A Drug-Takers Paradise – the UK?

Drug misuse England in 2015, some two-and-a-half thousand drug misuse deaths (highest level ever recorded) and in 2015/16, twenty-four thousand drug-related hospital admissions [mental health, behavioural disorders, poisoning (a dramatic increase over a decade)]. In England & Wales, at the last count there were around nearly ‘three million’ silly adults still taking illicit drugs. Even […]

BREXIT: Britain IS leaving the ‘European Union’ – but a DIVORCE?

  Well, just over ten months ago, the whole of the United Kingdom voted in a referendum and made a historic decision at last to leave the EU – the first country EVER to do so. One of the biggest drivers for that was the glaring fact that that democracy challenged outfit could not be […]

The Scots and another Independence Referendum – be scared of what you wish for?

What the Scots don’t understand is that the English are sick and tired of them as a nation banging-on about ‘independence’. You see, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind south of the border that the UK would be much better-off without Scotland so would be well shot of it, and indeed we would do […]

“BREXIT” – where the heck is it going?

  We all know that when you order a steak in a restaurant they always ask you “how would you like it”, don’t they? By that they mean of course, how would you like it ‘cooked’, and that is really all about how long under the grill or in the frying pan the chef leaves […]

“O BREXIT, BREXIT, wherefore art thou BREXIT”?

  For the first time in more than 40 years, the population of the UK has been allowed to have its say on a major policy matter of great concern to us, when we were finally allowed to vote on being in the European Union – a political merger of countries that had metamorphosed the […]

No one knows what BREXIT means – what a load of RUBBISH?

  The latest fallacy frequently peddled by the BREXIT deniers is that there is utter confusion over what it actually means. Annoyingly, this facade is regularly and frequently compounded by media commentators giving it ongoing credence – and that is playing into the hands of those morons who are intent on overturning the decision of […]

The ‘brand new’ Theresa May Government – what to think?

Remainers in Cabinet: 18              Leavers in Cabinet: 7 Remainers sacked: 5             Leavers sacked: 5 All the political pundits, never mind the unknowing general public, got a massive shock with not only the speed at which Prime Minister Theresa May put her stamp on the Government, but with the unexpected level of bloodletting – one suspects […]

Theresa May – FACT or FICTION?

The front runner candidate (indeed winner), for being the next UK Prime Minister, was the one of gravitas who we were told reeks of Cabinet experience, and is of course Theresa May. However, if the truth be known she logs up only half a dozen years at that, and that ALL has been in a […]

Andrea Leadsom – Trick or Treat?

The underdog candidate and indeed looser, for being the next UK Prime Minister, was the one of lightness who we were told was lacking of Cabinet experience, and is of course Andrea Leadsom, who just yesterday withdrew her candidacy for the job before the vote was to go out to the Party Members. The first […]

All the establishment’s big guns were blazing–well they weren’t needed to coerce Tory Party Members though were they?

Theresa May will be our next British Prime Minister in a couple of day’s time, and that has been instant determined today, so hopefully she will now have everyone’s support, won’t she? Understandably, if disappointingly for some, Andrea Leadson decided this was not her time and today with some credibility handed over the Conservative Leadership […]