President of France ‘Marine Le Pen’ [Front National] – unthinkable?

   Traditionally, we lot in Britain don’t pay much heed to what is happening in France or occurring election-wise there over the channel, do we? No, not least because it is a country full of the French who insist in talking French instead of English when we visit, they deliberately always have a different time […]

Arsenal Manager Arsène Wenger – on the way out? UPDATED

Updated 27 April Arsenal are in the FA Cup Final AGAIN, and will face Chelsea at Wembley Stadium in just a month’s time. Of course, Arsenal have won before what has become the most iconic of all football competitions, which is the oldest recognised football tournament in the world. It will be their third final […]

The pollsters keep getting it wrong and that seriously misleads the Country – time to rein them in?

  This weekend the public have faced conflicting newspaper headlines about peoples voting intentions in this June’s UK General Election, as identified by major opinion polling organisations. “Tory lead is slashed in half …. Bombshell MoS poll shows May plummeting by 11 points….denting hopes of landside” – The Mail on Sunday (a Conservative Party supporting […]

Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn 2017 – LOL?

On last Thursday morning, Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn held a big meeting to kick-off Labour’s General Election campaign on its first day. Now indeed, he made a rare rousing first official speech, to the delight of hordes of loyal lefty supporters who were cheering him to the rafters, but will it actually inspire the UK […]

UK snap General Election June 2017 – surprise surprise?

Yesterday morning, 18 April 2017, on the first day of MPs return to Parliament, our Prime Minister Theresa May theatrically unexpectedly announced from outside Number 10 Downing Street, that she was calling a surprise General Election to be held on the 8th June (so in 7 weeks time when 5 weeks is the minimum allowed). […]

A Terrorist attack in London – the naivety of the response?

Just two weeks ago, about this time on Wednesday afternoon, a lone-wolf deranged Muslim terrorist, no doubt inspired by others and terrorist propaganda, carried out an 82 second attack at the heart of British democracy in Westminster London. The atrocity started with him deliberately mowing down crowds of many dozens of pedestrians on the pavement […]