Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn, his cronies, his fellow travellers ’say’ they love Britain – their disgraceful actions ‘show’ they love Russia more?



It is a truism that the Labour’s hard-left [i.e. those now in control of the party] are like dinosaurs living in the past – they still think that Russia is an ideological socialist haven to be admired and a country that would help them seize power in the United Kingdom, so it could be turned into a pseudo-communist state.

Dream on idiots. ‘New’ Russia has resurfaced under Putin as a place ‘run by crooks for the benefits of crooks’, who have destroyed their economy, who are set on destroying a once great people, who are determined to take centre stage in the World at any cost, and have re-established dictator Stalin’s reign of terror style, where thousands of citizens can perish, Putin’s rivals are killed, and his mafia state simply eliminates those who get in its way.

It will not have escaped the notice of many that two recent horrendous incidents – one an attempted assassination in England and the other a chemical weapon bombing in Syria (both recorded below) – involved the Russians. Nor will many not appreciate that one powerful weapon that Russia always deploys when its dastardly actions are exposed, is that of spreading false and muddled stories. That is further supplemented by Kremlin propaganda, disinformation, trolling, and as a matter of policy, astoundingly unbelievable, grotesque, preposterous lies .

And so, it has been over the past weeks regarding these two events, hasn’t it? Yes.

No surprise there then, but what has shocked many of us, is how Jeremy Corbyn, with his cronies, and his fellow travellers, have refused to condemn their ‘can-do-no-wrong’ Russia, but instead have given credence to its misinformation machine and have inadvertently or otherwise (?), added grist to the mill.

Corbyn despite being party to the relevant security information has, to the delight of the Russians, questioned both the evidence of Russia’s culpability for the attempted two murders [he wants to see “inconvertible evidence” before Moscow can be blamed], and sided with Assad & Putin over Syria and questioned the right of Britain to take appropriate action on their illegal use of chemical weapons. [The OPCW have recently confirmed Britain’s findings on the identity of the nerve agent used in Salisbury]

[In this civil war, since 2013’s chemical attack [when Labour blocked us taking action], Assad’s forces have used multiple aerial attacks with banned chemical weapons, as verified a number of times by the UN, OPCW, and Human Rights Watch – so every single year since then 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and January 2018 [at least 85 carnages].

Not only is Corbyn a diehard supporter of the soviets but he is an undeclared pacifist – he and his team consistently refuse to answer the valid question as to if there were any circumstances where Labour would support military action. Also, they persist in a claim that such issues implicating Russia have to be resolved at the UN Security Council, despite the contradictory fact that Russia always veto’s any investigation or action.

Is Corbyn really a man we want to protect us and our country from the world’s aggressors – just remember that it was the pacifists and the appeasers here who by inaction created the environment that resulted in the devastating WWII that brought death to over 50 million people, won’t you?


[The action taken by Prime Minister ‘Theresa May’ on chemical weapons use in Syria shows she can actually face up to the great responsibility required of her office, while the actions of Leader of the Opposition ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ has conversely shown the exact opposite regarding his]



On a Sunday late afternoon, just six weeks ago in England’s rural Salisbury, the murder by poisoning of two people (Sergei and Yulia Skripal) was attempted using an exceptionally rare military grade nerve agent of 1980s Russian origin [(novichok), as positively identified by British chemical weapon research installation Porton Down].

The assassinations failed because medical help [and a policeman] went to the aid of the critically-ill father and daughter. (the policeman was consequently part-poisoned himself), and all three were saved by prompt intensive hospital treatment by experts [The father remains still in hospital and it is highly likely that all will suffer long-term consequences].

While it was clearly impossible for our nerve-agents experts themselves to single out a laboratory or factory that sourced the toxin used, their analysis was supplemented by our security forces, who with a high degree of confidence advised that it was overwhelmingly likely to have come from Russia (and also claimed that the Russians conducted tests to see whether novichok could be used for assassinations).

Understandably then, the Government concluded that it was ‘highly likely’ that Russia was responsible for the attempted murderous act and therefore there were only two plausible explanations for what happened in Salisbury – either this was a direct act by the Russian State against Britain, or that the Russian government lost control of this potentially catastrophically damaging nerve agent and allowed it to get into the hands of others.

The UK charged Russia of this disgusting incident and implemented a series of punitive measures against Russia, including the expulsion of diplomats, which was indeed supported by twenty-eight other countries who responded similarly – so altogether an unprecedented 153 Russian diplomats were expelled from countries.

[UK resident Sergei Skripal (a convicted but ‘released’ by Russia, British spy) holds dual Russian and British citizenship, while Yulia Skripal is a Russian citizen, and was visiting her father from Moscow]

On the Saturday late afternoon & late evening, just over a week ago in the Syrian city of Douma, the murder by ‘further’ chemical attacks’ reportedly by on-site medics of poisoning some seventy people (men women and children) was carried out using suspected chlorine gas and sarin nerve agents, as is widely believed to be retained by the Syrian army, despite a (failed?) international effort to remove Syria’s entire chemical arsenal in 2014.

While it was clearly impossible for anyone to confirm the origin, or even the killing elements of the attack, not least because the Syrian government and its Russian ally have blocked access to the location [until the area has been sanitised & its peoples intimidated?], but the security forces of Britain, France and the U.S. assessed with a high degree of confidence that the chemical attacks were carried out by the Syrian regime

Understandably then, the Government concluded that it was ‘highly likely’ that the Syrian regime was to blame for the shocking and barbaric chemical attack on its own people and that such action could not go unchallenged.

Russia has said both that the Syrian ‘chemical attack’ didn’t happen at all, there was no evidence, so was a hoax, and on the other hand that they had irrefutable evidence that it was staged by foreign agents [plus evidence that proves Britain was directly involved in organising this as a provocation].

They threatened that any military retaliation against their Syrian ally Assad could risk starting a war as Russia would respond militarily against both the missiles and the platforms from which they’re launched [fat chance?].

Last Saturday at around 4am, the UK, France and the US launched a coordinated series of precision air strikes [105 missiles] against Syrian chemical weapons facilities in a bid to deter the tyrants Assad & Putin’s further use of internationally prohibited weapons and their blatant disregard of the CWC against such weapons – that arms control treaty outlaws the production, stockpiling, and use of chemical weapons. It was a necessary and appropriate action to hold accountable those responsible for any attack with chemical weapons, that had extensive support, including that from Canada, the European Union, Israel, Germany, Turkey, as well as NATO.

[The Jaysh al-Islam rebel coalition controlled ‘Douma’ at the time of the chemical attacks, while other rebel groups controlled the area around the city]

In the other matter of the Skripal poisonings, Russia has had a catalogue of changing, evasive, and absurd smokescreen stories throughout, except being consistent about claiming that Moscow didn’t do it.

On the one hand, they denied the very existence of the novichok nerve agent or that Russia had ever developed it [despite the glaring evidence that in a 1992 Russian treason trial it was openly admitted).

On the other hand, they said that it was a fact that novichok was stored on the territory of the republics of the former Soviet Union’, like Ukrainian; or that a Russian defector chemist who had developed it, had released the formulas, so it could have been produced in any properly equipped chemical laboratory in the world; or that Russia had destroyed all chemical weapons stockpiles, including those developed by the defunct Soviet Union, so held none; or that the UK was exploiting the case and blaming Russia for domestic political advantage [like Telford child sex scandal); or that after the Russian Federation destroyed its chemical weapon stocks, the development of such weapons continued in Great Britain itself, as well as the U.S.A., the Czech Republic, and Sweden, while laboratories for the production of the type of chemical agents identified remained in a number of states, including the Baltic countries; or that it would have been next to impossible to transport novichok into the UK because it has a characteristic overpowering smell; or that if a military-grade nerve agent had been used in the Skripal incident, they would have died on the spot and that anyway Russia wouldn’t have carried it out ahead of their Presidential election and their World Cup.

‘Amongst other things’ Russia has accused the UK & U.S. secret services of carrying-out the disgusting deed themselves, to maintain Western unity against Moscow. [and Russian Foreign Minister is quoted …it may well be beneficial for the British special services who are known for their ability to act with a license to kill..”]. They have claimed that the UK has illegally denied Consular access to the stricken pair, and even that we have abducted them, and are holding them against their will.

[A British public inquiry of the murder of former KGB agent Aleksandr Litvinenko, assassinated in London in 2006 with green tea laced with radioactive polonium-210, identified the 2 Russians who carried out the murder, but Russia refused to extradite them for trial]


Assad attacks his people ‘once again’ with chemical weapons – Syria, a hell on Earth?

syriasyria dead

Well, it was back in August 2013 that PM David Cameron recalled the British parliament from its summer break over the Syrian crisis of the Bashar al-Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons there.

It was Cameron’s intention that MPs voted to take part, together-with the U.S., in limited military action then, in response to the chemical weapons attacks in the suburbs of Damascus – he ably showed his feebleness when the motion was lost by 13 votes, and thereby disastrously thwarted our closest ally President Obama’s plans for air strikes to finally deter Syria’s violations by further use of illegal chemical weapons and the like.

Oh yes, those 285 British MPs who unexpectedly & disgracefully refused to take action on Syria and rejected the use of force, have played a massive part in condemning by tyrant Assad to violent death thousands of Syrians, civilian men women and children – make no mistake will you, those weak politicians have blood on their hands. This from a proud nation, who lead by Winston Churchill in 1940 stood alone against Hitler and his Nazis, in the deadliest military conflict ever, when some half a million British gave their lives to save those of others.

Last weekend, yet another time, the World has faced the distressing scenes of an indiscriminate aerial poison gas attack (probably highly concentrated chlorine) on the civilians in a Syrian city, killing there at least 40 people including families with children, hiding in their homes and shelters.

Despite previous abject denials, noxious chemical weapons were suspected as used in dozens of past incidents in Syria, with their misuse indeed confirmed by UN investigations in 2 such attacks (2013), plus as well as likely use of the nerve agent sarin in 5 such attacks (2013), which clearly indicated that the perpetrators had likely access to chemicals from the Syrian Army’s stockpile.

Those breaches of international law incited the attempted disarmament of the Syrian Armed Forces of chemical weapons in 2014 – which any thinking person knew was always going to be frustrated by Assad and the Russians, wasn’t it? {See post ‘Syrian Fiasco!’ September 14, 3013 by dadman007].

Yes, so further chemical attacks, blamed-on the Syrian military of Assad by the UN, were then perpetrated in 2014, 2015, and 2015. Afterwards at the end of 2016, at least 53 people were killed in the first major nerve gas attack since 2013. and that provoked the first U.S. military action against the Syrian government-controlled airbase at Shayrat.

US President Donald Trump confirms in April 2018 that the U.S. has a good intelligence on this further use now of chemical weapons and knew the perpetrators of the alleged crime [Presidents Assad & Putin?] and promised a forceful response that could include a military option – other world leaders may well participate in international strong action [U.S., UK and France].

The new attack outrage in 2018, came about almost exactly on the first year’s anniversary of the U.S.’ $100m value 59 cruise missile attack on that Assad’s Shayrat airfield, made in response to the earlier such attack on Syrian innocents by him – the tyrant’s way of giving a two-finger salute to the World, eh? That strike (coming under new President Trump’s presidency) was totally ineffective in knocking-out operations at the airfield, because naively (?) America gave Russia prior warning of it [when Russia has been Assad’s military co-conspirator since 2015 of course].

As usual, the much-used oppressive lying machines of the Russian and Syrian governments have been launched again to deny all involvement as fabrications and deem accusations of them as a provocation. They claim as usual that there is no evidence of a chemical attack (but that is just because not even the WHO can get-in there to verify), while medical sources say dozens of people were killed, including children, during the alleged toxic bombing of formerly rebel-held town of Douma.

Once again, Russia used its veto at the UN yesterday to tie that organisation’s hands over dealing with the further atrocity – all they have done though is to force the international community into taking direct military action, haven’t they?

Yes, and while the force used (in the next 24hrs?) will doubtless be ‘more’ effective than last year, it will nevertheless be too little too late, won’t it? Unless it is not restricted to Syrian use of chemical weapons and stops the population’s massacre with dropped explosives, it will make little difference to the many hundreds killed and Assad’s regime’s continuation in power, will it?



[Will our British Prime Minister Theresa May now show spunk, stand-up and be counted, will she be strong and decisive, will she commit to action, OR will she ‘duck it’, and rely on a wishy-washy bunch of MPs who ‘may  or may not’ authorise action, that other leaders take on their shoulders, to “hold to account” those responsible for Syrian chemical attacks, eh? BIG QUESTION].


Israel have slaughtered thousands of Palestinians – what does killing a few dozen more of their demonstrators and a journalist matter?


As usual, the current strident claims by British Jews of rampant anti-semitism in the Labour Party, is a perfect cover and smoke screen for the disgusting murderous actions of their Israeli religious fellows in the Gaza strip on its border with Israel, isn’t it?

For those unsure of the background to recent events, reproduced below this new post, is one from three years ago that sets out some relevant factors involved at that time.

In recent weeks there have been major protests by Palestinians in Gaza against their initial displacement, the subsequent 50 years of Israeli occupation, and the killing in 1976 of six unarmed Palestinian citizens by Israeli forces during protests against the Israeli government’s decision to expropriate massive tracts of Palestinian-owned land.

So, that gives the Israeli army the right to kill or seriously injure them willy-nilly, or so they would have you believe?

The death toll is mounting almost daily, as is the hoards of injured, as the Israelis push demonstrators back from a heavily fortified fence –but it is ALL Palestinians who are casualties, not a SINGLE Israeli killed or hurt as far as we know, eh?

What does that tell you? That illegal lethal force is being used by an oppressive nation against civilians in violation of International law, perhaps?

[Reportedly in the last 2 weeks, 29 killed so far including a clearly identifiable press photographer, and more than 16,000 injured (some critically) – the Israeli army security forces & snipers are using on protestors, live ammunition, rubber-coated steel bullets (normally ‘non-lethal’ but able to cause serious injury) and tear gas penetrating more than 300m into the Gaza Strip, causing death, grim physical damage, and gas inhalation injuries].

While the UN secretary general, has called last week for an independent investigation into these deadly clashes and for perpetrators to be held accountable, the US [as normal blocked it], and the Israeli government have responded to indicate that they don’t give a damn, haven’t they?

[Israel’s Minister of Defense rejected calls for an inquiry and stated that there will not be any inquiry into Israel’s actions, saying soldiers along the Gaza frontier “deserve a medal” and did what was necessary to protect the border].

And why should the blighters give a damn indeed? You see, international criticism is like water off a duck’s back to Israel, because they never suffer any consequences, do they? No the United States blocks every effort to adopt sanctions against Israel.

Israel had been condemned in 45 resolutions by the UN Human Rights Council between that body’s creation in 2006 and 2013 —more resolutions condemning Israel than on the rest of the world combined.

Indeed in the decade following 1967, the UN Security Council adopted 131 resolutions directly addressing the Arab-Israeli conflict, making an explicit determination of a threat, breach of the peace, or act of aggression, and ordered action.

Moreover, the  UN General Assembly itself has adopted a number of resolutions saying that the strategic relationship with the United States encourages Israel to pursue aggressive and expansionist policies and practices.

The Six Day War – with an aftermath of occupations, murders &  killings: whose fault?

July 11, 2015 by dadman007

How many people know about the 1967 Six day War who doesn’t live in the Middle East, or who are not Jewish? Not many probably. As the name implies it was a very short military conflict.

In summary, it was when the State of Israel without warning surprisingly attacked its neighbours, won a decisive air & land war, killed some twenty five thousands in the process, and annexed large parts of others’ land. It had seized the Gaza Strip, the Sinai Peninsula, the West Bank of the Jordan River (including East Jerusalem), and the Golan Heights. Overall, Israel’s territory grew by a factor of three (expansion had been an ambition you see), including about one million Arabs placed under Israel’s direct control in the newly captured territories. Israel’s strategic depth grew to at least 300 kilometers in the south, 60 kilometers in the east, and 20 kilometers in the north. It is often described as a ‘pre-emptive’ strike, which means that the violent attack was intended to get the first punch in when fearing they themselves were going to be attacked – a true or false fear we can only surmise upon now.

Whatever your opinion or view on such events, there can be no dispute that the attack was brilliantly executed. As a military operation, it attracted widespread admiration at the time from far and wide. Many of us were astounded at the audacity of it, and believed it would be a sad but significant event that would soon and certainly eventually lead to peace and security in that part of the World. We were all naive of course and instead of peace it has culminated in a violent and disgusting forty five year confrontation, deaths galore, and constant persistent dehumanisation of all the peoples involved. Israel certainly won the battle but has equally certainly lost the war, as they say.

Israel’s military action reputation was then further enhanced in a commando operation that amazed and astounded all us others in 1976. It was a hostage rescue operation against terrorists at Entebbe airport following an aircraft hijack. Those were the days when the Israelis were admired, respected, and trusted. Not any longer I’m afraid. They are a nation now hated with an increased vengeance by their enemies, and utterly despised even by the ones that once supported them. Their true colours are out in the open now, and they constantly demonstrate vile, cruel and wickedness streaks that disgusts most normal people. How the hell did those guys achieve that? By their base self protectionism, oppression of others, and perpetual unacceptable actions, silly!

Ignore the past and just take the latest example alone. Sadly three young Israeli men were abducted and believed taken hostage (who they were, what they were doing, where they were, why, and what right they had to be there is a moot point of course). These men were media-rised as just ‘young innocent lads’ when in fact one was old enough to be in the Isreali army & two at sixteen required to register for it. It was a dreadful crime. The response from the Israeli authorities was to mount a massive campaign of oppression, including the arrest of hundreds of people – no trained negotiators, no middle men facilitators, no expert psychologists, no anything, just blatant aggressive force. None of us has ever heard of such a response to a kidnapping, have we? And we knew therefore from the outset that there could be only one outcome – the men were found murdered of course.

What happened then? The Israeli Prime Minister told the World with undisguised candour, and without a hint of embarrassment, or shame, that there would be ‘retribution’ and that the killings would be avenged. Heard about that kind of approach and reaction before? That is what the Nazis used to do in their occupied countries when they were crossed – whole villages obliterated and men women and children murdered (despite having nothing to do with the cause – like the SS atrocity in Oradour-sur-Glane France, wiped out nearly all its inhabitants, an act of retribution ordered over the purported kidnapping of a commander). Is that where the Israelis learned their attitude and behaviour? Not a simple commitment to find the evil killers, to punish those despicable perpetrators, or to work with their neighbour and international community to deal with this atrocity, not a commitment to establish why this ever happened and take action to remove the cause. NO – reprisals and retribution goes down well with the Israeli people doesn’t it?? Oh yes, and just build some more provocative settlements in someone else’s land of course – that will teach them not to cross the Israelis won’t it?

Hardly surprising then that the knee jerk response from some equally despicable Israelis was to murder a sixteen year old Palistinian youth in retaliation – how will the Israeli Prime Minister deal with that –with an iron fist? Or perhaps probably with the same soft hand that is normally shown to any Israeli killers of journalists or demonstrators? [The boy’s father said “they killed my son and burnt him: they did what the Germans did to the Jews”].

Whose fault is all this disgusting killing? Whose fault is the launching of Palistinian  rockets into Israel? Whose fault is Israeli air strikes killing and injuring civilians including children? Is it the Palistinians? Is it the Israelis?  Is it the Americans & British who inexplicably & relentlessly defend Israel’s quarter? Is it the United Nations who have failed forever to take action against Israel’s flouting of international law (as well as ignoring their obtanance of WOMD)?

Now we currently have 100 Palestinians dead (hundreds injured and much more to come) &  0 Iraeli dead (but 100 treated for ‘anxiety’)  while previously 167  Palestinians killed  & 6 Iraeli killed, (2012), or  1166 Palestinians dead &  13 Iraeli dead (2009)

[Before I get thousands of comments accusing me of being anti-Semitic, let me add that many Jews outside Israel are ashamed of the way that that country had degenerated into a despicable nation since the Six day War]


Prejudice in our British society against the ‘autistic’ – is it justified?

Like with many of the less common disabilities, autism [affecting about three-quarters of a million British people] may be a term that has been heard of by many of us, but as a medical condition it is generally completely unknown or at least misunderstood by most, isn’t it?

In other words we don’t really understand what it’s all about, it is often a hidden disability (NOT obvious), but certainly we don’t want one of our children to be diagnosed with it, do we? You see, it is some kind of rare pseudo-mental disorder that parents usually notice early signs of typically in the first two or three years of their child’s life in those affected, like say delay in language development, signs which often develop gradually, though some children do seem to develop at a normal pace and then worsen with autism kicking-in. [It affects about one percent and occurs four to five times more often in boys than girls].

Autism [which includes Aspergers, which is a less severe subset] is included within the autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a range of conditions classified as neurological disabilities, and which basically affects, with varying degrees, how people perceive the world, and interact with others, so sufferers can have difficulties with everyday verbal and nonverbal communication, social interaction, a tendency to engage in repetitive or restricted behaviours, interests or activities, or experience sensory processing issues [this can lead to long-term issues that include creating and keeping relationships, maintaining a job, and performing daily tasks].

Autism affects the way information is processed by the brain but it is not well understood what is happening differently. It is not really known what causes it but is thought to be down to a combination of factors like genetic, and environmental, and possibly infection.

There is no known cause, nor effective curative treatment for the condition, though early diagnosis is helpful in managing it with early speech & behavioural interventions (and at times with drugs), and sometimes for certain children the disorder can thankfully apparently go away later in childhood or adolescence.

As with all medical or other conditions (particularly mental illness) that aren’t really understood, the fear surrounding autism, unfortunately simply leads to prejudice and discrimination, doesn’t it? Yep, and that certainly starts very early in life at school, but escalates by adulthood when the autistic basically can’t get employment and employers give them an unwarranted cloak of ‘unemployability’ as individuals because of their disability, even for part-time, entry, or temporary work.

Employers just aren’t ‘autistic friendly’ yet, hence more than 4 out of 5 of adult sufferers have to face rejection and aren’t in full-time employment, despite the glaring fact that the bulk of them want to work. In general nearly half of disabled people are in some kind of work but those with autism lagging by fifteen percent – British society needs to be doubling the number of autistic people in work to meet UK disability targets.

Of course we need to appreciate that not all autistic people are able to work, but those that can, will need understanding and acceptance from both their employer and colleagues, with reasonable adjustments made to the interview process and support provision in the workplace – then many autistic people can be a real asset to businesses. Many employers need to savvy-up about getting information about supporting autistic employees and ensuring they don’t get support wrong.

Such employment discrimination is extremely unfair because autism is a condition with varying disability and degrees of functionality (ranging from mild symptoms to the more obvious) – so tarring everyone so diagnosed with the condition with the same brush is disingenuous, surely?

That said, a great disservice has been done to the cause of the autism in this Country by the case of a British 32-year old suspected mastermind computer hacker (diagnosed apparently with Aspergers in his 20’s) who is accused of stealing important secret data by launching a spate of criminal cyber attacks in 2012 and 2013, breaching thousands of computer systems in the United States and elsewhere, counting-in American agencies including the FBI, the US army, NASA and the Department of Defence.

Quite rightly after tracking him down to the U.K., the Americans wanted to trial the guy, Lauri Love, in Court for his alleged offences, so they sought his extradition in the normal way and this was granted in Court last year and signed-off by the Home Secretary.

But Love successfully appealed that in the High Court two months ago, because it was claimed he suffered severe mental illness and could kill himself if sent [so out of his country (but he has dual nationality?) and without the support of his family), to the States for trial, or was jailed there for major criminal offences,

What kind of message does this success send our society about the autistic? For a start, that they might be major criminals, that they are a potential liability, that they are mentally unstable, that they don’t fit in to normal society, that they are just strange, that they are unreliable, that they are more trouble than they are worth – not the kind of thing at a time when we are trying to persuade society to give those with autism a better chance, surely?

[The National Autistic Society ought to be aghast at this negative publicity, don’t you think?].

Then of course there is the implication that the American justice system is so deficient that it cannot possibly be relied upon to operate and manage a suicide watch, or fairly trial an adult with Aspergers and that British justice can, eh? [Developed countries including the US have the highest rates of autism, so it is not as if they don’t know about it over the pond, is it?].

Repeatedly, criminals avoid extradition or deportation by our Courts accepting dubious assertions they will be badly treated if returned to their home countries or the place of their crimes – to add ‘our special-relationship’ America to that bag is nothing short of a disgrace, surely?

The Defence together with the vocal do-gooders like Liberty, who jumped to Love’s cause in the battle to prevent his extradition in respect of these grave allegations, made a big play of the fact that if found guilty he would be harshly punished in the United States but wouldn’t be here in the UK. They say it would be ”unjust and oppressive“ to extradite this alleged hacker.

Therein lies the truth, our justice system is so crap and our penal system so innocuous that it is no longer feared by criminals – so serious crime abounds and even convicted murders walk our streets instead of completing their life sentences [to kill again?]. Justice in Britain has gone out of the window at the behest of the human rights brigade, Howard Group for penal reform, prison reform trust, and wishy-washy liberals, aided and abetted by crooked lawyers working on behalf of rich powerful criminals.

Now in Mr Love, despite him being diagnosed with Aspergers, and being a serial educational drop-out, we don’t have a vulnerable waif of a child needing careful care and nurturing, but instead we see a man who has served in the Finnish army, became a conscientious objector, an activist protestor, one able to testify in open court, one capable of manufacturing a media public support outfit, a devious, articulate, TV camera performing, highly intelligent, coping adult, a university electrical engineering student no less, highly versed in computers, who has used his condition to shit from a great height on all those within the ASD spectrum, hasn’t he?

[It is said that the case was a test for a legal measure called the forum bar, which was introduced to stop vulnerable British defendants being extradited.

Love quoted outside Court “The reason I’ve gone through this ordeal is not just to save myself from being kidnapped and locked up for 99 years in a country I’ve never understood, but to set a precedent whereby this will not happen to other people in the future, and that if there is suspected criminality it will be tried here in the UK and America will not try to exercise its extraterritorial jurisdiction”. Sound like a very vulnerable adult to you, eh?].

Of course courts should take autism into account when someone is charged with a crime, but why should Love be treated leniently just because he has a level of autism – such disability doesn’t excuse criminality, does it? No, and not least since his diagnosis is one of being be on the “high functioning” end of the spectrum, which doesn’t even include crass behavioural issues, does it? Prosecuting the likes of Love is in the interests of justice and certainly not ‘oppressive’ as some would have it, is it?

It would appear that the main plank of his defence for his actions is that the US’s IT systems weren’t sophisticated enough to stop him, eh? That is like a career house-burglar defending against break-in charges by claiming innocence because the door locks weren’t strong enough to deter him, or an experienced habitual robber accused of a fortune heist from a bank vault, pleading not-guilty because the 50cm walls weren’t thick enough to stop him power-drilling an entrance and the safe not strong enough to withstand his Semtex high explosive, isn’t it?

Hacking and cyber attacks are serious and dangerous crimes, and as we have indeed seen in recent times in this Country, can lead to destruction, massive costs, great harm done to the victims, and indeed without doubt deaths. They need to be prevented and punished harshly, surely?

Love has got his wish now to be tried in the UK, but nothing seems to be happening on that front, does it? Clearly it is going to be more difficult to get a conviction here, when American security and secrets are involved, and you can bet your bottom dollar that Love will be milking the autism aspect to the limit, and the courts will fall for it, won’t they?



[Some people believe autism should be indeed be accepted as simply a ‘difference’ rather than treated as a disorder and a disability to be shunned. Certainly, those that turn to criminality like all accused should be adequately supported within the justice system, but should not get-away lightly or with anything]

With just under one year to go until ‘BREXIT’ what progress has UK made in leaving the EU – bloody NONE whatsoever?

unionjack       yinyang2


British Exit from the European Union [BREXIT] was decided-on by the UK population in a unique Referendum held on 23 June 2016, after the Parliament at Westminster had finally acceded that particular major constitutional decision to the general public voters.

Despite the Government’s dire warnings that leaving the EU would harm both the Country’s and individual families’ wealth in the short-term, the decision was nevertheless made, in the highest turnout ever in any election event, for our Country to ‘Leave’ and for our own Government to take back full control over the Country’s destiny [including us leaving the dreadful single market and the customs union].

You see, for the British people, democracy, coupled with sovereignty, and independence, was much more important than the economy with consequential subservience to foreign powers, tied with control by an administrative elite, and exercised with total unaccountability.

The UK had joined the geo-political European Union in 1992 [so a quarter of a century ago] when PM John Major signed the Maastricht Treaty which integrated Europe, with neither prior nor post consultation with the British public, nor even any soundings of public opinion, despite the glaring fact that the economic union (European Community) was thereby transformed into a political union (EU) with an unelected European Commission creating laws that prevailed over and controlled UK laws.

The EU has since inception been on a mission to continually increase its powers [to become the United States of Europe?], while at the same time British public opinion has become increasing in favour of a decrease of its powers and that view reached around 65% of us a year before the Referendum (though not all of those wanted the UK to completely leave).

The way a country terminates its membership of the EU is to formally resign in writing and then it has 2 years to negotiate its future relationship with the Union.

Almost straight away we ordinary people got given the shock of our lives in that things were going to get complicated when it became known that our smooth-talking, lying, arsehole of a Prime Minister, David Cameron, had instructed that no plans whatsoever should be made in advance to leave the EU. The consequence of that was that the UK had to delay sending-in its resignation letter for a whole 9 months.

The second shock that rocked all us BREXITEERS, was that the Remainers simply would not accept the will of the people, which was somewhat unexpected because we had come to expect all voters to accept the results of any democratic election in this Country, whether at national or local level – and indeed that has included some extremely close photo-finishes, doesn’t it?

[In the last six General Elections (3 Tory wins, 3 Labour wins) the average support for the winner was under 40% – no one suggested there should be another vote to confirm it, no one claimed that the voters were so stupid they didn’t know what they were voting for, no one denigrated the elderly nor accused them of destroying the future of the young, no one said the result should be overturned by the knowing elite to save the Country, did they?]

You see, this time though it was different, as the so called ‘establishment’, major individuals, and businesses all had a vested and self-interest in the UK staying in the EU – and they weren’t going to give-up that without a massive fight, were they? No, so that has meant that they have spent the past 21 months [aided and abetted it must be said by most newspapers, and an indulgent BBC to boot?] stridently undermining the BREXIT process at every bloody turn with damaging demands for a second referendum, haven’t they? These bastards have included those at the top of the major political parties of course [they had all supported Remain in the referendum] – as well as disgustingly, fifth columnist, Philip Hammond, our current erstwhile Chancellor, eh?

Perhaps, most worrying still, it has transpired that the previously trusted and esteemed electoral watchdog, the Electoral Commission, has had an undeclared bias AGAINST the Leave campaign all along, eh?

BUT have those incalcitrant, bleeding Europhile turncoats actually won?

In a word, ‘YES’!

You see, Britain’s negotiating position has been fatally undermined at home, as well as facing extreme bullying at the EU. The objective of our crass Remainers is firstly to keep the UK as closely aligned to the EU as possible IF we actually ever ‘Leave’, and secondly to drag-out the whole process for as long as possible, as they hope to find a way of halting BREXIT altogether and having the decision to leave finally rescinded.

The consequence of this situation is not only that the population have been demoralised by these BREXIT deniers, but the UK’s negotiations have been nothing less than a sorry abject failure, and have resulting in our capitulating to every outrageous guideline demand of the EU, giving in on all key issues, and whitewashing BREXITEERS’ red-lines [including paying an eye-watering king’s ransom to leave], while the EU lot have conceded absolutely nothing in return, have they? No, and they have treated Britain as a hated enemy who has to be forced to surrender, rather than a friendly neighbour country they would like to strike a trade deal with.

Furthermore, the time taken since the Referendum to ‘pretend’ to ‘Leave’ the EU next year, will be a massive one-thousand and ten days (2 years 9 months 7 days). On top of that we have agreed to de-facto stay in the EU for an extra nigh-on 2 years in a so-called ‘transition period’ of six-hundred and forty-four days (1 year 9 months 3 days) when we are bound within the EU, enact ALL their laws & regulations (even new ones), continue to pay our crippling membership fee, but DON’T any longer have ANY say nor representation whatsoever – because ‘officially’ we have left, eh?

In addition, for some inexplicable reason to anyone of sound mind, we are staying in the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) next year so the EU will continue to be allowed to take our fish and land it, not in Britain but instead on the continent – that represents some sixty percent of our fish stocks being taken by EU trawlers with an annual value of half a BILLION pounds – and that is why fish is so cheap and plentiful when you head over the Chanel on holiday, isn’t it eh? Meanwhile our own fishing industry is already on the point of collapse and you daren’t bet your life that the EU won’t be allowed similar access to our waters after 2020, would you?

[As it stands, the UK will continue to participate in all EU policies until the end of the current MFF in 2020, thus including the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)].

That said, we have NOT yet reached ANY form of agreement with the EU on any KIND of a trade deal, and when [or IF] we ever do, you can bet your bottom dollar that we will again be taken to the cleaners by the EU, because the Remainers, the big business players, the City, and the rich, intend to lock-in the Country to their EU gravy train irrespective of the fact that the EU is in fact a trading cartel that in reality puts up consumer prices, is an increasingly shrinking market for Britain, and is NOT even any kind of market for the bulk of our businesses.

Detailed negotiation on a future trade deal will likely come later AFTER we have officially left the EU [although the EU’s aim is to reach agreement on a broad political declaration by October this year, after which the withdrawal agreement needs to be ratified by both the EU and the UK before BREXIT day. (Two big issues that will need to be resolved before the declaration, is the role of the European Court of Justice and the future of the Irish border

The planned end of the ‘so-called’ transition period [IF IN FACT IT ‘EVER’ ENDS?] is now set to be 31 December 2020 [some say concluding a new free trade deal with the EU by the end of 2020 is “extremely ambitious”] – which will itself be one-thousand-six-hundred-and-fifty-three days (4 years 6 months 9 days) AFTER the public decisively voted in the Referendum to ‘Leave’ the oppressive European Union. [ALL THE TRANSITION PERIOD DOES IS TO POSPHONE US LEAVING THE EU BY 21 MONTHS and that will simply “delay’ any problems NOT solve them].

All that time spent talking so far, and no progress yet at all in taking back control, enacting our own laws, saying who can live & work here, trading with whoever we want, and with not an extra penny available to spend on the NHS, our elderly, or any other sector of our community, eh?

Oh yes, while we will be able to ‘sign-up’ to new free-trade deals with other countries next year, we will NOT be able to set anything in motion to balance any loss of trade, until AFTER the end of the transition period (or ‘implementation period’ as Downing Street prefers to call it – when it is nothing of the bleeding kind?).

Despite what our politicians might say, we have made ZERO progress in agreeing either a free trade or any other kind of deal with the EU, haven’t we? In the absence of agreed arrangements, trade between the UK and the EU individual countries would move to ‘WTO terms’ [Britain was a founder member, so before the EU was] with tariffs imposed and Customs procedures and heath checks applying to exports and imports – but the EU should be much more worried about that than us, because a number of EU member states depend heavily on trade with the UK and indeed the EU as a whole relies on making a damn sight more exports to UK than we make to them, don’t they? However, when we leave the EU, the UK does need to establish specific schedules, and that may be difficult to get in place quickly].

As many people know already, each year the UK government is liable to pay a massive fee into the EU budget [say £17 billion], but we get an immediate rebate applied [say £4 billion], and the EU supports selected UK public sector projects [say £4½ billionAgriculture and Fisheries (the bulk, say 3/5 ths): Poor areas (say ¼ rt): Research/Education/Innovation (say 1/6 th)]. Hence the UK’s ‘net contribution’ is estimated to be about say £8½ billion. Don’t be surprised then that while we are still going to be paying in that large contribution, we won’t be getting the same level of financial support back from the EU, will you?

If we are not to get knocked-out and lose this major fight, Britain has got to start punching its weight in its EU negotiations, because so far our negotiators have pussy-footed around and been both caught on the ropes, as well as pushed all about the ring, by the EU’s much more aggressive approach than ours.

Some sixty percent of us think the negotiations are being conducted badly (some say “totally shambolic”), and only a very few percent that they are going well – what does that tell you?

Time to show some fight, time to have some real spunk Britain, land some punches and to chase the EU around the ring for a change, eh?

That fight needs vocal, and enthusiastic support, from the ring corner by our leading politicians demonstrating the true value and power of democracy, showing optimistic self-belief in our Nation and its ability to prosper in a changing world with exciting new trading opportunities, doesn’t it?

Close to half of 2016 Remain voters now want everyone to accept the majority decision and three quarters of the British public now want the result of the Referendum implemented – get on with it?



Being ‘anti-Israeli conflict against Palestinians’ isn’t being ‘anti-Jews’ nor being ‘anti-Semitic’ – and Jeremy Corbyn is no ‘figurehead of ant-Semitic culture’?

Star_of_David_svg Anti-Semitic HATE  in questionmarkblue


Many of us thinking people in Britain can float between parties when it comes to voting, according to what we think is best for our beloved Country.

Nevertheless, while socialism doubtless should have a significant role to play in the future of the UK, the bulk of the people here could not stomach Jeremy Corbyn ever becoming its Prime Minister, because his solidly ingrained, so well established views, are far too left wing for our tastes [akin to communism?] – but that has nothing to do with him, together with the Labour Party, being categorised [unfairly (?)] as being anti-semitic by Jewish leaders of the likes of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Leadership Council.

They need to buck-off and shut up, surely?

All these individuals are doing by their attack on Corbyn, is drawing attention to the unacceptable, indefensible, behaviour of Israel and the international community’s longstanding complicity in the process of Israeli colonial expansion.

One has to understand that charges of anti-semitism are regularly used to shut down criticism of Israel, and that it is those Jewish leaders of THIS Country that link all their followers in THIS Country with the state of Israel, even in support of the atrocities undoubted committed by Israel in the Middle East – that is the sole reason that many parts of the community hold British Jews also ‘accountable’ for those very outrages. That does not make people anti-semitic, does it?

In our Country we indeed have pockets of flawed individuals, who are anti-semitic, or anti-muslim, anti-gays, ant-catholic, anti-black, anti-foreigners, anti-women, anti-war, anti-nuclear, or anti-someone, who would persecute them if given the opportunity – they need to be exposed and halted, and that is what our society sets out to do, doesn’t it?



British Anti-Semitism – what is all that about then?

May 2, 2016 by dadman007

Wide hysteria and wild accusations are adrift in Britain nowadays about public figure individuals and groups in society being anti-Semitic, a term coined well more than a hundred years ago.

Previously at the start of the decade it was purported that the problem was from people from the far RIGHT and now it is being said that the problem mongers are from the far LEFT – where that leaves the ones in-between, god knows?
So what exactly is anti-Semitic anyway? Well, in simple terms it means ‘Jew-hatred’.

So what is the problem of being so called ‘anti-Semitic’ then, and is it illegal? Well the Jews don’t like it and they would aim for it to be illegal – so they are working on that one, aren’t they?

In this country we ‘apparently’ believe in free speech and ‘seemingly’ it is said we will defend that right to the death- but nevertheless it is somehow completely unacceptable to express an anti-view against certain groups and specifically here in Britain, the Jews.

You see the Jews suffered the Holocaust under Hitler when millions of them across Europe were horrifically murdered by the Germans and their fellow travelers, in a vain mad and villainous attempt to totally eliminate them as an entity. Rightfully, since then the Jewish peoples have consequently held a unique sympathetic and protective part in the hearts and minds of the caring nations of the World – but that is unfortunately fast diminishing. Wrongly, the State of Israel, that was controversially set-up to provide a homeland for Jews, then protected their own security by starting a war to seize further land, have oppressed others, has got away with murder (literally), and seized the opportunity to aggressively promote and empower Judaism worldwide instead of gratefully getting on solely with their lives and religion.

Although Israel’s Supreme Court has ruled that assassinations are illegal, there apparently is documentary evidence to suggest that Israel’s army has simply ignored that ruling.

You are allowed to vitriolic criticise and verbally assassinate any other country or regime in the wide-world, but certainly not Israel. Be puzzled about why America and the UK support Israel ‘right or wrong’, and you will be deemed to be a Holocaust denier, won’t you? Question why Israel has been allowed to flout international law and become a nuclear power, or how a tiny country like it actually acquired the secret scientific knowledge, technical and production capability to achieve it, when all other countries are prevented from doing so, and you will be classified as being anti-Jewish, won’t you? Ask how comes Israel have got away for decade upon decade with ignoring international law by occupying other lands and illegally populating it, and you will be classed as anti-Israel, wont you? Utter a word of condemnation about their slaughter of Palestinian women & children and you will be immediately classed as anti-Semitic, won’t you?

Those of us who actually care about our fellow human beings are disgusted about all the actions of the Israeli State and their previously highly respected military. We are indeed deniers, but only about their right to do what they do outside of the acceptable. There is a fundamental problem in that there is a valid question about the right of Israel to exist because their original land was sequestrated from others – but the bulk of the World including their most significant neighbours, have come to terms with that and finally accepted Israel’s de-facto existence. But the Israelis have gone further and stolen further tranches of land, populated it, built settlements on it, and displaced the indigenous population, haven’t they? They have overpowered the neighbouring Palestinians, obtusely decreed that Palestine has no right to exist as a State, and oppresses that nation relentlessly.

If any Israeli soldiers are killed by rebel militants, the Israelis announce there will be massive retribution – and there is, with their air force bombing hundreds of civilians to smithereens. When a single Israeli child living illegally in Israeli ‘occupied territory’ is killed by a mortar attack from Gaza territory, the Israel PM threatened that heavy vengeance would be enacted for the attack – and it was.

In the summer of 2014, Israel’s answer to Palestinian militants’ action and Israel’s total fatality of 71 people (66 soldiers, and seven civilians, including the one child), some 469 soldiers injured (262 civilians many just ‘stressed’), was the retaliatory heavy price of massive destruction in the tiny Gaza Strip with a third of the inhabitants subsequently displaced, the estimated death of at least 2,100 Palestinians (nearly three quarters civilians), among them more than 400 children, some 11,000 injured (a third children), with a thousand left permanently disabled.

Israeli response to militant groups’ attacks are neither measured nor proportionate as required by law, is it? The UN itself describe it as disproportionate & indiscriminate force, don’t they? Is it any wonder then that Palestinians hate Israeli Jews or indeed all Jews? The Israelis don’t subscribe to the principle of proportionality, do they? They seem to believe that it is quite acceptable to slaughter say a hundred innocent people including women and children in a building as long as they claim they avoid it being a war crime by targeting one combatant – many of us don’t agree, do we

The Israeli Jews certainly seem to have learned a lot about oppression, destruction, and killing from the Germans, who for example razed an entire French village and violently murdered 642 of its inhabitants, including women and children, who were all massacred because of partisan activity in a nearby village: then the example of another village in Czechoslovakia which was completely destroyed by German forces in reprisal for an assassination, with 184 men executed, 184 women and 88 children deported to concentration camps; where most of them were gassed: oh yes there were others as well with little known nigh-on five hundred Ukrainian villages, including one which the Germans burned to the ground and killed all its 2,892 population of men, women and children – another two dozen villages suffered a similar fate.

British Jews are skewing our society with a widespread and invasive Jewish lobby who have perpetrated theories of an anti-Jewish conspiracy and have started a fire about anti-Semitism here and are further fuelling it in a dangerous manner – there is likely to be a blowback that hits them in the face. Britain one of the most tolerant and multicultural nations the world has ever seen. Consequently, it has one of the least anti-Semitic societies in the world, so being harassed about Judaism is counterproductive, surely?

It should be understandable that here people’s negative attitude to Israel and its actions of blood on its hands, will have a knock-on adverse image effect on ordinary Jews in Britain, particularly as their most senior leaders make controversial and provocative public announcements in support of Israeli actions. This is exceptionally so, because there seems to be a trait for loyalty to their religion and all its practitioners, to be greater than their loyalty to this Country – so when that loyalty even is further transferred to the foreign land of Israel, that produces a backlash, doesn’t it?

What the British people want is for Jews to understand that if they are to continue to remain an honoured and respected community in our midst, that they should stop morally supporting another country and empowering it to enable questionable behaviour, and get on with practicing their religious faith here in peace unmolested.

In the UK like all places, we have existing on the margins of our society, a marginalised group of bigoted nutcases who embark on hate campaigns, or in extreme cases violent attacks, against other groups for whatever misplaced reasons. Community action is taken and they get dealt with IF they break the law, without fear or favour. However the Jewish leaders and lobby want UK (and Europe-wide) legislation outlawing anti-Semitism (as hostility or prejudice specifically against Jews), and calls for legal action against those preaching or spreading hate on social media. Rightly or wrongly, some countries have laws against actual Holocaust denial (the denial of Germany’s systematic genocidal killing of millions of ethnic minorities in Europe, not just Jews), but that has been rejected hence isn’t so in the UK, is it? Also the term anti-Semitism is being surreptitiously manipulated to mean ‘racist’ and that is simply because THAT is illegal in this Country, you see?

In the UK we have a really big problem to deal with regarding the Islamic religion, rather than Judaism. It is unfortunate that ordinary Muslins are increasingly being looked on with suspicion, because of the sickening atrocities and actions of Islamic terrorists and ISIS, and that is rapidly developing into Islamophobia (prejudice against Muslims) by the ignorant intolerant idiots in our midst. That is another religion though that apparently can’t take criticism, so we see vile murderous retribution by the extremists, don’t we? Many of us think that it is reprehensible for writers, cartoonists and filmmakers to insult a religion’s beliefs and history, but the principles of free speech protect the right of such expression, so Muslims (and Jews) need to come to terms with that, certainly in the UK (and in America by the 1st Amendment), don’t they?


[The UK’s continuing support in its science, business, economic and business ties, and military trade (not least through arming Israel), means that we in the UK are also culpable for their activities in the Middle East, so perhaps anti-Semitism isn’t the greatest problem facing Britain, eh?]

American President ‘Donald Trump’ verses North Korean Supreme Leader ‘Kim Jong-un’ – the fight of the century?

Just seven months ago in August, there was President Donald Trump [in power since 2017] on our screens in a characteristic outburst, ranting with verbal jousting at Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un [in power since 2011] with reciprocal dire threats against North Korea: ”They will be met with fire, fury and frankly power, the likes of which this world has never seen before”.

The fact is that when it came to it, Kim simply called Trump’s bluff and bluster and carried-on with his ambitious plan to develop ‘deliverable’ nuclear-armed missiles, didn’t he?

Yes, so later the same month, blatantly undeterred, that hostile nation launched yet another test missile over Japan and into the Pacific Ocean. Trump’s curt response was talking is not the answer

Then just the next month at the United Nations General Assembly, Trump disgraced his high office by resorting to the name-calling of Kim as rocket man [Kim responded by describing the American president as a “senior dotard” (i.e. an oldster in his dotage; someone whose age has impaired his intellect)], and Trump threatening North Korea further with ‘annihilation’: “We will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea if provoked”.

[Hardly in the UN spirit of fostering peace and global cooperation, do you think? Also, you see, Trump not being much of a African enthusiast, doesn’t ascribe to its ancient maxim “speak softly and carry a big stick”, as was embraced over a hundred years ago in President Roosevelt’s ideology for foreign policy, eh?]

The problem with Trump is that when he says something with unmeasured tone, it’s not quite clear whether he means it or not, eh?

Now, those sceptics of us still with our feet still on the ground, well know that this kind of ‘tough-guy’ talk doesn’t actually work in the real world, and that only decisive action is effective, if the much preferred route of diplomacy eventually fails, don’t we?

Well, indeed the UN Security Council’s unanimous approval of additional sanctions against North Korea last December was a major diplomatic achievement and showed the effectiveness of diplomatic power, because that is likely to have much more direct impact on Kim’s regime than provocative abusive rhetoric – not that he gives a jot about the suffering of the North Korean people, indeed? [Those sanctions further strangle its energy supplies and tighten restrictions on smuggling and the use of North Korean workers overseas].

But don’t underestimate the immediate and impending seriousness of the potential conflict situation facing the World that North Korea [Pyongyang capital & power base] presents, will you?

Well, during 2016, Kim initially seized the opportunity, while the U.S. was comatose with the American presidential election process, to renew its nuclear testing programme by conducting two major nuclear test explosions within 8 months [in January (its 4th such nuclear test, claimed to be of a “miniaturised” hydrogen bomb), and then followed that in September (their 5th test delivering their then ‘biggest-ever’ explosive yield – a blatant show of defiance indeed, immediately following the U.S. and South Korea holding of their annual joint military exercises)]

Last year, as wet-behind-the-ears President Trump assumed control as America’s Commander-in-Chief, what followed was North Korea’s first test of an intercontinental ballistic missile (an ICBM has a range of greater than some 3,000 miles) – which it (falsely?) claims could reach “anywhere in the world”, as part of a ramp up and rapid progress by Kim’s missile program, allowing it clearly to perfect the technology with each launch – firing 23 missiles with only a few failures, during 16 tests (the last one flying higher and farther than any other missile of theirs, and which landed in Japan’s exclusive economic zone.

Then last September (2017), North Korea followed-up by conducting another major and its 6th ‘nuclear’ test – reportedly a hydrogen bomb, which was noted to be its still most powerful explosion yet, with seismic data analyzed by experts putting it close to a whopping 250 kilotons, or nearly 17 times more powerful than the American bomb that flattened Hiroshima.

Now whether or not North Korea actually ‘currently’ has a military arsenal that can viably target the U.S. mainland is disputable, but nevertheless it is certainly not far off, is it? No, those in the know, have predicted that North Korea will have succeeded in pairing nuclear warhead with ICBM, just THIS year, haven’t they? Yep, and that is why Kim is likely to want to buy some more time and throw the U.S. off the scent by pretending ‘once again’ to halt his nuclear program and its delivery functionality, isn’t it?

Now, what you need to know is that North Korea has form when it comes to hoodwinking the US and the international community over its nuclear and missile ambitions. Well, that reaches as far back as 33 years (1985) when it first signed the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), but carried on regardless to actually develop nuclear weapons (2003). Two years later it agreed to give-up it all in exchange for aid, but just a year after that nevertheless conducted a missile test – as a consequence it was hit with UN sanctions. Predictably, the following year (2007) it ‘agreed’ to close its main nuclear reactor in exchange for aid and then subsequently persuaded the United States to remove it from the list of ‘terrorist states’. Nevertheless, the next year in 2009 it then conducted its 2nd nuclear test – as a consequence it got given UN sanctions.

This pattern of duplicity most certainly continued when Kim Jong-un assumed power, upholding his father’s policy of pursuing a military deterrent and shrugging off international pressure, whence in 2012 North Korea pledged to halt its nuclear programme (including suspending nuclear missile tests and uranium enrichment, and submit to international monitoring) in exchange for U.S. food aid, [Pyongyang was keen to secure a source of food ahead of the celebrations marking the centenary of the birth of Kim Il-sung, Kim’s grandfather].

Instead, in 2013 North Korea simply continued testing and that included its 3rd nuclear test later that year [having earlier boasted about its it plans to carry out such a new nuclear test and more long-range rocket launches, all of which it said were a part of a new phase of confrontation with the United States – threatening an “upcoming all-out action” targeting the United States, “the sworn enemy of the Korean people,”

And so on and so forth – the North Korea reclusive regime has continuously progressed its nuclear and delivery capability, as the ominous events of the past 2 years has clearly shown, don’t you think?

So after the tensions of these past 7 months, what has happened? Well, much to the shock of Kim Jong-un himself as well as the international community, Donald Trump has surprisingly announced that he will accept an invitation [delivered via South Korean officials], to meet-up with the North Korean ruthless, bellicose, infamous despot for nuclear TALKS, which Trump says is for a deal very much in the making”, no less?

This summit, if it occurs, will come in the wake of Trump last September accusing South Korean President Moon Jae-in of appeasement saying their talk of appeasement with North Korea will not work, they only understand one thing!” because of the South’s earlier efforts to launch peace talks.

All knowing analysts will warn that this is another madness by Trump, as Kim’s modus operandi is to be seen at home, in no uncertain terms, to be the supreme force behind his country’s potential international nuclear power standing [encapsulated by his uttering in approving the country’s fourth nuclear test in January 2016 “The entire world will look up to us”], as it will give Kim an easy massive PR victory without the U.S. securing anything in return, won’t it?

You can bet your bottom dollar that we will see zero concrete steps and zilch concrete action, from North Korea on halting its progress towards nuclear weapon status, or dismantling that nation’s rapidly advancing nuclear weapons program, before Kim meets the president of the United States next month – an historic event indeed, since NO sitting U.S. president has met ANY North Korea leader EVER [neither Kim nor his father nor grandfather]. Furthermore, to put that in context, ‘reclusive’ Kim has neither met North Korea’s benefactor, the neighbouring Chinese President Xi Jinping, nor for that matter ANY other foreign leader since coming to power].

Trump’s naivety on this issue is nothing short of breathtaking, isn’t it? He seems to think that his experience as a business wheeler-dealer backed by enforceable laws (but with NONE completed successfully in Congress, let alone on the international stage) will allow him to upstage the leader of a totalitarian state, known as a brutal conniving duplicitous dictator and anti-Yank evil moron, who terminates anyone who gets in his way (and that included his uncle and his own estranged elder step-brother in Malaysia, didn’t it?).

US Presidents just don’t go into such a witches cauldron – they send experienced officials or even their Secretary of State. Not Trump, he has instead just sacked his former top diplomat Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Mind you, that is precisely the man that Trump criticised last October, for his efforts to open a dialogue with North Korea, telling him in a tweet that he was “wasting his time trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man”.

Realistically nothing will be achieved in these proposed talks, because all Kim wants is to buy time, doesn’t he? Even if there is a cast iron agreement in return for further American aid, it will all come to nothing, as we have seen it all before from North Korea and nothing has changed; there can be no trust in them; they broke the agreement the last time, the time before that, and the time before that.

Yes, then Kim will probably conduct another ICBM test to further prove its range and demonstrate that he does have the capability of attacking the American mainland – he may even retest his nuclear weapon to prove North Korea has a reliable, deliverable bomb. Thereafter, he will confidently attack the South with conventional weapons to force the Korean unification that has been his country’s ambition since the 1950s, won’t he? You see, North Korea despite being economically weak has massive military strength, and will easily overrun the South, won’t it?


[America will certainly NOT embark on a second Korean war, so the die is cast, and has been for some time because ‘President Obama’ did zilch on the international front in his time – so ‘democracy’ is now facing extinction for South Korea]

‘Theresa May’ (British Prime Minister) identified & blamed RUSSIA for the nerve-agent attack in England, as did ‘Donald Trump’ (President of United States), ‘Justin Trudeau’ (Prime Minister of Canada), ‘Emanuel Macron’ (President of France), ‘Angela Merkel’ (Chancellor of Germany) – but certainly NOT ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ (Leader of the Opposition & British Labour Party)?


Many of us watching or listening to events in the British Parliament yesterday did so with ‘open mouths’ when Jeremy Corbyn responded on behalf of the Opposition to Prime Minister Theresa May’s compelling statement about the disgraceful, unprecedented, irresponsible, brazen, nerve agent attack on people in Salisbury.

We had all fully expected him to stand shoulder to shoulder with the PM and with our security forces, to give them his full-blooded support to putting Russia in the World dock for this disgraceful attack on British people, involving the first offensive use on the European continent of banned chemical weapons since World War 2.

Instead, he unashamedly failed to denounce Russia and alternatively backed the Kremlin’s dismissive and demeaning response to the UK’s demand that they immediately explain how a weapon known to be ONLY in their hands, had been deployed to try to assassinate individuals on our soil. Rather than being behind his Country in standing-up to Russia, he chose to try (but failed) to make political capital.

Now we have come to fully understand that Corbyn while being a proclaimed far-left socialist (or even being a communist fellow traveller?), is equally a big lover of Russia and the power of the Kremlin. Nevertheless, when it comes to matters of this Country’s security and the protection of our own citizens, we had the right to expect him to denounce those Russian cretins in no uncertain terms, don’t you think? Yes, and so does the bulk of Labour MPs, as well as the mass of Labour supporters throughout the Country.

In what should have been a situation for a show of close-knitness and inter-party solidarity, with a circled-wagon type defence against unwarranted disgraceful aggression, it was turned by a disgraceful Corbyn into an opportunistic political attack on the Government of the day. Whereas ALL the other parties backed the Government, one man has isolated the Labour party by refusing to name Russia in condemnation of this foreign government when it has just attacked our Country with chemical weapons.

[Indeed at the time of WW2, Labour’s major politicians joined the Conservatives under Winston Churchill in a coalition, and they were Clement Attlee, Sir Stafford Cripps, Herbert Morrison, Ernest Bevin, and Arthur Greenwood; they were joined by 3 from other parties as well].

Other countries have quickly issued unequivocal condemnations of Russia and share the UK’s assessment that there is no other plausible explanation of who was responsible for the attack

Today, in a joint statement the leaders of France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, the US blamed Moscow for a brazen nerve agent attack  on a Russian double agent and his daughter on British soil on March 4.

At the United Nations, Nikki Haley in her statement on behalf of the US, said:

“Let me make one thing clear from the very beginning: the United States stands in absolute solidarity with Great Britain. The United States believes that Russia is responsible for the attack on two people in the United Kingdom using a military-grade nerve agent.”

“This was no common crime. It was an unlawful use of force, a violation of … the United nations charter, the basis of the international legal order”.

A joint communique reads:

“The United Kingdom briefed thoroughly its allies that it was highly likely that Russia was responsible for the attack. We share the UK assessment that there is no plausible alternative explanation, and note that Russia´s failure to address the legitimate request by the UK government further underlines its responsibility.

“We call on Russia to address all questions related to the attack in Salisbury. Russia should in particular provide full and complete disclosure of the Novichok programme to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).”

The nations said the use of a “military-grade nerve agent, of a type developed by Russia” was the first offensive use of a nerve agent in Europe since the Second World War, was an “assault on UK sovereignty” and a clear violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention and a breach of international law.

The statement went on to raise concerns “against the background of a pattern of earlier irresponsible Russian behaviour”,

The Australian high commissioner to the UK, Alexander Downer, has stated his country is “right behind” the UK over the “Russian outrage”.

Even European Council president Donald Tusk said: “Irrespective of BREXIT and the tough negotiations, I would like to express my full solidarity with Prime Minister Theresa May in the face of the brutal attack, which was inspired, most likely, by Moscow


[Many of us had seriously doubted if ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ would be capable of carrying the heady responsibility placed on the shoulders of any British Prime Minister, but did he really have to prove he couldn’t be trusted and that his politics were more important to him than his Country?]


Attempted assassination in rural England of two people of ‘Russian birth’ [but one a “British Citizen”] by as yet unidentified responsible perpetrators, but who here is part accountable – ‘Theresa May’?


British people can be somewhat old-fashioned perhaps, but nevertheless we all are rightfully shocked that in 2018 a foreign country has the audacity to set out to assassinate a ‘targeted’ British Citizen on our soil, murder his daughter, kill a hero police officer, and moreover in the process endanger the lives of countless unsuspecting men, women, and children who happened to be in the vicinity [apparently about 40 sought treatment].

Oh yes, indeed we expect to see that kind of goings-on, during the fantasy events on the big screen, but certainly not on the placid streets of Wiltshire’s medieval cathedral city of Salisbury. Yet that is where Sergei Skripal in his sixties together with his daughter Yulia Skripal, only in her thirties, were taken-down by perpetrators using a most deadly ‘nerve-agent’, whence over a week later with medical help they still fight for their lives, which may well still be lost.

WHO would carry out such a dastardly act in our beloved Country, WHY did they want to do it, and HOW do they expect to get away with it, eh?

It was quite clear from the outset that Russia was the ‘Who’ behind these attempted murders, but Prime Minister Theresa May has been reluctant to point the finger of blame until yesterday. Many of us might think that was because rightly identifying Russia as the culprit also will raise suspicions of her own accountability on the sickening matter, don’t you think?

The reason for the attempted hit is simply that Mr Skripal was a ‘double agent’ from over a decade ago – a Russian spy who for financial reward turned British spy and provided invaluable information to the UK. On the other side of the coin we have had British spies who have become double-agents providing our secrets to Russia. Some people will say it is all ‘reprehensible’, but that is the dirty world of spying, isn’t it?

However, spy Skripal was exposed by yet another double agent and was understandably thrown in a Russian penal colony jail to rot! However, he was subsequently “exchanged” some eight years ago by the Russians in a swop for some of their own spies who had been caught in America, eh? Some people will say it is all ‘reprehensible’, but that is the dirty world of spying, isn’t it? Thereafter, Skripal came to settle quietly and openly with his wife, son & daughter in southern England. That of course made him an easy target for revenge killing, didn’t it?

His very close daughter Yulia had previously lived with him in England for 5 years but for some reason had then returned to Russia’s capital Moscow, was simply visiting him [as of the day before], as she frequently did, at the time of the attack.

Tellingly, only last year, her older 43 year old brother Alexander, died of liver failure while on holiday in Russia’s St Petersburg, at the age of 43. Very strange, indeed?

It has yet to be established how and when the nerve-agent was administered to the Skripals but it is known that it was some considerable time before the victims collapsed in a local park.

Now without doubt, the individuals who actually carried out this provocative Russian State disgusting chemical warfare attack on our streets, using Novichok Russia’s rare, virtually undetectable, military-grade advanced nerve-agent, will inevitably be identified by our own outstanding security services – but they will have been long gone before the victims had been found, identified, or even the penny dropped for the authorities, don’t you think?

[Nerve agents disrupt normal messaging from the nerves to the muscles that are essential for body functions, so cause muscles to become paralysed, and consequentially likely death].

The single person behind this outrage clearly is Russian’s President Vladimir Putin and the ‘Why’ is because he is currently under re-election in 5 days time, and that explains the timing as he wants to unashamedly show the Russian people that he is so powerful he can kill anybody he chooses, enemies or opponents, whether in Russia or anywhere else in the big-wide-World, as demonstrable by carrying out a brazen attack in England, the home of democracy and a place of protection for its Citizens.

Nevertheless, Putin knows from past experience that Britain is these days a pussycat when it comes to taking aggressive action against outside predators – long gone is the spunk needed to repel foreign invaders as previously evidenced by the Churchill spirit, unfortunately?

Now not only did Putin ‘fully expect’ Russia to be identified as implicated in the attack but he wanted it to become worldwide news because that was exactly the kind of exposure he wanted for his tyrannical image before votes were cast in their election.

Putin thinks Russia can act with impunity as he knows that Britain’s response will once again be lacklustre, be obtuse and ineffective, not least as we are not in a position to hurt Russia in any meaningful way, can we? If anything, he wants the UK to announce actions like diplomats’ expulsions and World Cup boycott, so that he can claim that we are simply an “enemy of Russia”. He further knows it will not present Theresa May with an opportunity to show leadership because she has her work cut-out already to show anything of the kind on BREXIT, eh?

Equally, he fears nothing from the EU when its powerhouse Germany is politically comatose and is utterly dependant on Russian gas [about 40% of its needs with some 65% of its energy imported, as it now lacks domestic resources], and indeed over half of the total EU’s energy is imported].

Neither can the UK expect strong effective support from America [and therefore not NATO?] for tough action to be taken against Russia, simply because President Trump will block it since he won’t want to black-ball them while HE is under critical investigation for accepting their help to get elected, will he?

What people need to appreciate that Putin is no different to other Russian leaders in the preferred use of liquidating murders to eliminate all opposition and perceived enemies or those who would not submit, which was evident from the terror days of Stalin, and moreover Putin has himself introduced a law a decade or more ago to give state authority to committing murders in other countries. Also then of course Putin in a television broadcast in 2010 publically boasted that “Traitors will kick the bucket. Trust me”. Russia’s assassins are protected and awarded state honours.

Now this is not the first time we have seen Russian or Soviet bloc assassination attacks in this Country, is it? No, it is an outrage that goes back a long time and in recent times on our soil, there have seen at least a dozen suspicious deaths in some way connected to the Russian state, which have been inadequately investigated – WHY?

The elderly amongst us will well remember the murder 40 years ago of Georgi Markov a Bulgarian dissident who was killed on London’s Waterloo Bridge with an umbrella gun firing a ricin toxin pellet into his ankle.

Much more recently we all witnessed the distressing images of a British naturalised Russian defector and senior ex-intelligence officer Alexander Litvinenko on his deathbed 11 years ago when he movingly said in his last statement

“…this may be the time to say one or two things to the person responsible for my present condition. You may succeed in silencing me but that silence comes at a price. You have shown yourself to be as barbaric and ruthless as your most hostile critics have claimed. You have shown yourself to have no respect for life, liberty or any civilized value. You have shown yourself to be unworthy of your office, to be unworthy of the trust of civilized men and women. You may succeed in silencing one man but the howl of protest from around the world will reverberate, Mr Putin, in your ears for the rest of your life. May God forgive you for what you have done, not only to me but to beloved Russia and its people”

[A public inquiry on 21 January 2016 concluded that Mr Litvinenko’s murder was indeed probably approved by President Putin]

This was a man had had fled to Britain at the start of this century as he was a major critic of the Putin regime who was then given political asylum here (but not properly protected when offered safety, nor given justice after death), and he was killed by radioactive polonium-210, believed to have been administered in a cup of tea at a central London hotel. The perpetrators were of course identified but had fled back to Russia and have never been brought to justice.

When Mr Litvinenko was murdered in our capital, PM Blair headed the Government, when his death was attributed to polonium-210 and when a named Russian was identified who should be charged with murder. PM Brown had taken over later when the Russians refused to extradite the man accused. No action was taken against Russia.

The inquest faced major delays because both the UK and Russian governments were slow to disclose documents, so it wasn’t until 2013 that the coroner called for a public inquiry into Mr Litvinenko’s death, so it could hear secret evidence to properly establish the circumstances of the killing and hear evidence of alleged Russian state involvement.

However, PM Cameron’s Home Secretary Theresa May disgracefully blocked the holding of a public inquiry into the death and advised that ‘UK-Russian relations were a “factor” in the government’s decision’.

Nevertheless, wife Marina Litvinenko went to the High Court to fight legally and successfully forced a public inquiry on the Government, and that inquiry finally reported 2 years ago, confirming that there had been Russian state involvement at the top level.

To all intents and purposes, Theresa May did nothing about Alexander Litvinenko’s murder and that lack of effective action or robust response and retaliatory measures or punishment, in a clear-cut case, must have played a part in Russia’s attitude with carrying on their murderous activities in the UK, and it simply signed the death warrants of those who have been targeted.

After Litvinenko’s murder, PM Theresa May had vowed to “take every step to protect the UK and its people from such a crime ever being repeated”, but it hasn’t happened, has it?


[Sergei Skripal and Yulia Skripal might well blame their plight and lack of protection on Theresa May]


Alexander Litvinenko - MURDERED

Alexander Litvinenko – MURDERED



The Oxfam scandal has exposed the Charity Sector charade – has the bubble finally burst?

       charity dfid 

Just 2 years ago a post here Charity, Overseas Aid, Volunteering – all worth it or not?’ outlined and identified how the major charities had simply become major cash-cow “businesses”, run and staffed by fat-cats each raking in hundreds of thousands of pounds in salaries, expenses and accommodation costs, from the over-generous British public’s “donations”, given in the rightful expectation that their hard-earned cash would actually be used by dedicated humanitarian relief workers only for the good causes that was the intention to support.

It may have come as a shock, but certainly as no surprise, to those of us who now view the major charities with some cynicism, to see the Oxfam scandal of sexual misconduct exposed a month ago, did it?

No, but it is a telling fact that the exposé didn’t come about through the diligent actions of the correct or appropriate functions and authorities like say the ‘head-in-the-sand’ Government, nor the ‘toothless’ Charity Commission [there is no rigorous monitoring of charities’ activities], nor the ‘protection challenged’ Independent Safeguarding Authority, not the Department for International Development (Dfid), nor any other blinking ‘blindfolded’ regulatory body, eh?

No, the truth about what goes on ONLY came out, as often seems to be the case in the biggest and worst scandals, through dogged investigatory journalism – on this occasion by The Times newspaper, the charity’s former head of safeguarding being a whistle-blower.

The initial reports concerning sexual exploitation, use of prostitutes (even possibly children), the downloading of pornography, bullying and intimidation, have been further amplified by yet further revelations about the secret seedy side of aid work with numerous allegations rape, sexual abuse, sex parties and the like, that involved many other major agencies in addition to Oxfam, all operating within a culture of impunity

[it is quite worrying that moves are afoot just now at Parliament to introduce data protection laws changes that would halt that kind of publication in its tracks, whereby the freedom of the press is threatened in a way that would muzzle it to make it impossible to expose the likes of what happened at Oxfam – surely representing a gift horse to perverts?

Oh yes, Oxfam at the top knew full well about what was going on as of eight years ago when they hushed it all up, brushed the failures of the organisation under the carpet, and worse still, not only allowed the perpetrators to get away with it but ‘knowingly’ allowed them to ‘move-on’ without a stain on their characters to the fresh pastures of other ‘unsuspecting’ charities to adulterate and contaminate them as well –sometimes working in even more senior and higher paid roles, disgusting, surely? They now claim the reason for their unacceptable “cover-up” was ‘to protect their missions’. That is of course a bit disingenuous because a prime motivator was without dou8bt to protect their own massive indulgent salaries and future careers, don’t you think?

Many of us have long since “given-up” on giving our money to the big-boys of the charity sector because those mammoth organisations have become so focused on themselves that they have lost sight of their true objectives, their targeted missions and their endemic self-respect – all in favour of business growth, power and influence, personal enrichment and gain, self-gratification and enjoyment.

They are now stuffed-full of hard-nosed, morally corrupt, money grabbing morons, who have destroyed the good name of the organisations they have imbedded themselves into. You just have to look-at their progressing charity backgrounds and you will see that invariably they consist of a cynical career path with one smaller charity simply becoming a stepping stone to a bigger totally different charity, with no loyalty and zero commitment shown to the one left behind, nor indeed the new one.

Many of us are reeling from the obscene unwarranted the profits creamed-off by the likes of Camelot (National Lottery), as well as executives’ ‘snout in the trough’ salaries and spend of the biggest charities.

[Average UK salary is £27,271 according to the parliament’s ONS: Average Amount paid to the highest earner working for a general charity is £186,000 and the Median Average is £165,000: our Prime Minister’s total salary is £149,440].

You see, the senior people and those at the top of the massive currently ‘unaccountable’ charities, are very powerful indeed, and we know full well that ‘power corrupts’ and moreover it creates an illusion of sexual ‘entitlement’ – we have the glaring USA examples from the past of sleazebag Presidents like Kennedy and Clinton, together with the more recent Hollywood sex scandals, outing and bringing-down of titan power players like Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Brett Ratner.

It is well-known that sexual predators, paedophiles and the like, deliberately head for careers where they can systematically apply for jobs and lurk there unnoticed, while successfully presenting to others with a caring, charming, attractive, hard-working, and competent image while winning affection and trust, then to employ the tactics of implied force and threats to abuse the vulnerable. That is exactly what they have done within charities and why there should have been properly effective vetting systems there and stringent governance procedures in place.

However, most of the ‘true’ aid sector workers (many of them unpaid volunteers) are people to be admired and lauded, but when it comes to the dominating power of senior executives,there is a power imbalance in need of urgent correction to ensure each organisation meets its duty of care to both their staff and some of the world’s most vulnerable people they serve, whence the roles of child protection or safeguarding experts needs to become paramount, doesn’t it?

The juggernaut charity outfits basically con the British public and indeed our government [0.7% of gross national income goes on aid spending] plus other populations, to pull-in some 10 billion pounds by manipulating the feelings of caring people using emotive heartstring-tugging expensive campaigns on television, in newspapers, with mailshots, use of the internet and employing all other media in all imaginable ways – when a large volume of cash donated doesn’t end-up at the intended destination.

Solicitations do successfully pull in enormous funds by use of pleading, aggressively, overbearing and persistently public requests [Will bequests, bank standing orders, telephone calling, giving programmes, mobile text donations, street collections, face-to-face doorstep cold-calling, charity events or functions].

Meanwhile the media are currently even under attack by some charities’ lawyers in attempts to block articles and publication of allegations of harassment or inappropriate behaviour towards women.

The terrible saga brought about by Oxfam’s crass behaviour has not only blighted the UK charitable sector’s reputation and destroyed the already fragile confidence of the public in it, but has done untold damage to people’s confidence in the work of major aid agencies as a whole.



The charitable sector needs to be honest about past mistakes and urgently correct them. It must do all it can to win back the trust of the British public, because the money its caring people are prepared to give, can help to save many thousands of lives and alleviate widespread suffering]