names of some of the famous dictators from the past, like Adolf Hitler (Germany), Augusto Pinochet (Chile), Benito Mussolini (Italy), Chiang Kai-shek (China & later Taiwan), Fidel Castro (Cuba), Francisco Franco (Spain), Juan Peron (Argentina), Eva Peron (Argentina), or know even perhaps that ancient Rome had the first real dictator, Julius Caesar declared “Dictator in perpetuity” back in 44 BC (but he only then lasted a month – before he was assassinated, eh?)

However, in the current era there are still a surprising number of dictatorships around on the world stage [49 of them no less (Africa 21, Asia 18, the Middle East 7, in Europe 1, Americas 2). These are defined as countries ruled by a dictator in a land internationally rated as ‘not free’ and they would include some names you might know like Cuba (Raul Castro), China (Xi Jinping), Egypt (Abdel Fattah al-Sisi), North Korea (Kim Jong-un), Saudi Arabia (Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz Al Saud), Iran (Hassan Rouhani), Sudan (Omar al-Bashir), Syria (Bashar al-Assad), Zimbabwe (Robert Mugabe).

You see, dictators are the modern form of the tyrants of old, and the label aptly describes the type of leader who not only holds that extraordinary amount of power, but uses it to make laws without the ‘effective’ restraint by some legislative assembly.

Some dictators, first establish their own personality cult and then they rule by decree, take-over the media to control news, repress political opponents (without abiding by the rule of law) and often show the traits of ‘suspension of elections’, ‘restriction of civil liberties’, or even a proclamation that ‘the state faces an emergency’ so special measures are required.

Now, do you see any resemblance in any of that, in the actions & behaviour of one Donald Trump so far, perhaps? Well, without doubt he has gone to great lengths to establish his unique personality trait with his craze for using (virtually solely) tweets on the social media platform Twitter, to communicate with the American people, EVEN after unexpectedly (?) being elevated to the dizzy heights of President of the whole bloody country, no less?

Of course we see also that right from the start Trump has issued his own Executive orders (i.e. Presidential decrees) to introduce his own laws rather than use, as normally expected in that democracy, the American legislature of Congress, hasn’t he? Well, Trump is trying to dictatorially govern America by ‘executive order’ to evade the normal checks and balances upon which the whole political system is based, and that is an insult to democracy, isn’t it?

[‘Executive orders’ are ‘orders’ issued by ‘United States’ Presidents and directed towards officers and agencies of the ‘U.S.’ federal government. ‘Executive orders’ have the full force of law, based on the authority derived from statute or the Constitution itself].

Then of course is his belligerent campaign to silence the media whenever it has some form of criticism of his political, or indeed many dubious private dealings – so we see from him a torrent of ridiculous accusations of “false news” against him & completely untrue claims of being subjected to the biggest witch-hunt in history, haven’t we?

He clearly attempts to stifle even those in his own Republican party who try to rein him in, as well as denigrate and destroy the credibility of his political opponents, the Democrats, in the vain (?) hope that he can destroy all other opposing political forces.

While at this stage he certainly cannot halt the election processes (though without doubt he would love to be able to do so, eh?), he will definitely attempt to thwart the will of Congress wherever possible.

In terms of civil liberties, Trump (not least with his wall-building plans and support of torture) is a massive danger as far as many Americans are concerned and their liberties’ organisations are recruiting large numbers of members, as well as getting substantial & record financial donations (surging within 2 days of Trump issuing executive orders banning Muslims) – he even blocks some users on his Twitter account, while also a multitude of constituents are being blocked by other Republican elected officials at all levels of government [including for example a central Texas congressman] for voicing their dissent on social media.

However, while Trump hasn’t YET called a State of Emergency, so that he can suspend Congress, he is probably working on it, eh?

Even those Americans, who voted for Trump and then supported his wall-building, and worrying torture-promoting policies, should be alarmed by his methods, as his seemingly intent to ruling by decree, could later return to haunt them equally, perhaps?

Now, as said in a previously post here, those of us who have worked in industry and have encountered the egomaniacal cretins who have bullied their way to the top, know what to expect and that is someone who won’t listen to anyone, lacks ethics, or honesty and is determined to have their own way, right or wrong, tramples over any opposition, won’t accept that any rules apply to them, and gets shot of anything or anybody that gets in their way.

Many of us feared that Trump would attempt to run the USA as his personal fiefdom and in exactly the same self-centred and bullying way that he has done in running his own empire, The Trump Organization (a privately owned international conglomerate), which includes flattening all obstacles in his path and has railroaded things and people wherever beneficial to his own interests. And so it has proved, don’t you think?

Trump is a bombastic hire and fire of people individual, but lags the spunk to do the dirty face to face himself, so passes that task he personally finds distasteful to his underlings. He, as a weakling, is willing to publically discredit, destroy, and humiliate, using social media, those he no longer has use of, but he doesn’t even have the decency to knife them himself, does he?

It is difficult to understand where Trump is coming from regarding he accusations that the Russians had their finger in the pie of the presidential election process and tried to get him elected instead of Hillary Clinton. HE doesn’t want it investigated – why not? If he, his family and his close team have nothing to hide then you would think he would want it cleared-up forthwith and not only ‘parked’, surely?

Conversely, currently there can be no question in anybody’s mind, can there, that the one man, above all others, that Trump wants gone from the political scene is Robert Mueller, a formidable former FBI director, and now appointed as a special counsel in charge of the criminal investigation on Russia’s interference in the Presidential election together with possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Trump was incensed that the investigation wasn’t halted when he had sacked the Acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, because she was one of the few officials who had stood-up to him to uphold the rule of law, and against his ‘illegal’ order to introduce discrimination against Muslims. He had replaced her with Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, because Sessions was one of his most important earliest supporters, who was the campaign’s first and loudest supporter in the Senate, and indeed shared the platform with Trump during the campaign – so Trump soundly believed he could be relied-on, to squash the enquiry.

However, things didn’t turn out that way, as Sessions’ Achilles heel was that HE HIMSELF had been involved with the Russians (and moreover had hidden that fact during his confirmation), plus that problem was compounded further by assurances he had given senators, during the appointment process, to ‘excuse himself’ wherever impartiality questions arose, plus duty of office and justice department precedent to do just that.

So to Trump’s dire frustration and anger, Sessions then DID ‘stand aside’ on the Russia matter, whence deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein – overseeing that Russia saga in lieu of Sessions – went ahead and appointed Mueller to carry the investigation forward, which certainly increased the sense of gravity of that matter which Trump had timelessly portrayed simply as a ‘witch-hunt’ by Democrats as sore-losers.

All that of course though, utterly removed immediate control of that enquiry from the hands of the President’s own inner circle, and worse was to come for him, which raised his anger to boiling point, wasn’t it? Yep, not only has the insinuation of treason, blighted the first 6 months of Trump’s Presidency, but Mueller has seen fit to expand matters being looked into to include Trump’s controversial business dealings and years of personal tax returns. [Despite the precedent set by past US presidential candidates for donkey years, Trump unwaveringly had refused to release any such personal details to the public during the campaign (or even since getting the actual job!)].

Rightly or wrongly, Trump has felt personally betrayed by former Alabama senator Sessions’ “step-aside” on Russia, and has reacted with incendiary rage at the latest developments, so has vented his anger at Sessions with disgraceful abusive public tweets, attacking his integrity and competence as Attorney General, in a vain (?) attempt to force his resignation, no less?

Trump and his whole administration is threatened by Mueller and when Trump sees someone or something as a threat, he has demonstrated that he doesn’t hold to the normal standards of decency, honesty, due process, or even adherence to the Constitution, does he?

Well, Trump would like to put morality aside to directly fire Mueller himself, but IF he dares to DO SO, it is likely to ignite a self-consuming constitutional blaze of the like that took down President Nixon (another Republican President), for obstruction of justice, abuse of power, and contempt of Congress, as his resignation was forced when he faced formal impeachment – oh yes, and that transpired after Nixon HAD fired the Watergate Special Prosecutor (in an attempt to thwart the investigation!), a sacking which immediately led to the departures of both the Attorney General and his Deputy (the so-called ‘Saturday Night Massacre’)

Who has bitten the dust so far in this saga, by crossing Trump then? Well, that would include then: Election Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski [for not bringing in enough donations and suggesting Trump needed to change his campaign behaviour?]; Trump Campaign Leading surrogate & New Jersey Governor no less Chris Christie suddenly dropped by Trump on Election Day despite winning [rumoured that President Obama had called Trump to congratulate him but called him on ‘Christie’s phone’ which greatly angered Trump?] (furthermore, Christie did not receive a formal role in the administration, despite having been even considered as running mate); National Security Adviser Michael Flynn [appointed by Trump but had to go when his involvement with Russia was also exposed); FBI by Director James Comey [refusal to pledge (inappropriate) loyalty to HIM rather than his oath to Congress to uphold the law (without fear or favour), plus refusal to halt the FBI investigation into Flynn?); acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe [for not terminating the Russia meddling enquiry?]; and just last week, the administration’s chief spokesman for the past six-months, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer bit the dust [because he had objected to the appointment of a New York financier and former Trump campaign fundraiser as the new communications director?],

Quite a few in a matter of months, so as you can see that Trump demands absolute loyalty, subservience, and obedience, from all involved, OR ELSE!

The Trump American Presidency has had an extremely troubled kick-off to its four year term, and it is still in constant turmoil, with little to give anyone any confidence that things are going to turn out well, wouldn’t you say? The basic difficulty is that Trump remains ignorant of, and unconcerned about, any constitutional constraints on his governance, and seems intent on bucking the traces of Congress, that are intended to keep him on the straight and legal road and avoid a disastrous crash into the bush, wouldn’t you say?


[So, where do does it all go from here, you might well ask yourself? Perhaps, looming on the skyline is ‘impeachment’ for President Donald Trump, don’t you think?

A FOLLOW-ON POST President Donald Trump WILL likely face future ‘Impeachment’ – but will he last that long though? WILL BE PUBLISHED HERE SOON

OJ Simpson released from jail 24 years ‘EARLY’ – so yet another vile criminal’ escapes justice’, just like the others below?

OJ Parole Hearing

Scales of Justice broken

The news on the wires that the despicable OJ [the ‘Juice’] Simpson will be soon released from a 33 year prison sentence, after serving just 9 years incarceration in an American jail, simply demonstrates to all and sundry that the justice systems around the World are bloody useless when dealing with famous, rich, big criminals, when it comes to protecting their societies, or providing retribution justice to the victims involved, don’t you think?

You see, Simpson was convicted of leading a gang in an assault and armed ROBBERY with a gun, as well as KIDNAP (an offence that alone should have resulted in a life sentence), so he rightly received a hefty term inside, but now without serving that just sentence, he is heading out a free man instead, isn’t he, indeed?

Now this is a vile guy who had previously infamously got away with responsibility for killing his ex-wife together with her new boyfriend (when the vast majority of Americans believe he WAS guilty of their double MURDER, now being of twenty-three years ago), and that was because of the dire inadequacies of the US prosecution authorities (as well as ‘a rich-man’s’ ability to hire a more expensive defence team, eh?), which resulted in him being cleared of the murders, by a ‘mainly black’ jury , despite compelling evidence of guilt, wasn’t it? [you see Simpson is black, it must be said?].

But just 2 years later, in a CIVIL COURT action (brought by the 2 victims’ families), he was found indeed to be guilty of just such that responsibility, which involved the unprovoked violent knife attack on the pair of lovers outside her house – his ex-wife had previously predicted that Simpson WOULD kill her. And although of course while that civil court  judgement resulted in a massive compensation award against him (£25MILLION), he never paid-up though, it never got enforced (why wasn’t he banged-up for that?), so he basically got-off Scot-free for killing two people , didn’t he?

Why, oh why, is it acceptable for all that to happen, and how comes the justice system over the pond allows it, eh? However, most of us around the World felt a massive sense of relief when that cretin was subsequently banged-up for his latest crime 14 years later, as we felt ‘at least’ that the bugger would be locked away for the rest of his active life, until he was 84 years old anyway, albeit not for his BIGGEST evil action – but we didn’t bank-on the latitude of the US Justice System, that he was able to manipulate last week to gain his freedom, did we? [that hasn’t been the only thing he has got away with either, is it?]

All he had to do this time, despite his prior record of criminal convictions, was to keep his nose clean in goal, be a model prisoner, watch his Ps and Qs, use the skills he had learned as an actor, broadcaster, & advertising spokesman (after his rise to fame as a top player for 11 years in American football – the fastest ever running quarterback ever), tell the panel he had found God, and he would walk-out a free man, to announce to the dismayed and astonished world that “I’ve done my time” – we DON’T THINK SO, do we?

He has always been “really an awful person” right from the very start of his criminal career in a street gang as a teenager, and that conduct got him arrested three times and indeed jailed for his offences.

In jail for the recent offences, he was a celebrity and a rich blighter, who was able to reward other prisoners who served him well, so in fact he had a very easy life behind bars for those short 9 years, didn’t he?. He will be returned soon to the outside society to live a life of luxury (you see, his team to the most extent have shielded and protected his cash & other fortunes), further funded with massive career pensions being still paid to him (despite what he owes) as they are deemed “untouchable” by the US justice system.

Moreover, even at his parole hearing he showed no hint of contrition or even being remorsefully for ANY of his past vile illegal actions, and indeed cocked-a-snoot at Justice, with a massive smirk over his gleeful face, as he got away with it once again – the story of his life, eh?

Now, we here in Britain are no strangers to such ‘inadequacies’ of Justice systems, as not only is the ground littered with them from the past, but we still see it continuing now, day after day, ad infinitum, don’t we? Even when the evil ones do get caught here, even when their smart-arsed lawyers’ ‘non-guilty defences’ are demolished, and even when the Judge passes a heavy sentence, Justice is never served, because the convicted, virtually whatever the crime really, simply go to holiday-camp style jails where they can obtain as many drugs as they like, drink illicit home-made booze, retain their criminal connections on the outside with readily smuggled-in mobile phones, get numerous visitors to keep their spirits up, and STILL be automatically OUT (unrepentant & unreformed, certainly?), in HALF of the allotted sentence TIME (however lenient), because our-indulgent maltreated society, mislead by uncaring, weak, liberal “do-gooders” lent-on, politicians, won’t provided the jails or cell space to hold secure, all the unsurprising increasing number of violent criminals (including foreigners from the EU), who blight our communities and put-up two fingers at the police & the law, because they can continue their prosperous life of crime at our expense, and get away with it to boot, eh?

Probably the most recent scunnering example is just 2 weeks ago as Robert Trigg was convicted of separately killing 2 women – one by a blow to the back of the head and the other by suffocation. He had denied it at court of course, as all murderers do (you see the British justice system not only allows that, but enables and encourages it, doesn’t it?), but his blatant lies were exposed and he was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 25 years. He will doubtless appeal of course (you see the British justice system not only allows that, but enables and encourages it, doesn’t it?), and whatever happens and however much more money we waste on the bastard, you certainly cannot be confident that he will end-up serving his term, can you? Down the line, some of the do-gooders, who abound, will try to get him released early – perhaps reasoning that ‘he had a difficult childhood’ or the like, eh?

Now on the surface that conviction might look to many of us, as justice at least being duly served, wouldn’t you say? Well, dream-on everybody, because behind THAT conviction & sentence headline, the whole truth tells a much different story, you see?

Not only did the justice system let these two women down, but it unnecessarily cost them their lives, and even then Trigg was ONLY brought to justice through the dogged efforts of the women’s parents, and certainly NOT the justice system, that should have swung into action to protect the women before they were killed. It was the parents themselves who mounted a four year campaign to expose Trigg as the killer of their innocent daughters, and indeed during it, they and their efforts, were frequently thwarted and vilified by the police and the responsible authorities.

You see, Trigg was a drunken ‘serial abuser’ of women with a history of violence against his girlfriends, well before and after he killed those ones, so he should have been stopped and would have been if the system was ‘fit for purpose’, which it isn’t.

In 2002 a previous relationship [Rebecca Allcorn] had ended due to his violence, when in 2003 he seriously assaulted the next girlfriend [Susan Holland] putting her in hospital.

Later in 2003 he formed a relationship with the first women he killed with a blow to the back of the head 3 years later [Caroline Devlin 35], who had confided to a friend that she feared Trigg, so she wouldn’t see her fortieth birthday, and she was only too correct. The woman’s teenage traumatised son suspected murder, but due to a totally inadequate investigation of such an ‘unexplained death’ (because the police wouldn’t pay the £4,000 for a top forensic pathologist), it was erroneously put down to a sad act of fate, a brain aneurysm, so Trigg was allowed to continue to walk the streets unhindered, to attack even further women, and worse still, kill again.

In 2010, Trigg took-up with his next woman victim [Susan Nicholson], who he then moved-in with, only to kill by suffocation just a short 4 months later – and during that time her neighbour had contacted police four times to report visible injuries to the victim, while indeed police themselves attended the murdered woman’s flat on at least a half a dozen times following 999 calls from a neighbour, due to Trigg’s violent beating of his girlfriend, and that contact with Trigg included one a mere 2 days before that 2011 final violent killing, when Trigg got a slapped wrist with a caution for violently punching her.

Notwithstanding all of that history of violent behaviour, nor the fact that Trigg had blatantly failed to directly report either of the sudden deaths of these two of his girlfriends (as the scumbag even left that dreadful task to others including her distraught children), the police actually ‘unbelievably’ BELIEVED his explanation that the suffocation was accidently caused by suffocation, when he must have rolled-onto her during the night as they slept together on a sofa (much too small by far for that explanation, it was subsequently established).

Oh yes, it was certainly UNBELIEVABLE to the parents of the two women killed by Trigg, who took their fears to the police only to be totally rebuffed, and told in no uncertain terms, to go away as there would be NO SUCH PROBE by the the Force.

Disgracefully, then Trigg was again therefore simply allowed to walk away unfettered with free-rein to continue his violence against women, wasn’t he?

So in 2014, he harassed and terrified another girlfriend [Deirdre Loveridge] to such an extent that she had to flee the area. A conviction & another slap on the wrist for that was no deterrent of course, so just 2 years later in 2016, the next relationship [Caroline Yardwood] ended with abusive communications, drunken physical violence, and his conviction of assault, harassment, and racially aggravated harassment, resulting with a short ineffective trip to jail for Trigg.

It wasn’t until the dismayed parents of the two women killed by Trigg had spent some £10,000 of their own money on legal help and the employment of the pathologist expert who had conducted the Hillsborough autopsies, whence 2 years ago, he established for them the true causes of the two deaths, and that, AND ONLY THAT, forced the police to re-open their enquiries, and that resulted in Trigg’s arrest.

Now do you think that the police had learned anything at all about Trigg, or that our legal system had the powerful jaws of justice? Well, if so, dream on anyone, as he was simply released on bail, whereby he pretty quickly went out and assaulted yet ANOTHER girlfriend, for which he was again jailed for just a few weeks.

Yes, only then, did he stand trial for his two killings and finally head for the slammer for eternity, hopefully?

Oh yes everyone, the police SAY they will now hold a ‘robust and probing’ review on what went wrong with their investigations (no doubt as ‘NOT robust and probing’ as was carried out by South Yorkshire police force on Hillsborough, eh?). Well, we already know the real answer to the whole problem, don’t we? Yep, the whole criminal justice system in Britain these days just stinks, doesn’t it?

Those of us, even with short memories, will recount similar demonstrations of inadequate justice systems, which will include those matters from the UK and elsewhere in the World (all in addition to OJ’s acquittal of murder back in 1995, of course?).

All of these instances recounted below (which were covered in some detail in past posts here, in just the last couple of years), do though represent only the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to the failure of justice systems everywhere, don’t you think?

Say for instance, like in England, when Australian Julian Assange of WikiLeaks infamy escaping justice by hiding in the Ecuadorian foreign EMBASSY in London; or rich boy ex-international Wales Footballer ‘Ched Evans’, disgusting sexual exploitation of a vulnerable woman being set-aside; or in South Africa the repetitive travesty of murky justice in the freedom allowed and inadequate sentencing delivered on the shooting murder of Reeva Steenkamp by celebrety runner Oscar Pistorius; or the permitted abuse of our, lax, indulgent, and ineffective criminal justice system by the child-killers Matthews & girlfriend Hoare, as well as unduly non-harsh sentences for their vile crimes.

Or, high profile, sex-mad, England football star rich man Adam Johnson‘s justice escape for sex with a 15 year old schoolgirl with a much belated and minimal sentence of only 6 years when he could have been sent down for 10 years for grooming, and 14 years for penetration; or the Hatton Garden Hoist in central London by a gaggle of elderly career criminals that amply demonstrated that crime still does pay in reality in this Country for gangsters, whence for this robbery, even seven of the guilty ones’ sentences (when at least one got away scot free) were so soft in relation to the enormity of the crime, as to make a mockery of the whole British criminal justice process.

Or, on the wider stage, concerning tennis mega-earning so rich superstar, Russian Maria Sharapova, who was finally unmasked as another sports ‘drug cheat’, but she didn’t actually bite the dust, just as we knew she wouldn’t really; or the non-resolution of Google and other the other major multinational giants disgusting tax avoidance success; or the inability of most justice systems to do anything to halt the uncontrollable influx of illegal immigrants, asylum seekers, refugees, economic migrants, and unaccompanied children; or the disturbing failure of our Country’s judiciary to make the United Kingdom’s ‘unfair’ bedroom tax, the ‘illegal’ bedroom tax.

Or, the injustice of a one year old baby boy dead because of being badly let down by the NHS and the broken system, whereby no one is punished and there is absoplutely no retribution whilst the authorities get away with fighting against the parents to hide the truth; or ex spy Russian Alexander Litvinenko, despite being here in UK on political asylum and British citizen, was subsequently murdered by a lethal dose of radiation poisoning with a lingering & certain death, in ‘safe haven’ (?) London (without much doubt administered by another Russian who was subsequently protected by that state so that he cannot face justice).

Or, the unmitigated disaster of the Iraq War and the subsequent unbelievable failure to publish the Chilcot Report on it, in any kind of meaningful timescale, whereby the guilty have escaped any kind of justice, which was disgraceful; or again on the World justice stage, the shooting down of civilian airliner, Malaysian airlines flight MH17, with the loss of life of the entire 298 men, women, and children, where we know that in truth it was in fact the Russians who did it (in a bungled attempt to illegally down a Ukraine military aeroplane), but no country or world organisation will even attempt never mind suceed to get justice for the dead and their families; or the unbridled corruption of FIFA & World Football, that was allowed to go on unreported, unchallenged, and unpunished for decades upon decades and which has left the football world in the mire; or the drug cheats in Athletics who hardly ever get really punished for denigrating their sport and defrauding the paying public spectators, yet are allowed to return, supposedly rehabilitated, but often in reality to cheat again.

Or, the abject failure of the World justice mechanisms, to defeat terrorism in all its forms, and in particular the current crude, evil, barbarism, of Islamic ISIS; or the unacceptable behaviour of our governments in NOT invoking an essential ‘full public enquiry’ into the U.K Miners Strike of 1984, which seems to have invoked illegal actions and abuse of power by the Thatcher government, a subsequent political whitewash & cover-up, misuse of the police, combined with unacceptable & unnecessary violence dished-out BY the police no less, and the non-independence of the judiciary to do anything about it; or the crass failure of our justice system to stop the avoidable explosion that made ‘hippy crack’ the new preferred drug of the young; or the disturbing case where South Africa’s strong case against an extremely rich, previously medically well man, Shrien Dewani, for the murder there of his wife Annie Hindocha, collapsed simply because of failed justice by our flawed legal system here that allowed him to avoid forced extradition for a whole four years on the excuse of severe illness, by which time the evidence was extremely cold.



[Just don’t expect anything to change, will you? The British criminal justice system is well and truly  ‘broken’ and will remain broken, because the ones who pay the price are those at the bottom, while those at the top and in power, with their families and cronies, are all isolated & insulated from its effects, don’t you think?].




Gender inequality in ‘Sport’ – just how bad is it in 2017?

THIS IS A FOLLOW-UP SEQUEL POST TO THAT TITLED Gender inequality in ‘Life’ – just how bad is it in 2017? WHICH WAS PUBLISHED HERE ‘YESTERDAY’.

If you have read the earlier post, you will appreciate the general background to gender inequality and where matters have reached in modern society, and this post simply takes that forward with a view on how Sport is affected.

It is unsurprisingly then, that such general inequality mechanisms have been carried over to sport as well, and they certainly have been, haven’t they? Yep and in particular a distinct void has been created in competitive sport between male sportsmen and female sportswomen, hasn’t it?

Well, in the past men have always played more sport than women [who were much too tied up in lives of drudgery (created by men?)], particularly when the men were young & fit, and not least as a competitive recreation (and a welcome release especially from sedentary work?) and that balance legacy continues to some, though lesser, extent in England today – where some forty percent of males participate in regular sport compared with our females still being eight-and-a-half percent behind (albeit that the number of women doing sport now is at an all-time high).

British universities & colleges are also concerned about the number of women not doing sport or being weekly involved in some form of personal physical activity, as there are ten percent less of them involved than the males. Albeit that the female students do more sport than the rest of the general population, nevertheless they are the ones most likely to take part in individual ‘non-sporting’ activities such as gym, running and fitness classes (e.g. Zumba) than sport itself, and those activities are not being undertaken within the university, are they? Furthermore, it is the non-campus based female students (so living within the community), that are least active generally, and this is where one of the largest differences between male and female students is seen, while those ‘on-campus’ females are the ones most engaged in traditional sport and are engaged in other activity via university provision. The indication would seem to be that women need to be outside of the general public arena’s bad influence (and inside an encouraging bubble) to get the message that sport & physical activity is invaluable to their good health & wellbeing, don’t you think?

You see there are physical and emotional barriers and missing motivation triggers affecting women more than men, which includes the fear of judgement – with common concerns of self-consciousness about fitness, weight or sporting ability. That though is being steadily overcome through successfully projects to recruited women through events where women can meet coaches and see activity sessions with personal follow-up from coaches afterwards, plus encouragement of participants to ‘bring and introduce a friend’, together with media promotion across communities in addition to using organisations’ links to reach women from a range of backgrounds, and also providing easy-to-access information about what sessions entail, and while reassuring women that most others will also be beginners, besides that they don’t have to already be in shape to enjoy sport.

There can be no doubt that the examples of gender inequality in professional & semi-professional sport that is thrown in women’s faces on a daily basis, has a major negative influence in their perception of women’s roles & involvement within the sporting fraternity, as it simply reinforces the male promoted assertions of old that women are the inferior gender together with “women are no bloody good at sport” thrown-in as well, eh?

Now in general, that said, one wouldn’t expect men and woman to compete AGAINST each other in many sports, because of the insurmountable physical differences between the sexes, (with men generally being taller, heavier, stronger, and quicker than women), whence physical size and strength play a major part in most sports — and so it turns out in practice, doesn’t it? Yes, so competitors are segregated, resulting in there being only two Olympic sports in which men and women compete directly against each other – those are equestrian (comprising dressage, jumping, and eventing – but there it is the horses that actual provide the strength, isn’t it?) and sailing – BUT only in ONE relatively new class (small catamaran) with a MIXED crew of TWO needing combined small crew weight. In Tennis & Badmington there are of course mixed doubles events also, as does ice skating with a pair dancing on the ice.

There are however nowadays quite a number of major amateur, and professional sports where there are separate male and female competitions and there are an increasing number of them, where women certainly excel, but of which many are just those sports where female involvement rile men, because historically males have long since considered those sports their gender’s sole domain – in Britain that would of course specifically include the main sports of association football and cricket, but also encompass tennis, squash, swimming, golf, hockey, rugby, athletics, gymnastics, golf, skating, cycling, rowing, and even motorsport, perhaps as well these days?

Take non-amateur women’s football just for a start (which was solely semi-professional, but more recently the majority of clubs in NWSL1 have changed to ‘full-time’ squads), for while competing major women’s clubs are ‘affiliates’ of the male club ‘counterparts’ [like say the most successful one Arsenal Ladies, or Chelsea Ladies (top last season)], they certainly do not share the same large stadiums as the male team, but they all instead have to rent and share smaller stadiums from lower-level soccer clubs [does that sound to you like women being treated equally, eh?)’. What kind of message does that send to the British general population about the role of women in sports society, or indeed women’s place in a major sport – and what encouragement does it give to young girls to get interested in football (or indeed ANY sport), when they see females treated as second-class ‘bit-players’, eh? So, we don’t see the best top women players banking £260,000 a WEEK [that is thirteen-and-a-half MILLION pounds a year – Wayne Rooney Manchester United) when that club don’t even have a woman’s team these days (it was dropped a decade ago by the owners (as it was not part of the core business, eh?). No, women in most part only get paid a pittance say £100/week (particularly the young players) so have to rely on part-time jobs or schooling outside the game to survive (a top senior player at a big Super League club might get a meager £650 a week) – sound like equality to you? Most teams have a long way to go to catch-up even with those paying those inadequate amounts. [The rules of the WSL put a cap on the Club’s wages bill]

At international level, the England woman’s national football team are top quality with some great players and a fantastic striker, finishing third at the last women’s World Cup in 2015, in their last 3 games beat Austria, Switzerland, and Denmark (friendlies) and indeed played Scotland tonight (with a very convincing win), and then Spain & Portugal later this month in the finals of Euro 2017 (having qualified for the finals at the top of their group by winning 7 of their 8 games, no less?).

England women international Players (30 of them) now do get paid (through central contracts which are separate from any club contracts), that brings in say another £500/week – so income is light-years away from what male footballers rake-in, isn’t it?

Turning then to the other main bastion of male dominated sport, cricket (the so-called game of gentlemen, eh?). Well, it used to be that ALL professional cricketers were employed by County teams, but that all changed a decade-and-a-half ago when the England cricket board (ECB) introduced central contracts for the main international players, which currently gives them a Retainer fee (£700,000 and the Test Captain gets a 25% bonus on top), Test fees (£12,000 a game), One Day International fees (£5,000 a game), T20 fee (£2,500 a game), or in another category for the next tier, White Ball contracts with Retainer fee (County salary). Test fees (£12,000 a game), ODI fees (£5,000 a game), T20 fees (£2,500 a game).

Now that brings-in pro-cricketers a very vert tidy sum doesn’t it, even if it isn’t a patch on what ludicrous money is doshed out to the main professional male footballers, eh?

So how well is it going with salaries in women’s cricket then, do you think? Ah, improving certainly, as they went up by a massive ‘half’ in an increase last year, due to the much financially improved ‘central contracts’ for women cricketers announced by all the top 3 cricket nations of England, Australia and India, and even the women players in Pakistan, and South Africa have now got what is ‘said’ to be lucrative central contracts (really?? We don’t think so!).

What are the actual numbers, then? Well, don’t get too excited, will you females? No, there are just ONLY 19 women cricketers contracted to the England & Wales cricket board, and they get a Retainer fee (only £50,000 though), Test fees (only £1,000 a game), One Day International fees (only £500 a game), T20 fees only £500 a game), plus winning bonuses for ICC competitions, and individual performance related bonuses. Hardly a mammoth reward, eh?

Now, England have got a really good woman’s national cricket team in terms of performance – well, they beat South Africa yesterday in the World Cup semi-final, didn’t they? [Previously in that competition they had beaten West Indies, New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan].

OK then, it might be said (with some validity certainly) that there is less public spectator interest in those two major sports in the women’s game, but that is surely influences by the dire lack of equal publicity and media attention, don’t you think?

So, let’s look at professional tennis as well, shall we? Well, in years long gone there has been quite a lot of effort made to try to get better parity in payment between men and women (indeed forty-five years ago, the US Open was the first Grand Slam tennis tournament give equal prize money to male and female players, wasn’t it?). While there can be no doubt that tennis has helped narrow sports gender wage gap, events prove that equal still doesn’t really mean equal in the world of tennis, does it? No, when you compare the earnings of the top male players against their female counterparts, it far outstrips them by far, doesn’t it? Yes, and that is simply basically because for some reason it is the men who get many more endorsement deals and sponsorships than the women do, plus their matches are given the more prominent TV slots and media coverage (that results from the misconception that the men’s game is more challenging and popular, when in fact often women’s matches gain higher TV ratings than the men’s, so there!).

The highest paid male player pulled-in some £52million against only £22million of the top paid female, and that pattern is replicated as you go down the list to 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and so on, isn’t it? So even in modern times in an extremely popular spectator sport, where talented men and women perform their trade across the globe on the same days, at the same venues, in equivalent competitions, the specter of gender inequality rears its ugly head doesn’t it?

It is an unacceptable situation particularly when one considers that men’s tennis is performed by unattractive, testosterone galvanised, surly, bad-tempered, shouting,  males whose main attribute seems to be to start off by hitting a tennis ball at 160 miles an hour at their opponent or out of reach, so that it is virtually impossible to return and then establish a proper tennis game, don’t you think? Furthermore, they are prone to outburst of objectional expletive language, racket breaking, abuse of the ball-boys & girls, and even at the latest Wimbledon, a senior player throwing coins AT the umpire (because some decisions went against him), as well as turning out unfit to simply claim the appearance money, or alternatively faking injury in an attempt  to interrupt their opponent’s rhythm. What’s there to like, eh?

Compare that with the attractions of watching the women’s game, where we can see fit & nimble, elegant, attractive, skittish, females of all ages, with ponytails and bob hair styles bouncing around the place, running to the net, skipping around the court playing exquisite, elegant, tennis strokes with aplomb, in an exciting competitive tussle. What’s not to like, eh?

Forget equal pay. Men should not be paid at all, only women, who should get DOUBLE  – because the overgrown hairy sweaty boring boys should be off playing a macho sport like rugby  and not a girls game like tennis, eh?

In conclusion then, there is another serious matter to raise, and that involves the inexplicable damage to ‘gender equality in sport’ that is delivered by the advertising fraternity. You see, over many decades it has come to generally stigmatize women by portraying them in a negative manner and as less significant than men, and that has been reflected in its portraying men more positively than women, and also in sport (is that because the ad industry is dominated by men, do you think?). That has resulted in example in its use of male sports personalities to advertise and support their particular sport discipline as well as in endorsing commercial products (like say Gary Lineker with crisps). When it comes to female sports the sportswomen personalities, they get the cold shoulder and the advertising media resort instead to using professional models, who they wrongly assume will make a more attractive image, so they certainly don’t use our ‘real’ sportswomen for product promotion, do they?


[Unfortunately, even in our progressive British society, it is going to take some decades (if not even a suffragette style campaign and legislation?) to achieve an acceptable level of sports equality, don’t you think?]