The ‘Civil Liberties’ of Terrorists – much more important than the ‘Lives’ of innocent British men, women, and children victims?

A further terrorist plot succeeded in London last Saturday night – no surprise there then as we all knew that the authorities aren’t actually in control of that aspect of our lives anymore, didn’t we? How did we know, then? Because they have told us so, and told us so, time and time again, haven’t […]

The aftermath of Manchester’s grief – needed words of wisdom and comfort?

   Twenty-one years ago, in Manchester, England, on Saturday 15 June 1996 in the very late morning, a bombing attack was carried out by the Provisional Irish Republican Army. They detonated a 1,500-kilogram truck bomb on Corporation Street in the centre of Manchester [the biggest ever bomb the IRA ever exploded on the British mainland, […]

A Terrorist attack in London – the naivety of the response?

Just two weeks ago, about this time on Wednesday afternoon, a lone-wolf deranged Muslim terrorist, no doubt inspired by others and terrorist propaganda, carried out an 82 second attack at the heart of British democracy in Westminster London. The atrocity started with him deliberately mowing down crowds of many dozens of pedestrians on the pavement […]

Finally the sentence is delivered for murderer Oscar Pistorius –about time but another travesty too, surely?

Reeva Steenkamp murdered by Oscar Pistorius Oscar Pistorius has been sentenced to only 6 years in jail for the murder of Reeva Steenkamp – an insult to common justice, surely? Any hope and prayers we might have had for Judge Masipa to do what is right to administer justice for Reeva Steenkamp, were dashed again […]

Oscar Pistorius in Court AGAIN to face South African Justice – WHAT Justice though?

Reeva Steenkamp murdered by Oscar Pistorius Its déjà vu time again isn’t it with Oscar Pistorius back in court facing once again sentencing for his crimes? This time for the murder of Reeva Steenkamp. Oh yes he was there before for the exact same reason 2 months ago, when he was simply released on further […]

Murderer Oscar Pistorius still remains free – are we surprised?

Reeva Steenkamp murdered by Oscar Pistorius In early March the post ‘Convicted Murderer Oscar Pistorius finally bites the dust – or will he really?’ suggested that many of us would be unsurprised if his smart-arsed legal eagles pulled another smart card from their sleeve, to get him some special kind of dispensation and treatment – […]

“Yesterday” – do YOU remember it?

“Yesterday” Yesterday all my trouble seemed so far away Now it looks as though they’re here to stay Oh I believe in yesterday Suddenly I’m not half the man I used to be There’s a shadow hanging over me Oh yesterday game suddenly Why she had to go I don’t know She wouldn’t say I […]

Convicted Murderer Oscar Pistorius finally bites the dust – or will he really?

Reeva Steenkamp killed & indeed murdered Anyone around the World who has paid any interest whatsoever in the case of Oscar Pistorius, will have been aghast at his crime when he murdered girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, repeatedly blasting her away with a gun in the night, and his subsequent unbelievably soft and indulgent treatment by the […]

Oscar Pistorius and a plan for a law degree at a ‘London University’ – is that a credible matter?

Reeva Steenkamp killed & indeed murdered We all perhaps tended to ignore it at the time, when an inappropriately smirking Pistorius announced at his latest bail hearing last December that he ‘needed’ daily internet access, so that he could pursue his studies on a business with law degree at a London University (unspecified of course, […]

Oscar Pistorius plays the discrimination card – we should all have guessed that was coming, shouldn’t we?

Reeva Steenkamp killed & indeed murdered In his latest recently lodged Constitutional Court appeal papers, Oscar Pistorius claims that the South African Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) in finding him guilty of murder, was discriminating against him because of his ‘disability’ – this is a little bit rich coming from someone who has fought, and […]