UK General Election 2017 ‘mayhem’ – a downright waste of time and an unnecessary squandering of a massive amount of EVERYBODY’S money?

Well, we are in touching distance of another General Election in the UK, aren’t we? Yep, less than three weeks, the party manifestos are all out now, as if anyone (except the political commentators, or even SOME candidates), actually give a dam, cares, reads them, or takes any notice at all of them, eh?), and the hordes of incompetent ‘born-liar’ politicians (they are ALL innately ‘economical with the truth’, aren’t they?) are on the stomping grounds, desperately trying to get our vote (whether or not they have a snowball’s in hell chance of winning anyway?), aren’t they?

So, in all the tracks around the UK, the selected candidates are in their coloured coats, muzzled (in case they try to tell the voters any truths), and the hare is on its way to spring the trap doors open on the 8th June, when the runners will streak for the finishing line, balking all others wherever possible (without getting disqualified), in a race lasting a day where the sole winning runner takes all, and the most successful head owner heads up the dubious political HOC sport for some 5 years, eh?

You see, in this Country we have a so-called “democracy”. Now that is ‘supposed’ to mean that the British population call the shots and those chosen by them to run the UK do their bidding, doesn’t it? Certainly, but you don’t really think that the rich and powerful (or vice-versa) are ACTUALLY going to allow that, do you? Of course NOT, so the system is carefully rigged to give an outward impression of ‘the voice of the people’ being paramount, but dream-on everybody.

It all starts with each party telling the Country what they COULD do IF they were in charge and had ABSOLUTE control over events. They present a whole package of ‘wish-list’ items, but your vote is supposed to, and has to, ‘buy-in’ to purchase it ALL – so its an all or nothing choice (good and bad ideas all rolled into one, you see?). Now you might expect this to be some type of contract between the population and the chosen government (as all important matters are a subject of contract in our society, eh?). But you would be completely and utterly WRONG because the elected government doesn’t actually feel obliged in the end to carry-through on absolutely everything promised, and they feel no shame about any prevarification or weakness in performing that duty, or backslidinge, or failure, do they? No, you see, there is nothing you can do about it until the next sodden election comes around (by when they hope that us voters have long forgotten their dodged and broken promises of the last General Election, don’t they?).

That is only part of the bad news of course, as the politicians deliberately and willfully ignore what the general public really and actually want, in preference to what THEY desire ideologically for themselves, so those matters that we ORDINARY PEOPLE may crave are never ever on offer, are they? That, for example is the sole reason why the UK has been progressively deeper immersed in the European Union for the past bleeding 44 years, and indeed suffocated to near death by it, without ever a single vote from a member of the public having been cast in favour of it all. The politicians have claimed throughout however that they ‘somehow’ (innately?) KNEW that it was in fact, the will of the British people, so they didn’t need a vote to confirm it, but when, at an overdue last, the people were finally given a Referendum on the bleeding matter, the politicians and the EU got their right comeuppances, didn’t they? Yes, WE voted ‘LEAVE’ with massive numbers voting throughout the land (it has to be said, unmatched by ANY General Election turnout, moreover), didn’t we?

You will appreciate that our erstwhile politicians forever insist that because we are a parliamentary democracy, with constituency elected MPs, there is no need for Countrywide referendums on specific issues. But of course, “they would say that wouldn’t they”, because it means that THEY, and they alone, always retain the upper hand, and they solely make ALL the decisions, while the real voice of the people is never actually heard at all, is it? They will do just anything that prevents power passing to the actual electorate, won’t they?

Yes, so General Elections remained rigged in favour of the historic ‘two party’ system, which allows either Conservative or Labour to hold the reins of power – and they hold-onto them like grim death, don’t they? By having us stick with an ‘unfair’ ‘outdated’ ‘archaic’ scheme, whereby the Country still votes by area in a ‘first-past-the-post’ system, it has three effects, doesn’t it?

Firstly, it means that any MP elected, only has the biggest single ‘following’ and almost certainly NOT the support of the MAJORITY of their constituants.

Secondly, the smaller or fringe parties (or independents), get fewer MPs than they should be entitled to, given their number of supporters in the land. [so say if you get the likes of UKIP polling around fifteen percent of the national vote, which would deam a representation level in parliament of say 90 seats, but in practice they achieve just a single 1, whle it is similar for the Greens, but oustandingly generous for Scotland’s SNP who get 50 MPs with only a blessed five percent of the vote, democratically unfair or WHAT?

Thirdly, governments regularly get into power despite NOT having the most support in the Country – the so named “popular vote” counts for nothing, doesn’t it? Our governments and MPs can get elected when supported by only a third or less of the voting public and that doesn’t result in fair representation of the people, and makes things unacceptably “undemocratic”, surely?

It is abundantly clear that true democracy would be better served if a ‘modern’ electoral system was introduced – like the Single Transferable Vote [STV] system that has been used in many elections for over 50 years (and certainly NOT an ‘Alternative Vote’ method which may well avoid tactical voting, but certainly doesn’t ensure a properly mandated winner, does it?), because then no MP would get elected without at least the support of half of their people voting, instead of some ‘two thirds’ of the blighters currently grabbing a Commons seat without that level of public acceptance, eh?

Well that said, we shouldn’t be having another bleeding General Election this soon, as it is supposed nowadays to be a fixed-term parliament of 5 years, isn’t it? Historically though, Prime Ministers have been able to manipulate things and call an election whenever it has suited their own “re-election” purpose, but then the new current rules were expected to prevent that very thing, weren’t they?

Since the last election, less than just two years ago, the Labour Party has though been in total and utter disarray, with a Leader Jeremy Corbyn, seemingly being well out of touch with its traditional electorate, and demonstrably not even carrying the confidence of the bulk of his MPs, to boot?

That was much too good a chance for PM Theresa May to miss wasn’t it, so she called a snap General Election, despite NOT having the unilateral discretion of the past to do so? Well, she simply banked on the fact that Corbyn, although in no shape to fight an early election, would nevertheless, readily acceed to one, rather than thwart her game by saying no, because he simply wished to avoid the indignity of turning down a election fight – electorial suicide for the Labour Party, though?

You see May cleverly employed the equivalent of the jungle trick for catching a monkey, carried out by placing a peanut in a tethered jar with a narrow neck; the monkey can put its hand in the jar and clasp the nut, but then the resulting fist is too wide to be extracted; however, the monkey is so stupidly committed to having the nut, that it will not let go of it and give it up, so it cannot escape and would rather be caught, with all that’s untold consequences, indeed? So will be Corbyn’s fate be (as well as his party’s), wouldn’t you say?

May is so widely popular amongst the population, and far ahead in the polls indeed that she is has been able to turn it into presidential style election, between herself and Mr Corbyn, and anything else but a contest between Conservative and Labour. While most parties heading for an election usually pepper their action promises with juicy bribes aimed at susceptable voters (in practice, NOT always doled-out, though?) to mask the sour that comes with the sweet (while the really painful steps are well camaflaged with statements of the kind “we currently have no plans to ……”, aren’t they?), the Tories can afford to give themselves a bit of wriggle-room by abandoning (to the ire of many?) some previous commitments that got them elected the last twice, eh?

Oh yes, it is said that the Tory vote is ‘wavering’ because the older voters are unhappy with such elements of the party’s manifesto, but you have to take into account, the very fact is that it tends to be the oldies who are the most keen for May alone to secure BREXIT with as good as possible a deal [when even many Remainers will vote Tory for that very reason (is that tempting to even some three-quarters of the voters?)- though many of us think there won’t be any kind of deal available with the EU, so we will have to be able to walk away), hence they will not be abandoning her for Corbyn on voting day will they, do you think?

While May will fight this election on a BREXIT defining issue, Corbyn has chosen to fight it on a tax the rich issue – Labour’s attack slogan of “for the many and not the few” might have gone down better, as a less confrontational one, if it had been ‘for the many as well as the few’, don’t you think?

[Labour support has been down at 26% and even if they really have added 9 points and the Tories themselves have dropped to 44% (so the gap is halved, as one of the latest polls claim), May WILL still be back in Downing Street for another full five years, and moreover with a comfortable majority (which she certainly doesn’t have just now, with only 17, does she?].

Well now, without being too complacent, it still seems, it is just ‘how big’ a victory (even if not a landslide?) that the Tories obtain on June 8th, isin’t it? The glaring fact of the matter is that May’s Government is the only one that is willing for Britain to actually leave the EU, despite that being what the majority people of all party persuasions massively voted for. Those who voted for BREXIT are more than prepared to vote Tory NOW to achieve that single outcome, whatever their past or prefered political leanings were. Most people want us to ‘Take Back Control’, and see that as the Country’s only possible future, but can and will Britain actually do it, they wonder?

All the other parties ‘CLAIM’ that they accept the result of the EU Referendum, but in reality are BREXIT deniers who wish to derail it, so are determined to upset the applecart by trying to scupper negotiations (ensuring we are offered by the EU the most disadvantageous terms imaginable), or rejecting at the 12th hour any agreement reached with the EU, or even invoking another Referendum to get a second bite of the cherry, no less?

All that is not going to wash with the voters, so you can expect Labour [albeit still totally incoherent on BREXIT], the LibDems [hoping (in vain?) that they will get support from Remainers if they claim they can trounce BREXIT (and failing that, are in desperation turning to the druggies)], and the SNP [who want to break-up the Union to get independence (so they can pass Scotland over to the EU), as well as squash BREXIT in the meantime], all to feel the heat in a few weeks time, don’t you think? Unfortunately(?), UKIP are also going to the wall a bit, because not only has May stolen their thunder, but they now have not a single MP whatsoever at Westminster, and into the bargain they have put in place a new leader, who seems to have single-handedly trashed the brand?

The time and human energy that is now going to be wasted on an unwarented and unproductive General Election, will be more than matched by the hundreds of millions of pounds that will be spent and squandered in the process, all of which could have been put to better use (like helping the NHS out of its financial hole?). It is impossible to pin it down accurately, but probably some forty or fifty millions will be outlayed by the political parties alone, the same amount by individual candidates and national party organisations, with that ‘total’ sum more than equalled by that outlaid by the State (and that just actually means all OUR money, of course?). That furthermore is compounded by lost output and manhours that the population will incur in actually being involved in voting, eh? On top of that there are all the media costs ramped-up to deal with the whole sad mind-numbing election process – many of us would rather have a cut in the BBC TV licence fee, wouldn’t we?

Many of us may not find it appropriate to vote for any of our available candidates in this General Election so will need to vote but ‘spoil it’ won’t we?

That would happen when if say, we strongly favour BREXIT so support the Conservatives on that, but despise other of their policies, or indeed we have a right lazy, ineffective, plonker, as a Tory candidate for our constituency (and there are so many of them about, aren’t there?), or we ‘like’ most of Labour policies but wouldn’t trust (and even hate?) Jeremy Corbyn to run a village fete let alone the Country (and there is many of that ilk, don’t you think?) – The latest exposure (last weekend before the Manchester ISIS outrage on Monday night) of the full extent of Corbyn’s previous support of, and interaction with, IRA terrorism, will certainly have scuppered any credibility he might have had beforehand, when now the threat of terrorism in the UK is at the maximum level, wouldn’t you say?

What the Party manifestos found MOST important [in THEIR party’s view]?

CONSERVATIVES: BREXITEXIT single market & customs union but seek a comparable trade deal; NHS – increase spending; Immigration – cut net increase to 10s of thousands and penalise firms employing non-EU workers; Elderly – pay for own care if owning substantial assets (£100,000), limit automatic pension increase to that of UK inflation or wage rises; Education – scrap free school meals for infants but provide free breakfasts instead; Economy & Tax – further delay austerity’s deficit reduction/eradication for at least another 5 years, CUT corporation tax again, while personal tax allowances do also rise (including for the most well paid); Foxhunting (the one ‘critically’ important?) – MPs alone to be allowed to reintroduce the ‘sport’ (?) of chasing and killing of wild animals for fun [an activity apparently essential for the ‘survival’ of the endangered species of the horsey landed gentry?].

LABOUR: BREXIT – insist there MUST be some kind of ‘final deal’ struck with the EU, with MPs alone then being able to overturn the Referendum and scuttle Britain leaving the EU; NHS – increase funding, terminate previous pay cap, stop hospital car parking charges; Immigration – impose no controls whatsoever, everybody invited-in; Elderly – pension age to stick at 66, retain pension triple lock that includes a minimum 2½ increase annually, continue winter fuel allowance for all including the richest; Education –free school meals for all primary kids, reduction of class sizes for under 8s, bring to an end university tuition fees; Economy & Tax –remove deficit over 5 years, RAISE corporation tax, lower personal tax for some big earners and increase it for bigger earners do; Nationalisation (the one ‘critically’ important?) – bring back into public ownership the railways, water, royal mail [a commitment apparently essential for the ‘survival’ of the endangered species of the socialist working class?].

LIBERAL DEMOCRATS: BREXITREMAIN in single market & customs union, second Referendum on final deal being able to overturn the first Referendum and scuttle Britain leaving the EU; NHS terminate previous pay cap, improve mental healthcare to reach standard of physical; Immigration – promote the benefits and fund; Elderly – limit own payment for social care irrespective of owning substantial assets, retain pension triple lock that includes a minimum 2½ increase annually; Education – scrap free school meals for infants but provide free breakfasts instead; Economy & Tax – remove deficit over 3 years, REVERSE previous cuts in corporation and capital gains tax, increase income tax to pay for NHS and social care; Druggies (the one ‘critically’ important?) – support the afflicted by allowing them to legally buy drugs (well starting with cannabis to be exact) and then taxing the blighters for the privileged [a compassionate act apparently essential for the ‘survival’ of the endangered species of the idiot do-gooders of the middle classes?].

Well, well, well, no concern there then for PROMINANCE of the one thing that the British population would say was THE paramount problem worrying us all the most in recent years –TERRORISM?


[It may not be a normal British trait (“not in the blood”, as they say), but there could well be riots on the streets of the UK, if PM Theresa May proves to have conned the British people about BREXIT, so doesn’t fully extract us from the dreadful European Union’s clutches (or for that matter, ever even pays their despicable and criminal randsom demands which are aka the likes of those of the cyber attacker gangs, wouldn’t you say?)]


‘Morals’ – where the hell did it all go wrong?


Our lovely Britain is gone forever, hasn’t it? Yep, modern Britain, though it remains one of the richest countries in the world (indeed in terms of total wealth it has been certainly classified 5th richest behind the US, China, Japan and Germany), it just isn’t a patch on what it used to be, unfortunately?

It used to be an unspoilt land with widespread open spaces, and populated by an ambitious and exploratory (though often conquered, eh?) race, including amongst them not least the poor who were in general, reliable, genuine, salt of the earth, and very moral, people. All that has been blown away though by the hurricanes of so-called “progress”, don’t you think?

There was forest that was chopped down to provide wood for fuel, for building, for ships, for implements, for weapons, for furniture, for many other things and of course to clear land. There was woods full of wild flowers like bluebells and fruit like blackberries and apples, that had to go to provide housing estates. There was hamlet and village that needed to provide more homes for families so grew into small towns. There was country town abound with their weekly cattle markets that had to become commuter centres instead.

There was big town dotted around that had to provide employment so expanded massively or merged to become cities. There was large track of beautiful countryside everywhere that was needed to be blighted to create railways, roadways, and power distribution facilities. There was farmland chunks of  galore that were sequestrated to build factories, warehouses, military facilities, airports and all else.

There was so much house building on river flood-plain land and the concreting over of other ground that it has prevented rainwater being absorbed by the land, so that widespread flooding is a constant threat and indeed an eventuality in many many communities, isn’t it?

Please don’t misunderstand the issue here, will you? No, in the past things weren’t perfect by any means, and of course people weren’t perfect either, were they?

There was excessive audacious richness, that was more than matched though by extreme poverty which was there in spades. There was a life where most people didn’t have a lot, certainly didn’t own much of value, and where life could be hard & dangerous for many, couldn’t it? There was often a lack of work and adequate income, wasn’t there?

There was much bias, unfairness, discrimination, and injustice, but also much equity, tolerance, and common justice. There was at times hunger, starvation, and death, but at others food, sufficiency and births. There was disability, sickness, infections and sometimes also death devastating families, but recovery cures, and survival. There was disease, famine, and both natural as well as man-made catastrophes, to boot, met with astounding resoluteness and spirit. There was harshness and cruelty, but as well love and kindness – with the fear of God thrown-in into the bargain.

There was often sadness and sorrow, but equally matched with happiness and hope. There was strife and despair, but there was also charity and goodness. There was the moaner and good-for-nothing’er, but the praisers and the worthy in equal measure. There was the cruel and also the caring. There was the evil matched against the pious. There was the criminal intent offset by the dedicated benefactors. There was the greedy outnumbered by the generous. There was the city slums to compare with big houses on the hill.

There was the fit but also the infirm. There was the caring communities with a life of excitement and expectation at all levels of society, but also the despair and boredom for countless others. There was certainly an early death heading for some but enjoyment of longevity destined for others.

Nevertheless, even taking all that into account, things were much better in past times, even despite some of the major problems solved since and the higher living standards nowadays sustaining the majority. You see the simple life can regularly bring greater real ‘happiness’ than material wealth only (that so many nowadays seek?), possibly? Perhaps however, that is only the view of the elder more traditional generation, not used to a soft life, do you think?

Amongst the worse of the multitude of things that have combined to create the rot in our society, has been the abject loss of morals, wouldn’t you say? We are surrounded by it on a daily basis, so it is constantly in your face, isn’t it? The most upsetting spectacle is the most common encounter of a harassed weary tired looking worn-out young woman with two kids in tow and another obviously on the way, with no ring on the finger and not a male supportive partner in sight. Oh yes, one really shouldn’t jump to conclusions about that of course, but in the majority of cases one would be right, as one parent families, brought about by immorality, casual sex, disloyalty, and personal irresponsibility or stupidity, and not least human frailty, is these days as common as muck, wouldn’t you say?

Sexual impropriety and abusive sexual misbehaviour used to be the prerogative of the elite aristocracy of old, often at the expense of the poor – how positions have reversed, eh?

There may well not be just a single thing that has brought around this plethora of unmarried single mothers with their hoards of kids to nurture, often fathered by multiple absent men (more than matched of course by similar numbers of despicable males who beget multiple children leaving a variety of un-financially supported women, eh?), but there is certainly ONE major catalytic culprit, don’t you think? Yes, it is the bloody ‘contraceptive’ PILL no less, isn’t it?

Before the pill, (which many are still convinced ‘liberated’ women, when in fact and reality it has ‘enslaved’ them), our society was a much different place, wasn’t it. The concept of the pill was quite simple really, and that was to confuse a woman’s body into evaluating that it was pregnant ‘already’ and therefore use its built in mechanisms to stop getting pregnant a ‘second time’ – and the medical ‘break-through’ worked a treat, didn’t it?

Before that time, women were shit-scared of getting an unwanted pregnancy so avoided sex, particularly if they were unmarried and without a male partner to support her and a child, which also bought great shame on the entire family [however, there is no longer and such a thing as ‘shame’ in British society though, is there?]. Hence, young courting girls were successfully able to avoid boys’ nature desire for consensual sex by voicing their ‘unavoidable’ fear of pregnancy.

Courting young men were equally shit-scared of getting a girl pregnant, as it singled them out in the society of the day as a licentious waster or total useless plonker, and possibly would lead to an enforced marriage, or certainly at least community ridicule and expensive payments to support the child which would be enforced rigorously by the courts.

Now when the pill came in all that went by the board, didn’t it? Yep, males were able then to discount any responsibility for a woman getting pregnant, because it suddenly became HER duty solely not to get pregnant, didn’t it? Now furthermore, women had no valid excuse to say no to sex did they, and they didn’t, even the previously responsible ones.

Nowadays, the shameless cretins who do get a woman pregnant, consider it is a sign of their great virility and manhood so boast about it on the likes of Facebook, and take boundless pleasure in telling the World that they have got their way with multiple women, have left them with unsupported children, and have moved-on to fresh new pastures – and all without many of them having done a man-day’s work in their bloody lives (magic, eh?).

You see, our Country’s State Welfare system introduced after the War to provide a safety net for the struggling ‘few’ who have temporarily fallen on hard times, is now widely permanently abused by the ‘many’ – both men and women alike, who indulge in casual sex to create children without any trace of responsibility whatsoever amongst them.

We are currently handing out over twenty-one million pounds in child benefit alone and there are a growing number of over three thousand so called super-sized families with eight or more children milking it

We now live in a society where there are an entrenched group of people who believe or think, that the rest of the Community, made-up of strangers really, should be their providers, while they don’t need to bother at all to support themselves or their offspring and their chosen lifestyle (which often includes drinking, smoking and drugs, no less?), from cradle to grave, wouldn’t you say? Undeniably, we have whole families that live their entire lives without working, making a living, or earning a penny in the process, and moreover even never truly trying to. Abuse of a woeful Welfare State, that with the best will in the world, simply wanted to HELP its citizens, but NOT to become a way of life, surely?

Those people self-justify their sponging behaviour by convincing themselves that is just the State, without understanding that the State in reality just equals other People, doesn’t it?

For have for example the mid-thirties year old, renowned and dubbed, “shameless mum” living a lavish lifestyle in Liverpool, who is now onto child number 13, begat with 4 different fathers [the first 6 with two different men, then 6 with another, and now 1 with her current male love (who also has had another child elsewhere)], so she still pulls-in some forty or more thousand pounds in bumper benefits claims (equivalent say of £56,000-a-year salary), as well as being provided with substantial accommodation by the council for her brood (and 5 dogs) – well, she learned to milk the system early as she became a single mum at age just 17 while living in a homeless hostel in Kent, didn’t she? [A few years ago, when actually married, they reportedly actually brought in £60,000 a year with benefits, because they managed to dodge the £26,000 per year benefits cap].

She has  willingly previously admitted that she’d spent £1,300 on birthday presents for her son’s sixth birthday – which included a petrol quad bike with a personalised number plate costing £500, plus a bouncy castle for £650, as she likes to make her children feel ‘truly special’, you see?! The other year they took a £7,000 taxpayer-funded jaunt to Menorca, Spain, as well?

Your money well spent, do you think? Her view though is that the rest of us who don’t like it can ‘get stuffed’, as she is just taking what the government (YOU) are prepared to give her eh?

She is nevertheless just one of at least ten households here that claim child benefit for 13 or more children.

ALL romantic relationships have their ups and downs, but a married couple is expected to take the rough with the smooth, aren’t they? You see, marriage is a legally binding contract like EVERYTHING else deemed IMPORTANT in our society. Indeed, a contract applies in many if not most aspects of our lives (written, verbal, or implied, although we often don’t realise it, eh?) – even like the most basic of things like food shopping, as well?

However, that applecart has been well and truly overturned by the do-gooders of the past who some fifty years ago insisted that divorce should be made easy-peasy – before then, it was extremely difficult because there had to be PROOF of unfaithfulness or the grounds of desertion, drunkenness, or insanity.

Nowadays, a coach and horses is driven through even the ‘intended’ law restrictions, so it is virtually divorce by demand, isn’t it? Yep, so consequently Britain has the HIGHEST divorce rate in Europe, and there are well over a hundred-thousand of them every bloody year – oh yes, the numbers are certainly falling, but that isn’t actually good news, BECAUSE the single reason for that, is that the number of new marriages is falling at an even greater rate, you see?

Unbelievably, some 45% of first marriages head for the divorce court, while even (should have known better?) some 30% of second marriages also go to the wall. Is that really what the do-gooders intended, eh?

This whole situation arises where apparently, it is ‘cool’ to cohabit (it used to be called “living in sin”, didn’t it?) , instead of making the commitment of marriage – so cohabiting couple families (so with no contract in place) are now the fastest expanding family type, so the one-parent families abound is compounded by that, surely? [It seems that cohabiting couples are twice as likely to split-up than married ones].

There are about nineteen million families in the UK and some three-and-a half million of them are cohabiting couple families, as well as another two million lone parent families. Is it any wonder then that nearly 40% of births occur ‘outside’ marriage, with many of those kids probably heading for a broken home – in our Nation of broken families, last year there were some four million (or one in three children) in that category, indeed? [Children from broken homes are said to be ten-fold more likely to commit crimes].

Another sad consequence of all this, in conjunction with our loose morals, is the dreadful number of abortions carried out on women and girls. They have been going up for a decade and are at a five-year high now, so close to two-hundred thousand a year.

You see the blessed ‘Liberal’  do-gooders, again of half a century ago, against heated debate, brought-in an Abortion Act to supposedly ‘save’ lives lost by use of backstreet abortionists. Well, it hasn’t helped matters in that way very much has it, as such illegal abortions actually cost the lives of very few females then because mortalities were rare, not least since many so called ‘back-street abortions were actually carried out ‘illegally’ by ‘skilled professional’ nurses and doctors using surgical instruments in sterile conditions? Nowadays many women lose their lives not in abortion operations but in consequential suicide, instead?

It is a ‘disguised’ (and disgusting)  fact that abortion (against the original intention) is in reality ‘available on demand’, it is said so that a woman can control her own body – which obviously doesn’t seem to have actually happened when she copulated with a man to create a new life, which we now allow her to terminate willy-nilly, almost up to the moment of the birth of a viable child. You see it is not deemed to be a child until it is born, it has no rights, so it can simply be erased, as just another method of late contraception, eh?

If the baby was in fact born even for a second, killing it would be a dastardly murder, wouldn’t it? Heigh ho!, some forty percent of abortions are carried out on women who have already had 1 or more abortions – that is their “right-to-choose”, you see?

The loss of any kind of sexual morality in this wonderful Country of ours, has been relentlessly driven forward by a despicable out of control and unregulated media with the so called entertainment outlets of Cinema, Theatre, TV, Social media, and Internet, with their utterly shocking and obscene outpourings, that have totally undermined all forms of respectability and moral perception here (particularly amongst the young and impressionable) in our society, wouldn’t you say?


[Can anything be done now about this Country’s decent into the basement of  abysmal morals? Unfortunately NOT – regrettably the evil genie is out of the bottle these days, and it won’t go back in will it, eh? Other countries beware!]

Any comments appreciated

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Deepest sympathy to all Becky’s family and total respect for the way they have conducted themselves throughout this dreadful time. [submitted 2015]


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The main argument is being “blurred” by this idea of the weapons being given up. A political leadership that orders the use of chemical weapons in the first place is the problem, rather than “the ingredients themselves”. The world can supposedly have Assad’s chemical weapons providing we do no more than grumble about it! Surely military action is the only real way to show rogue states that the use of such weapons will not be tolerated?

How sad that we so easily sidestep the fact that killing innocent civilians is barbaric in any form, and rather than addressing this about his regime we consider it ok to just ask Assad if he would “please kill his enemies using conventional means.” How truly awful for those who have no choice but to live in his country and receive no help whatsoever from the rest of the world. [submitted 2013]


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What the heck have the politicians done to us and our Country? Bus Deregulation  [posted 2013]

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BREXIT: Britain IS leaving the ‘European Union’ – but a DIVORCE?

unionjack yinyang2

Well, just over ten months ago, the whole of the United Kingdom voted in a referendum and made a historic decision at last to leave the EU – the first country EVER to do so. One of the biggest drivers for that was the glaring fact that that democracy challenged outfit could not be persuaded to alter course and make essential fundamental change, don’t you think?

Our deluded prime Minister of the time, Conservative David Cameron, knew quite well what the British people wanted ‘reformed’, and thought he could get it done but he was wrong, wasn’t he? He was given short shrift by the powerful unelected EU bureaucrats, and they sent him off with a flea in his ear, didn’t they?

So, he came back from Europe with his tail between his legs, but braved-out lying to the voters here, that he had been ‘successful’ in his negotiations, when country-wide they saw through that subterfuge, didn’t they? [Much like Neville Chamberlain‘s “Peace for our time” declaration to the nation on returning from Germany clutching an agreement signed by Adolf Hitler – war was declared in less than a year, wasn’t it?].

Not only that, but while the bulk of his government (the personal career conscience, eh?), went along with his trick, there were a few significant figureheads amongst those who put ‘Country first’, so told the Country that “the Emperor had no clothes”. Actually then, HE was the one ‘unfit for his position, stupid, & incompetent’, and he has paid the price with his job and reputation, hasn’t he? Certainly, and good riddance, perhaps?

However, there was a long 9-month delay in our new PM Theresa May being able to ‘formally’ inform the EU that the UK was leaving, which has to be done on giving “notice” by triggering the Lisbon Treaty’s Article 50, as notification to the European Council of our intention to withdraw, and so negotiate an agreement on our future ‘relationship’ with the EU.

The sole reason for that of course was down to the overriding arrogance, unbelievable irresponsibility, and utter incompetence of one man, the said ‘David Cameron’, who had naively convinced himself that he was omnipotent with IRRESISTABLE persuasive power over the people, so stupidly had instructed ALL others (Government Ministers & Civil Service alike) NOT to have ANY action plans or contingency ‘fall-back’ processes, to deal with the consequences of a Referendum vote in favour of BREXIT – but that happened, didn’t it? [some would have it that when it happened that “it wos Facebook that won it”].

That whole scenario is precisely why May has had to spend all those months since, simply to create the necessary plans, procedures and structure to be able to START the required negotiations with the EU, isn’t it? Meanwhile THEY who are at the heart of the EU bureaucratic machine have been plotting to ‘make the UK pay’ for our impudence, haven’t they?

Similarly to Cameron, the other major political parties, like Labour, LibDems and SNP have sleepwalked into it all, and had ignored the possibility of a Leave vote so got caught out, hence they now want to ignore the will of the people, and maintain as far as possible the ‘existing relationship’ with the EU, don’t they?

Yep, for a start they want Britain to retain membership of the Single Market. That would mean of course that we would continue to be ‘governed’ by the EU, doesn’t it? Yes, but wasn’t that exactly what the people have voted against, eh?

You see, being in that Market would mean we have to continue to accept EU law and regulations (including ALL new ones), we would not be allowed to make trade deals with other countries (like America or China), our courts would remain subservient to the European Court, the level of immigration would stay put at ‘uncontrolled’ (as free movement would have to continue), and additionally the UK would still have to pay a substantial membership fee to the EU for the privilege, eh? (when we import MORE from them that they take as exports from us). All that then, so actually the only difference would be that Britain could no longer have a say in anything about those regulatory matters – now, that is what they are calling ‘soft BREXIT’ but it isn’t in reality leaving the EU is it, which is what we voted for, isn’t it?

Their fallback position is to make sure that the negations go badly, thereby enforce another ‘second chance’ referendum to get the deal rejected by the public, and so halt in its tracks our departure, no less?

That division and discord amongst the British politicians with their spoiling tactics is gruel to the mill of the EU powerful elite bureaucrats, isn’t it? Oh yes, so they started early to try to take this Country to the cleaners and rip us off financially, commencing with abusive rhetoric threatening harsh punishment for our wilfulness in wanting to flee their nest.

Now many of us in this Country believe that the EU is going down the pan anyway – and in Brussels they innately fear the same thing as well, don’t they? Hence, they want to deter other counties from jumping ship, by ensuring the UK doesn’t leave on good terms – even if that is actually very damaging to others in the EU and indeed the EU itself.

Well, PM Theresa May is up to their game, and that is why she has called a snap General Election, isn’t it? She well knows that Labour and the minor parties are in disarray, so she fully expects to get a landslide victory (which she will because the BREXIT favouring majority (including even traditionally Non-Tory voters) will vote Conservative simply because they trust her alone to deal firmly with the EU in negotiations and prevent us being stitched-up – even having an ‘unwanted’ Conservative government for the next five years, is for many a price worth paying for the future of their children and grandchildren, outside of the EU , isn’t it?

The European autocrats set their stall out when they started out by saying that the UK would have to financially pay some €50 BILLION in a “divorce’ settlement BEFORE any other matter was even discussed (like say a trade agreement or residency rights). That has subsequently been escalate by leaks (?) to €75 billion, and most lately €100 billion, hasn’t it? Yes, because they imagine that is a good ploy to demand a lot and to then negotiate down to a substantial sum.

What they don’t seem to understand is the Britain is NOT and never has been MARRIED to the EU, whatever analogy is in place. For a start in this Country marrying another 27 others would be ILLEGAL and is called bigamy, isn’t it? Moreover, the EU, which is simply a members CLUB, is NOT a dependant of the UK – who has ever heard of having a financial liability to one’s football supporters club, golf club, political party, sports club, book club, or anything else for that matter (to cover future staff salaries, pension, or developments, eh?). All the EU’s liabilities, like ALL business liabilities, have to be funded out of annual current incomes , and not on potential future income (otherwise a company or organisation is declared “bankrupt”. isn’t it?

The procedure to leave the EU is quite simple and set-out by treaty in Article 50 in 5 short paragraphs and there is absolutely NO PROVISION for ANY financial settlement whatsoever, is here? [Although, it also mentions another article (Article 218 (3), but that solely concerns the negotiation process and doesn’t invoke any financial implications]

May has already said that “no deal is better than a bad deal” and she is absolutely right, don’t you think? Most of us hopes that she sticks with that, and doesn’t let the Country down, as her predecessor did.

From the outset, she has to make it plain that while we will pay our dues while we remain a member of the EU, that we will not pay them a penny afterwards. Of course we want to remain a free trading partner with a special relationship and friendly ally of the EU, but NOT be part of it, nor CONTROLLED by it in any manner, or way.

There is certainly NO legal basis for the EU demanding a financial settlement from the UK simply because we have told them we are leaving (as permitted in the Treaty), and the powers that be there, know that full well – so it is even more surprising then that they publically are trying to pull that stunt, isn’t it?

The opinion voiced here in these blogs before, is that the EU (consisting of twenty-seven other countries) will be incapable of agreeing any kind of ‘acceptable’ deal with Britain on our departure, so we need to accept that at the outset, and prepare ourselves to continue with our same trading links under World Trade Organisation rules (just remember that many many small UK companies already have long standing ‘strong’ relationships with customers in the EU and they fully expect that to continue, don’t they?). That WTO trading arrangement (dating from 1994 and embracing most of the World – consisting of some 164 member states and including the EU countries), will cost the European companies MORE to import their stuff to us, than it will cost OUR companies to export our goods to them, won’t it? So that is no disaster as the BREXIT deniers would have, is it? Meanwhile, in the absence with a free trade agreement with the EU, we can get into other major expanding markets to replace a progressively shrinking one, can’t we, eh? That’s a double whammy, surely?


[However much it might stick in their craw, many people now will be switching their vote to the Conservative candidate on June 8th General Election to get a clean FULL BREXIT, it would seem?]


On-message Labour trounced in Council elections – blame the messenger?


[BBC : Taking account of boundary changes]

Conservatives: GAINED 562 councillors     GAINED 11 Councils

Labour:              LOST       382 councillors    LOST  6 Councils

LibDems:           LOST     41 councillors       LOST  0 Councils

UKIP:                  LOST     145 councillors     LOST  0 Councils

Councils gone to NOC:                                     DOWN  1 Councils

Results from: all 88 COUNCILS  [34 in England, 22 in Wales, 32 in Scotland]

(Labour lost Glasgow for the 1st time in 40 years and slump to 3rd place in Scotland. SNP lost a little ground but remain the largest party, Labour lost nearly half their seats, LibDems lost a few seats, but the Tories nearly doubling theirs to take second slot)

UPDATED Time: 6pm 5th May 2017


As many of us knew would happen, Labour’s support in the 2017 Local elections leaked like a sieve, didnt it? That is not because Labour councils have failed to deliver, not because its councillors are rubbish, not because their policies are flawed, is it? No, it is simply because the leader of the Labour party is Jeremy Corbyn, isn’t it?

Now, most people think that Corbyn is a genuine nice bloke with his heart in the right place, but they don’t want him and his ultra-left-wing cronies running things in this Country, do they? No, so they are taking it out for a start on Labour councillors, and Labour MPs will suffer a similar fate shortly, don’t you think?

Cleverly, PM Terresa May has called-for a snap General Election for early next month (in 34 days’ time) – to not only win it massively to gain a much-needed big majority in the House of Commons, and a proper mandate to negotiate BREXIT with the EU, but also timed it to expose the weakness of the current Labour party & its leader and so scupper it in these significant Council elections.

As has been said here before, Corbyn has thoughtlessly brought this catastrophe on himself, because he had it in his power to stop May in her tracks by simply refusing to agree to a General Election at this time, when it had been the Tories themselves who, for their own benefit, had brought in a 5-year fixed-term parliament, which we are barely two years into, indeed? But PRIDE overruled the HEAD when Labour acceded to Conservatives’ desire for an early election, didn’t it? And that just exposes the incompetence of the current Labour party, don’t you think.

It is said that the Council elections don’t predict the result of the General election – OK, but they are a bloody good taster nevertheless, don’t you think?

[Labour & LibDem & UKIP WIPEOUT on the cards, eh?]




Honours were WON by UKIP:

Conservative votes 34% – lost 335 seats lost control of 11 councils
Labour votes 21% – gained 291 seats gained control of 3 councils
UKIP votes 20% – gained 139 seats
LibDem votes 14% – lost 124 seats

North Korea conflict – an insolvable problem, other than war?


Korea location                                           US 100meg bomb radii on North Korea capital

London  New York

North Korean 15meg nuclear bomb radii on London or New York?

Now, North Korea is increasing in the news and figures prominently in the headlines, doesn’t it? Yep, and for all the wrong reasons as well, eh? Basically, it is all looking like another Korean war in the making, and increasingly impending one, don’t you think?

Now, what most people in this Country don’t realise that North Korea is a belligerent warmongering outfit that is technically ‘still at war’ with South Korea, and has been so for the past sixty-four years since an armistice was signed (without a peace treaty), to halt the horrific 3 years of fighting following North Korea’s invasion of the South in an attempt to re-establish a single Korea country [Its partition had resulted from its division between Russia and America of the Japanese spoils after WW2].

Many other countries got dragged-into that so called “Forgotten War” on the behalf of the some half a million troops of South Korea – UN Command, USA (some third-of-a-million troops), UK (some 15 thousand troops), together with Canada, Turkey, Australia, Ethiopia, Philippines, New Zealand, Thailand, Greece, France, Columbia, Belgium, South Africa, Netherlands, Luxembourg – while on the side of the North Korea’s troops of one-and-quarter-million, there was just two – China (over a-quarter-million troops) and the Soviet Union (twenty-five thousand troops).

Despite the massive two-and-a half-million casualties in total, the conflict ended in a stalemate, so hence the ongoing uneasy and unstable truce. Even that itself is jeopardised though by North Korean current Leadership ‘s undisguised pugnaciousness, extreme threatening rhetoric, unbridled & unabated ambitions to finally secure the South, its sheer utter determination to become a fully-fledged nuclear power possessing nuclear weapons of mass destruction, and also finally complete the development of the means of delivery of them using inter-continental missiles, don’t you think? That course of action is strictly against international law of course, but has not yet been halted by the inadequate United Nations or Western intervention, has it?

Well, while the South have waited fearfully and apprehensively, the North have also developed a frightening ‘conventional forces’ capability with one of the largest ground forces in the World, including at least ¾ million frontline troops, 4½ million active reservists, 5 thousand tanks, 4 thousand AF Vehicles, 2¼ thousand SP Guns, 4 ¼ thousand Towed Artillery, and 2½ thousand ML Rocket Systems, nearly 1 thousand Aircraft, and 1 thousand Naval Ships.

IF, and as it stands, WHEN this is topped-up within the next few years with a ‘fully deliverable’ nuclear arsenal, they will be fully insured against any military defeat locally. Furthermore, they will be able to certainly wipe out South Korea’s close-by capital Seoul with a nuclear warhead, land one on Japan, probably reach the UK, and or even perhaps America if they succeed in progressing to a capability of launching nuclear missiles from their submarines fleet, eh?

In such circumstances the US in particular are not going to wait-by patiently until the sword of Damocles is fully fashioned, and hanging over its head by a single hair, to put the World in constant fear, are they? And neither should the UK, do you think? The West needs, and must, do something about it and quick, surely?

However, it seems unlikely that a pre-emptive military attack with conventional missiles by the West could destroy ALL of Nortrh Korea’s nuclear arsenal or capability, as it has taken all imaginable measures to hide and protect those facilities of war, haven’t they? Now furthermore, it is almost certain than in the event of an attack on their nuclear capability North Korea would respond, but that would most likely be to retaliate against South Korea and the permanently-based some thirty-thousand American troops there, wouldn’t it?

Whether or not North Korea would risk a direct nuclear strike against the South’s capital Seoul (which indeed is easy striking distance), is questionable as that would certainly provoke the USA to wipe out their leader and entre regime itself – but the civilian consequences would be immense of course, as it was in Japan with the only atomic-bomb use that the World has suffered. Now, whether China or Russia would then feel the need to also get involved is a moot point, because at the same time as the rest of us they also want to stop the North Korean Kim dynasty’s Supreme leader of 3 years, Kim Jong-un, from continuing on his current course, don’t they?

A dozen years ago North Korea agreed to scrap all existing nuclear weapons and nuclear production facilities, but mislead everyone and instead has conducted another 4 nuclear tests – the last and most powerful just last September.

No sane or logical leader would so openly defy international will to further pursue the course that this megalomaniacal Kim has charted for his country on nuclear & missile developments, but all the evidence is that he is neither of sound mind nor straight-thinking, is he? No, so the outcome of these matters takes-on the mantle of an unpredictable future and poses a grave threat & risk of major conflict, don’t you think?

Now, you might wonder just how the hell have things reached such a perilous state, where the World could really be on the verge of a nuclear War that well might wide out us all? Well, it is because the UN talking-shop is a toothless non-entity, and weak leadership in the USA & Europe has allowed it to happen (not least because bloody-useless President Barrack Obama in ten years did sod-all about anything let alone North Korea, did he?). However, new President Donald Trump says “North Korea is a problem” and that he “is going to sort it”, so many of us think that Kim Jong needs to start to believe it, eh?

You see the big problem world powers face is that sometimes of doing NOTHING has much worst consequences than the unpalatable repercussions of taking action – as we have seen countless times in history and that would include in the most recent period of keeping our powder dry on Syria and that has resulted in a 6-year civil war, in massacres and state genocide, in practically its destruction, in massive civilian casualties, in embroiling Russia as a combatant and in in military activity, causing extreme tensions with the USA & UK, in providing a platform for the Islamic terrorist organisation ISIS, and in an ongoing worldwide refugee crisis that has already crippled Europe and drowned many thousands of fleeing men, women, and children, hasn’t it?

Last month, as a warning, Trump moved a naval strike force of super aircraft carrier & warships to the Western Pacific and into the waters off the Korean peninsula, plus a guided missile submarine docked at the South Korean naval base. Just last week the US has taken controversial protective action in defence of South Korea (at some substantial cost), by installing, commissioning, and making operational, a sophisticated missile defence system [The Terminal High Altitude Area Defence system (Thaad)], capable of detecting and destroying missiles in mid-flight – China are not happy to have that facility siting on their doorstep, are they?

Also, this week the US air force conducted a ‘show-of-force’ training exercise (in conjunction with South Korea and Japan), by deploying a pair of strategic supersonic bombers flying over the peninsula

There is some hope that China will at last make a stand, and apply pressure to reign-in Jong’s and North Korea’s aggressive ambitions. You see Korea is not an island as many people seem to think, but it is part of the Southeast Asia mainland, with North Korea actually bordering China (a river border nearly a thousand miles long) – and China certainly doesn’t want trouble on one of its borders, does it?

In the past China and North Korea have had a very good neighbourly relationship, but that has certainly cooled in recent years, as has its cooperation and assistance on defence. However, the Chinese had in the past delivered significant foreign aid direct to North Korea, as well as being its major trading partner (providing at least half of its imports and being a market for nearly half its exports as well – all totally in excess of five billion pounds’ sterling).

However, China has apparently just recently ended financial aid to North Korea and also restricted coal imports from it for this year (when coal is that nation’s top export). In the past China had also severed its links with its foreign exchange banks.

The Chinese would be extremely unlikely to support any incursion by the North into the South.

[Some twenty years after the North Korea’s invasion of the South, and the resulting bloody war, they wanted to try again when Kim’s grandfather was still at the helm, but that plan was quickly scotched by the Chinese at the time, wasn’t it?].

Things are so much on thin ice now that apparently, the mega rich and resource abundant of America (particularly the smart-arses of the technical world and the like, who you would expect to know better, eh?) are on a mission to be ‘survivors’ in the event of a nuclear attack or war and consequentially the meltdown of civilisation. It is called Survivalism. To those afflicted it’s like apocalypse insurance (or perhaps that should be ‘assurance’?).

As well as buying stocked underground bedrock bunkers with air-filtration equipment to outlast the rest of us after a doomsday nuclear bomb, they are also snapping up far of islands and remote safe (?) areas as escape havens, and equipping them with self-sufficiency equipment like solar panels and generators (just where they think they will get the necessary running oil from, is anyone’s guess?), together with protective equipment like gas masks and the like. [Some sados are even undertaking corrective laser eye-surgery in case Specsavers is blown to smithereens, eh?]

One purpose built survival condo structure is designed to sustain 70 people for five years, eh?

For the less extreme, that would include also building safe rooms to avoid the descent into chaos following civil unrest, weather natural disasters like an earthquake or epidemic, or undetected terrorist actions like detonation of a dirty bomb – somewhere to hole-up for a year with its own supplies of food & water.

What these over-rich idiots don’t seem to know is that you don’t get any siren warning that a nuclear missile is on its way, and even if you were in the know, it doesn’t carry a destination display on the front, so there is no way of knowing where it is targeted and will explode, is there? Also, one needs to understand what actually happens when it goes off and how far its effects are, don’t you?

Now since the two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan 72 years ago this evil nuclear technology has moved on apace, so the original devastating 20kilotons airburst explosive power has become an estimated 100megatons (so FIVE THOUSAND TIMES MORE POWERFUL, good god!).

The first thing that happens on detonation is of course the explosive blast-wave, which causes most of the devastation with its ‘stronger than a hurricane’ wind instantly flattening much in its path for some 4 miles and travelling faster than the speed of sound (so you won’t hear it coming but EVERYBODY that close will be killed, eh); the ongoing air blast wave then continues, but at up to half power, for a further further 2½ miles (with the collapse of most residential buildings and widespread fatalities), so say 6 ½ miles in total; that all is accompanied by the ‘Flash’ of thermal radiation which locally causes a fireball traveling as far as 1½ miles (horrific and causing temporary blindness , retina burns, and fires naturally ), matched with severe radiation reaching 2 miles (likely to kill the majority of people it encounters, when death is very likely and can range from hours to weeks); other thermal radiation levels extend to over 20 miles (causing pain nerve destruction, 3rd degree burns to all layers of the skin, severe scarring, disablement and amputations). Then of course there is the problem that the area matter is rendered radioactive with also a large amount of radioactive dust released into the environment and spreading its contamination indiscriminately far and wide, eh?

In basic summary then, large urban areas are completely levelled, in others most civilian buildings are destroyed, and further out moderately damaged, private and public transport is crushed, immediate fires, burns experienced  at third degree level, lethal doses or acute levels of radiation delivered, and wide further  contamination.

Now, anybody of sound mind, who happens to be within twenty miles or so, of a strike from one of the latest nuclear missiles, would chose to be at the epicentre of the explosion, don’t you think? At least you wouldn’t know anything at all about it or your demise, would you? The further you are away, you can expect a horrific painful and possibly long lingering death, can’t you?

In a future full nuclear war engagement, there won’t be one single warhead but multiple ‘’targeted’ ones at that, even from a single missile, won’t there? That is a known fact, and not a pie in the sky prediction, isn’t it?

Those silly money amassed individuals who think that their normally un-spendable quantity of money can allow them to escape the worst consequences of the world we live in, that us others poorer others can’t avoid, are living in cloud cuckoo land, don’t you think? Perhaps, they could better spend their unused wealth on ensuring any such conflicts are avoided, and so then get-on with their indulgent lives without the burden of constant fear and survivalism, that the rest of us enjoy every day anyway , eh?


[North Korea seems determined to hold the World to nuclear ransom, so the most likely outcome is war, conventional or nuclear, so we need to face-up to it , surely?]

President of France ‘Marine Le Pen’ [Front National] – unthinkable?


Traditionally, we lot in Britain don’t pay much heed to what is happening in France or occurring election-wise there over the channel, do we? No, not least because it is a country full of the French who insist in talking French instead of English when we visit, they deliberately always have a different time to us (CET 1 or 2 hours ahead of GMT), they have a strange, incomprehensible, convoluted, complex, electoral system with a plethora of political parties, they have meaningless unheard of nobody leaders [apart from Napoleon Bonaparte and Charles de Gaulle (who will ever remember current president François Hollande, eh?)], they don’t have a king or queen, they have a track record of shipping us crap wine, they never play by the rules, they constantly thwart us at the EU, they beat us too often at football, they hate us British because we saved them in the war, without warning they keep striking, demonstrating, blocking roads & ferries & airports, and moreover they are a long way away (some 20 miles, as far as London to Eton, indeed?).

However, this time it is different, isn’t it? Yes, it is an election that is internationally captivating, because the World has changed, hasn’t it? Yes, Britain is at long last leaving the European Union. Donald Trump, an inexperienced unfathomable and possibly unstable guy with no political experience, has been duly elected President by the American people and to be leader of the free world. Religious obsessed terrorists abound in our very midst everywhere, determined to indiscriminately eliminate as many innocents amongst us as possible to earn an imagined place in their heaven. A North Korean nutcase is on the verge of creating a major war, if not indeed a world and perhaps nuclear one. Britain has another female Prime Minister (despite suffering Maggie Thatcher for 13 years), who notwithstanding repeated denials, has unexpectedly called a snap General Election for June 8th.

It is in this environment that France is holding a Presidential election now, and the French people were choosing one from a gaggle of previous nobodies. Their convoluted process has been going on for quite some time now, but finally they had a BIG election do last Sunday to eliminate the bulk of the remaining no-hopers, to end up with just 2 candidates standing, and ready to square-up and fight to a final knock-out in just a week’s time (Sunday May 7). Now it is a strange interesting pair squaring up to each other though, isn’t it? Yep.

Coming out from one corner we have Emmanuel Macron of En Marche, not even a party but a centrist political movement that he founded last year, specifically it would seem simply to provide a platform to stand in this election? If elected he would become the youngest French President for some 200 years (that would be since the French revolution’s Napoleon). Furthermore, as an ex-civil servant and ex-investment banker he seems to be a totally quite inadequate & inexperienced politician and the closest he has got to elected office has been by being socialist President Hollande’s political financial advisor, before being appointed as Finance Minister by him & his socialist Prime Minister Valls. With NO current representation, whatsoever in the French parliament, it is extremely unlikely then, that he will have very much say on the way that France is run (that is controlled by the National Assembly, you see?). So, he is likely to be an ‘arbitrator’ rather than a political power (as was de Gaulle’s original ‘intention’ when he established the current Constitution some sixty years ago), don’t you think? Apparently, the most likely outcome of French June elections this summer, is a majority for the right-wing or a coalition, neither of which would support Macron, and so he would be scuppered as far as running things go, eh?

From the other corner comes lawyer and politician Marine Le Pen of the nationalist hard-right Front National (FN), a party founded some 45 years ago by her father (Jean-Marie Le Penn, media nicknamed the “Devil of the Republic”) of who she is the youngest daughter. That certainly used to be a toxic, unelectable, explicitly ultra-right-wing party, full of bigots & racists, but since she took over from her father, half a dozen years ago, she has distanced it from that and turned it around, kicked-out the racists, and in 2015 even ditched her own jackass racist father from the party for reiterating seemingly anti-Semitic comments he made about the Nazi Holocaust gas chambers. [She stepped-down ‘for now’ a week ago to fight the election].

What will it mean to us in the UK which of these two contenders wins the French Presidency, then? Well, Le Pen is the one who could do us most good and be a helpful ally as we try to negotiate a good deal on BREXIT, because she supports our voters’ decision to leave the European Union. Indeed, she isn’t in favour of France itself being in the EU or using the euro, nor being in the Schengen Area with its scrapped border controls [temporarily suspended in France over the past two years due to the terrorist attack in Paris, whence a state of emergency was declared. Britain and Ireland have maintained ‘opt-outs’ from that of course]. She has moved the party’s position away from that of her father’s days demonizing ‘far-right’, so is much less right-wing now, and potentially is electable.

Well, the maverick candidate Macron with no party structure at all to support him, surprisingly is always the one riding highest in the polls (20+ points ahead), and at the bookies as well, but as someone who has gone out of his way to emphasise his claim that he is neither left or right (despite previously having been in the lefty PS party for years (and indeed held a Ministerial post in its government!), many see him as becoming a lame-duck president from the outset, don’t they?

Now that must put populist Le Penn’s name more in the frame (though the polls don’t show it?), because she is certainly anything but a ‘wishy-washy’ politician, is she? However, she nevertheless has a similar, albeit lesser, problem in controlling the lower house of parliament, as her party doesn’t have control of that assembly of 577 seats either, and under the current bizarre French mad voting system doesn’t seem likely to win more than a gaggle of seats, does she? [The FN currently hold only 2 seats which they gained with 0.35% of the vote in June 2012, but in the more recent local council elections a couple of years ago they did well, winning 14 city councils, but ended-up with just a few percent of the seats (Le Penn herself has been a regional councillor for seven years) – but also in the last EU elections (2014) they pulled-in twenty-five percent of the votes and secured the most seats (the FN won 23 seats out of 74 compared to only 3 the five years previously, eh?]. Le Penn is also a MEP herself and has been so for almost a decade – notably she has been ranked as the second-most influential MEP in the European Parliament (just behind its President himself).

Macron, as the polls correctly predicted, clearly won the first-round last Sunday (by less than 3 points), but in France’s previous direct presidential elections that hasn’t always translated into a win in the second round, has it?

However, Le Pen was winning large areas of the country, especially in the north and southeast, but has got only a week now to dent Macron’s massive 20-point poll lead. However, there is widespread discord within the country because of the poor state of the economy and its high unemployment level which is in about double figures, indeed double that of Germany and above even the likes of Latvia and the other poorest EU states.

Le Penn does have massive support amongst the young (it is the most popular party among French citizens ages under 34), and her stances on big issues like  increasing security, on drastically reducing immigration, on reinstituting border controls, on the reintroduction of the franc currency, on containing Islam, on opposition to free trade (advocating ‘protectionism’ as a middle way forward), on opposition to Macron style globalism, being against privatisations (like the post office – with consequential closures particularly in rural areas; and like social security), and on allowing government borrowing at low interest rates, certainly does appeal to the valid anxieties of the French people on terrorism, the failing economy, and the rapidly rising national debt, whence her vision of a strong, protective and strategist state,could dramatically swell her support this week, don’t you think? We will see next week, won’t we?

In the recent past, some major political opinion Polls have been widely WRONG, haven’t they? Yep, for example for BREXIT it was said that Remain were 8½ % ahead but they LOST; in the last UK general election they said it would be a hung parliament but the Conservatives WON by 6½ %; in the US Presidential election it was said that Clinton would take it easily by 5% but Trump actually WON, didn’t he?


[Can Marine Len Pen really still beat the favourite Emmanuel Macron (termed an ‘acceptable’ candidate to the supporters of all the eliminated others) to be President of France (perhaps his real support will prove flaky?), and so she confound the polls, when the very  fact is that in the first round over fifty percent of the French voted for other people than the remaining pair, or will she be trounced like her father was in a landslide vote (82% v 18%) fifteen years ago, eh?]

Arsenal Manager Arsène Wenger – on the way out? UPDATED

Updated 27 April

Arsenal are in the FA Cup Final AGAIN, and will face Chelsea at Wembley Stadium in just a month’s time. Of course, Arsenal have won before what has become the most iconic of all football competitions, which is the oldest recognised football tournament in the world. It will be their third final in the last 4 years and they won the Cup on those two other occasions. In the last twenty years Arsenal have won it 6 times and been runners-up 2 times. That comes on top of being runners-up 2 times in the League Cup.

In the incredible English Premier League, which statistically and exciting-wise is the best domestic league in the world [ahead of the top-class Bundesliga (Germany), and possibly the most dominating La Liga (Spain)?] – as it is the hardest to win, and is so dramatic & unpredictable. In the past twenty years, Arsenal have won it 2 times, been runners-up 6 times, come third 5 times and fourth 6 times. They have also in that time ALWAYS finished higher in the Table than their arch North London rival Tottenham Hotspurs, haven’t they?

So furthermore, Arsenal have an unblemished record in consistently securing a ‘lucrative’ European competition place in these last 20 ‘consecutive’ seasons, whence in the Champions League in those 20 years they have been runners-up once, reached the quarter finals four times, and in addition been in the last sixteen seven times in the last 7 years alone (out of nine times overall).

Arsenal are a team that consistently play very very good entertaining football and indeed on their day they can beat ANY club team in the world – but they currently have an unfortunate trait in that they equally can also sometimes lose to ANY club team in the world!

Now, in all that time their manager has been Frenchman Arsène Wenger and despite that substantive record, a group of fans have decided that he is a rubbish manager now, ‘lost the place’ as the saying goes, and needs to be replaced by someone else better, so that the Club can finally win the Premier League ‘again’ [the last of their 2 wins under Wenger was 13 years ago)]. However, only 4 other teams have won the Title over the past decade – Man United, Man City, Chelsea (all three who have spent a fortune in transfers and wages), and lowly Leicester (albeit tellingly on only a shoestring budget).

Also, through diligent spending on players during Wenger’s period, Arsenal have almost uniquely maintained good financial stability and that has been achieved despite building a major brand new stadium with the third-largest capacity in England on a different site (overall cost half a billion pounds, eh?), hasn’t it?

Last summer Arsenal did half a dozen transfers-IN, and that include the significant record signings of Granit Xhaka from Borussia Monchengladbach (Defensive Midfielder) and Shkodran Mustafi (Centre-Back) from Valencia

However, a few years ago, some attention-seeking cretin (a so call Arsenal supporter) started stirring-up trouble over Wenger, (for lack of recent sporting success?),  demanding that he be sacked by the owner, or be coerced by fan pressure to resign, as he was mismanaging the team (and despite the spend of  some £700millions during his tenure?. Like all uninhibited vitriolic rabblerousing mobs do, it has grown like Topsy over the years, causing trouble on the terraces, and demoralising the team on the pitch. All true supporters of a football team know that the more vocal encouragement they can give their players the better they will perform (and vice versa), and that is true in all sports, isn’t it?

At Arsenal those who have set out to undermining the manager, are prepared to blatantly ignore that very fact, so it is hardly surprising that the team’s performance has suffered this season, is it? If they don’t like the way the Club is being run they simply shouldn’t attend matches, rather than cause discord in the stands with their demonstrations, don’t you think?

As the trouble off the field has escalated, so has the players’ efforts on the pitch deescalated, and results have imploded since mid-December and they have only won three of the last 7 matches (Arsenal are currently only 6th in the Table while arch enemy rivals Spurs are still vying to win it, and with just six games to go, their chances of getting into the top 4 are slim and will heavily depend on Man U slipping up, so part of that will need to include beating them when they play at the Emirates stadium next month, won’t it?). However, It may well be that Arsenal’s best hope now of qualifying for Europe next year (though not in the top-table’s ‘Champions League’, but in the less glamorous UEFA Europa League), is as FA Cup winners through beating Chelsea in the Final, wouldn’t you say?

Even lifelong loyal Arsenal supporters are turning against Wenger because of recent results, and that is a shame, don’t you think? They should be careful for what they wish for though, because if Wenger goes (which is looking increasingly likely?) a new manager may not work out at all (even IF they get one of the high-profile guys on the world stage just now like Massimiliano Allegri or Thomas Tuchel, or even home grown Eddie Howe). You have got recent warning examples – like Man U who sacked their manager in favour of Louis van Gaal who cost a lot and spent a fortune (splashed the cash – a quarter of a BILLION pounds in underperforming signings alone), to achieve no better league results so was sacked himself after two seasons: like Liverpool who sacked their manager in favour of apparently high-powered Jurgen Klopp who has proved to be a bit of a flop and poor tactician so have little chance this season of the Title: like Man City who sacked their manager in favour of hiring the nicknamed ‘philosopher’ Pep Guardiola, talked-up as ‘the best in the world’, who after 6 months of this his debut season admitted he ‘maybe not good enough for the club’ (the project is not going as planned, is it?) – he has made poor buys (nearly £150 million squandered?), has replaced a solid goalkeeper with a novice by comparison, has tinkered endlessly, has made questionable team selections, whence the team has conceded the most goals in the top five except Liverpool (despite starting the season with 10 straight wins in a row!). They have lost to Arsenal twice this month (once in the Premiership and last Sunday in the semi-final of the FA Cup – so demonstrators want Wenger out, do they?).

Meanwhile, Chelsea under unfancied new boy Antonio Conte, ex-Italy manager at Euro 2016 (reached the quarter-finals), ex-manager Juventus (2011-2014), are in fact streaking ahead towards the Title.

Moreover, if Wenger is elbowed out of Arsenal those responsible should dwell on the fact that apparently, he has no intention of either giving-up club management, or leaving England, so they can fully expect him to be charge at another Premiership club and of being a thorn in Arsenal’s side that will certainly reduce their chances of securing the League crown next season, don’t you think? He won’t fancy taking over a relegation risk club or trying to get one promoted from the Championship, will he? No, but there are some quite big ‘well established’ clubs who might see him as a good fit perhaps, even it is after the start of the next season [like say Burnley or West Brom (but probably not West Ham, in light of its sleazy connections and today being under major investigation by the taxman, eh?)?


[Football is a sad old game these days; fans aren’t loyal to players or managers or clubs, players aren’t loyal to managers or clubs, managers aren’t loyal to players, clubs aren’t loyal to managers, and owners aren’t loyal to clubs or managers or players or fans – not like the old days when football was the most important thing and not money, eh?]

The pollsters keep getting it wrong and that seriously misleads the Country – time to rein them in?


This weekend the public have faced conflicting newspaper headlines about peoples voting intentions in this June’s UK General Election, as identified by major opinion polling organisations.

“Tory lead is slashed in half …. Bombshell MoS poll shows May plummeting by 11 points….denting hopes of landside”The Mail on Sunday (a Conservative Party supporting newspaper!). [Conducted by Survation: Conservative 40%/Labour 29%/LibDems 11%/UKIP 11%/Greens 2%].

“Tories now on 50%, highest level since 1991”Sunday Mirror (a Labour Party supporting newspaper!). [Conducted by ComRes: Conservative 50%/Labour 25%/LibDems 11%/UKIP 7%/Greens 3%].

Now these are directly conflicting, mutually exclusive, polling results, separated by just a day or two, so one or both MUST be wrong, surely? [So, MoS gives Tories just a 11% lead while the Mirror a massive 25% lead].

No doubt the pollsters responsible will say they have had different sample sizes and a different method of selecting the sample, but this difference is irreconcilable and cannot be simply explained by a normal ‘margin of error’, can it?

It is very strange as well that it is a Tory paper that says Labour’s chances are significantly on the up, and a Labour paper that says that the Tories are streaking ahead, don’t you think? Perhaps it is all a plan to give their opponents a false sense of security, eh?

Now, you might well wonder why what the pollsters say actually matters, perhaps? Well the short answer is that it indeed matters a lot, because politicians react to the polls and alter their policy, while many voters can also be swayed and influenced by the polls in how they subsequently cast their votes, can’t they? You see, there is a human trait to want to be in the ‘winning’ camp, or alternatively to switch allegiance and vote tactically to stop somebody winning, if the polls report that their preferred candidate simply can’t make it, or not bother to vote/switch their vote if their candidate is very far in the lead. Predictions can be, and have proven to be, inaccurate and may also be intentionally false, eh? (all that uncertainty simply contaminates the democratic election process, doesn’t it?

It is a fact that this year, of 44 published polls, the Tories averaged being ahead by 15 points and that has just increased to 18 points in the last few days since the snap election was agreed by parliament. A poll tracker shows the latest position as of 23 April being Con 44%/Lab26%/LD 11%/UKIP 10%/Green 4% [Tory lead 20%].

Now without doubt those polls will have influenced the Prime Minister in calling a snap election to receive a personal mandate, won’t they? Moreover, they will almost certainly influence what the Conservatives put in their manifesto which will now in all probability be annulling some previous manifesto commitments that got them elected in 2015 – like no longer retaining a triple lock on Old Age Pensions, and dropping a promise of not increasing VAT or National Insurance contributions, wouldn’t you say?

You see, in the back rooms of Westminster Conservative Campaign HQ, their calculators & spreadsheets are out to see what constraints they can drop and still get re-elected with an increased majority, aren’t they? At Labour’s Head Office in Westminster they will be analysing any move in the polls to determine the effectiveness of their challenge strategy, don’t you think? There can be no doubt that it is the published polls that shape the entire election process and campaign, surely?

When it comes to exit polls, it is actually a ‘criminal offence‘ here to publish, before a poll is closed, any statement about the way in which voters have voted in that election, where this statement is, or might reasonably be taken to be, based on information given by voters after they voted. This is certainly a most required requirement, but unbelievable in this Country no similar restriction applies BEFORE the poll starts and that allows the media to cynically manipulate the electorate during the campaign itself, and indeed on the very election day itself – why the hell is that, then?


The most glaring example of such a disgraceful interference in British elections, and a classic case of personal attack politics, has been the Rupert Murdoch Sun’s intervention on behalf of the Tories in 1992 with a major full front page headline of If Kinnock wins today will the last person to leave Britain please turn out the lights which almost certainly killed-off the chances of that Labour’s much fancied candidate for PM. The tabloid newspaper was the most popular in Britain and had much the biggest circulation at the time, and following its relentless campaign against him (finishing with his image imposed on a lightbulb) , it certainly swung things in favour of an unexpected victory for anointed (?) PM John Major (following the demise of PM Margaret Thatcher). They followed-up two days with later with a front-page headline boast of “IT’S THE SUN WOT WON IT” just to rub-in the fact to the electorate that they had got away with undue influence over the result of the General Election.

Clearly, opinion polling should be banned before elections and the media prevented from unbiased reporting during that period also, wouldn’t you agree?

We believe that overseas some forty countries ban in some form the publication of pre-election polls [like say Bhutan, Brazil, Canada, Greece, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Venezuela, while in France all election polls are banned on polling day and the day before]. The pollsters claim it can’t be done here as private polls would be conducted and published on the internet – not if it was made ILLEGAL for anyone to conduct such a poll, eh?


[The money grabbing pollsters should be on a short leash following a wilful performance at the last General Election 2 years ago, and it doesn’t look if they are doing much better this time, does it?]


Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn 2017 – LOL?

On last Thursday morning, Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn held a big meeting to kick-off Labour’s General Election campaign on its first day. Now indeed, he made a rare rousing first official speech, to the delight of hordes of loyal lefty supporters who were cheering him to the rafters, but will it actually inspire the UK voters, who the polls indicate are totally un-enamoured with him as a potential PM and of Labour forming an effective government, eh? He answered (lamely?) a few questions from the media present then afterwards.

Did he have anything useful to say or any message that would at last inspire the general population to vote Labour? Probably NOT?

The new (perhaps surprising?) thrust of his platform was that he is the British Anti-Establishment candidate to be PM (as an outsider from it?) and that it is the powers that be and the system which is the devil incarnate, so Labour will not play by the rules, will rip them up, and will break-out to save the Nation, eh? He announces his view that it is now ‘the Establishment against the people’ and it is in a cosy club with the media its followers. Now he is going to overturn a ‘rigged system’, and an Establishment that is in cahoots with the powerful, but he doesn’t mention the glaring fact that Labour did NOTHING about it when in power under Blair and Brown for thirteen years, eh?

Now, he is of course trying to emulate Donald Trump, who against all the odds, seized the American Presidency by storm just a few months ago, using exactly that strategy, didn’t he? Well perhaps Corbyn should wake-up to the fact that the British people are no way like their USA cousins and what goes on over the pond and is acceptable there, has no relevance here at home when it comes to politics, don’t you think?

Furthermore, what goes down and is appealing to a few hundred thousand likeminded left-wing supporters in Britain will not come home to roost with the multi-millions of voters who will go to the polls on seven weeks’ time, will it? The general public seek stability, security, and a government in control, in addition to improvement in their lives and a promising future for their children, don’t they?

Now, despite the glaring fact that the apparent mood of the Country is strongly against him & cronies, and therefore the Labour Party, Corbyn (understandably?) utterly rejects the very idea that the outcome of the election is a forgone conclusion and relies on the fact that he secured the leadership itself against outlandish odds. Inexperienced and like a drunk, he has got into a bar fight that he should and clearly could have avoided, which is what you need to do in a confrontation where you are outnumbered and outgunned – you calmly keep your composure, ignore any taunts, forget tough talk, and walk away, don’t you? Pride is a fault here and his wouldn’t let him do that, wouldn’t you say? This General Election may not be a fist-fight but nevertheless much political blood will be spilt, won’t it?

Now, Corbyn is claiming that this will all be fought on the streets of this Country but that is naive, surely? Despite his vain hopes, rallies and marches won’t do the trick for Labour here, and neither will claiming that Theresa May is running scared because she won’t unnecessarily give him the time of day on the issue of a direct leaders head-to-head televised debate during the election campaign [just as Labour PM Blair wouldn’t do it for Hague (as it would be a “distraction”), as did Tory PM Cameron to Miliband (as “it wold suck the life out of the campaign”)].

Corbyn thinks Labour can rely on good policies that appeal to the electorate (and indeed they have some good ones), but he is wrong, because voters override that by the messenger – and he doesn’t seem to fit the bill, does he?

The last ‘really lefty’ leader (1980 – 1983) was Michael Foot who soundly lost Labour the general election some 30 years ago to Margaret Thatcher, with what was described by deceased iconic Labour Party MP Gerald Kaufman, as ‘the longest suicide note in history’ because it was excessively long and over emphasised socialist policies that weren’t popular at that time – like a National minimum wage (now implemented and fully accepted?), withdrawing from the EEC (last year the public voted for BREXIT, eh?), outlawing of hunting with dogs (brought-in over a decade ago, eh?), abolition of the House of Lords (widely desired nowadays?), re-nationalisation of some major privatised industries (wanted by many in current times particularly the railways?), Bank of England control over bank lending (now enacted too late because we have suffered a financial meltdown and economic crash as a consequence of such lending, haven’t we?), as well as of course unilateral nuclear disarmament to encourage worldwide the removal of such weapons of mass destruction (many of us want significant progress on that when the likes of North Korea are trying to join the club, eh?). so that manifesto has many parallels with thinking today, doesn’t it?

In some ways, you can’t blame Corbyn for wanting to fight dirty, or for even saying that the system is rigged by a cosy cartel (again copied from Trump?) and that the Country only works for the rich, as he has to find a ‘non-conventional’ way of doing things different to overcome the antipathy of the voters towards Labour, so roughing it up a bit is his only chance, isn’t it?

But he isn’t doing a good job of it, as he shies away from specifics and sticks to generality. Like in in his speech he, as before didn’t deal with the BREXIT issue and if he continues to swerve around it in that vein, he will antagonise both the remainers and the leavers who ‘might have voted Labour’, but who as a substitute will turn to the LibDems and Conservatives respectively. Labour haven’t yet established a simple, coherent, believable, position on the matter, have they?

Then there is the fact that he blatenly doesn’t understand the mindset of the British people, does he? The average person who will vote in the elections in May and June are not revolutionisers who want to overthrow the aristocracy or pull down the rich into the poor’s gutter, are they? Mostly, they are people who aspire, through opportunity, risk taking, and hard work, to climb up into the ranks of the rich themselves, don’t you think? Telling them if they manage to get to earn £70thousand a year makes them the rich elite who should be heavily taxed, isn’t going to pull-in many votes, will it? That ranks with Labour Chancellor Denis Healey’s (misquoted) plan in 1974 to “tax the rich until the pips squeak” [actually he was referring to ‘property speculators’ but that never really got to the public, whose votes resulted that year in a Labour Wilson win but a hung parliament (mind you Corbyn would more than settle for that, wouldn’t he?)].


[As it stands Jeremy Corbyn has and is placing Labour firmly in the position of “Laugh Out Loud” as the popular internet slag would have it, wouldn’t you say?]