The BREXIT deniers carry on their fight to thwart British democracy – will they succeed though?

 A decade ago the LibDems said ‘the people should have a say’

the UKs ‘joining’ EU stamps

the EU puzzle misfit

The undeniable fact is that the UK never ever fitted into the European Union project. Indeed, back in 1973 when by a large majority the UK voted to ‘remain’ in the European Common Market as it was then, it was clear to many of us who vote against, that it would inevitably ‘evolve’ in a manner and with an objective that would create a political government for Europe – and so it did twenty years later when the European Union burst like an alien from its torso. With complete metamorphosis it had changed from an inert larva stage and erupted as a slimy ugly eel-like creature rather than as a beautiful butterfly.

The whole point of the EU project was to steadily coerce member countries to renounce their national status, and hand over power to unelected bureaucrats, so that a European superstate could emerge, aka the united states of Europe. Surely, as that became ‘in the face’ evident to the masses here, there would be rebellion in the ranks and we serfs would challenge the elite establishment, who alone benefited from Britain being in the EU, and demand Britain took back control and reclaim our Country as a nation-state, eh?

Oh yes, the people were unexpectedly given the opportunity of BREXIT, but were warned by the Establishment in no uncertain terms that they HAD to vote Remain or else – but they didn’t, did they?

Oblivious to the experience in WWII that Germany’s Joseph Goebbels’ propaganda machine together with Lord Haw-Haw’s attempted demoralizing broadcasts, failed to subdue the British population, the Cameron government embarked on its own ‘Project Fear’ – to no avail it must be said, eh? Encouraged by the example of British grit displayed by their ancestors in the Blitz, the people stood firm and voted “Leave”, didn’t they?

Well, the misinformation promulgated not only by George Osborne’s Treasury lapdogs, but by other EU committed or prone financial institutions like the World Bank, CBI, IMF, who predicted lower economic growth for the UK at 1.2%, 1.3%, & 1.5% respectively, WHEN IN REALITY IN 2017 IT WAS 1.8%, OR the likes of Goldman Sachs’ speculation that the value of the Pound sterling would fall from $1.25 to $1.11 WHEN IN REALITY IT ACTUALLY ROSE TO $1.35, OR the CBI’s predicted slump in 2017 retail sales WHEN IN REALITY THEY ROSE by 1.6%, now rightly has been exposed, hasn’t it?

Nevertheless, we BREXITEERS are under sustained scurrilous attack from all sides by those who will not accept the democratic decision of the Nation. The most disgusting thing about all of it, is that these cretins who are doing their utmost to undermine BREXIT, are just those that were also fully behind us public having the blessed referendum in the first bloody placed, weren’t they? Yep, but that was when they THOUGHT that they were on a clear winner, wasn’t it?

Amongst those are the likes of those beholden to the EU:

Labour’s John McDonnell (now Shadow Chancellor), motormouth Diane Abbott, (now shadow Home Secretary), Hilary Benn (ex-shadow foreign secretary whose view beforehand was that everyone voting would fully understand the consequences of voting either way), loudmouth but cowering Chuka Umunna (ex-shadow business secretary), ex-leader’s son Stephen Kinnock, loathed disgraced self-appointed messiah Tony Blair (ex-PM), Lord Adonis (a Baron and latterly a long overdue departure as the Tory government’s infrastructure adviser);

Or LibDems’ admitted liar about his gay views Tim Farron (ex-leader), Vince Cable (current-leader), yesterday’s man Nick Clegg (ex-leader now a ‘Sir’ indeed) – all fighting-on to scupper BREXIT wherever they can and disenfranchise the British electorate;

Then we can also count-in the so-called ‘now converted-leavers’ Tories’ Theresa May [now PM who has appointed two Cabinets where more than two out of three are actually Remainers, and last month she unconditionally surrendered at the EU negotiations), Philip Hammond (now Chancellor, the leading cabinet voice forcing a semi-BREXIT).

We also have the 11 Tory Remainer rebel MPs who joined Labour and the Liberal Democrats to defeat the Government in a Commons vote last month that could be used to frustrate or block BREXIT entirely – chief mutineer Dominic Grieve (former Attorney General), past his sell-by date Ken Clarke (ex-Chancellor and much else), self-termed freedom fighter but really wants to be leader Nicky Morgan (ex-Education Secretary), over vocal Anna Soubry (ex-Business minister), Stephen Hammond (now sacked Party Vice Chairman), barrister Oliver Heald (a ditched Solicitor General), side switcher Sarah Wollaston (chair health select committee), Bob Neill (chair justice committee), Jonathan Djanogly (former justice minister), new girl Antoinette Sandbach, who? Yorkshire born Heidi Allen. Mind you, they ALL deny their objective is to Remain – LIARS?

[Don’t forget that that the Cameron government sent all our households an expensive warning communication, including the clear assertion that it was our decision and that the government would implement whatever we decided, didn’t they? Fat chance of that now, wouldn’t you say?].

All the major parties, the entire current political establishment, plus the Commons and the Lords, with an overwhelming endorsement fully supported the Referendum Bill 2½ years ago – while the SNP of course tried to spoil that party. The biggest joke nowadays are the LibDems though, who not only were a major advocate of a Referendum in the first place, but indeed were critical of the other parties for denying one, while now they and Clegg in particular stands accused of showing complete distain  for the British people – while fantasist new leader Cable (who thinks he can be the next PM?) plans to stop BREXIT and keep the UK in the European Union because the people need to change their mind, eh?

The LibDems fought the Election last year under Farron on the basis of having ANOTHER referendum [now, that has always been the EU ploy – keep rerunning a referendum UNTIL you get the RIGHT answer, you see?] and he saw their vote drop by ANOTHER half a percent, totaling over 15% drop since the heady days of 2010, isn’t it?

The current political situation is dangerous because there is huge and significant damage being caused to the population’s trust in democracy when the cheated millions are concluding that the promises made by our politicians to us were in reality worthless once we challenged the interests and attitudes of the political establishment


[BREXITEERS abandon hope – you ain’t going to get what you voted for]





Donald Trump ducks his London visit – ASHAMED?

It has been announced that, even in the continuing postponement of the proposed State visit to meet the Queen, the United States President Donal Trump has let it be known that he won’t be coming to see us next month as intended to officially open the new American Embassy [His lame excuse is the one “personal reasons” (he doesn’t like the new building’s location, eh?)].

That update may be a surprise, but certainly it will not come as bad news to a large number of Brits or others residing in the United Kingdom, will it? Nop, and that is because he has managed to antagonise large sections of the population here, and indeed may well have encountered some noisy protest demonstrations to show just that during a visit – is that why he has shirked the task? If so, is that not just a bit cowardly?

Now, it would not shock countless Americans to know that few of us here in UK care a hoot whether or not Trump arrives on these shores. That is because not many of us have any respect for the man or what he is or what he stands for – though we as always will honour the office he holds and will formally treat him civilly here or elsewhere, as we would any man or woman so elected.

That isn’t to say that certain prominent UK individuals haven’t overstepped the mark when commenting on Trump and his bigoted outbursts. That would particularly include one Sadiq Khan, the current Mayor of London and Labour politician. You see Khan is a Muslim and took umbrage at Trumps disgracefully religious and racial attempts to discriminate against Muslims entering America and singling-out some half-dozen Muslim-majority countries listed in an executive order not to be allowed entry to the US, on the pretext of protecting national security. – the fundamental fact is that the President wants people excluded from the US, not for who they are, but simply because of where they come from, doesn’t he?

Now, it is a worrying fact indeed that the US Supreme Court in June overturned lower court injunctions and decided that ‘parts’ of Trump’s ban ‘could’ take effect, and then last month allowed the newest version of his travel ban to take effect pending appeal – the September ‘third edition’ of the travel ban placed varying levels of restrictions on foreign nationals from eight countries: Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Somalia and Yemen.

Well, all that being said, it is nothing to do with Khan, who instead of shooting-off his mouth and publicly declaring that Trump is not welcome here, should do a better job himself of running London, the most diverse capital in the world– which currently he is making a pigs-ear of, eh? Furthermore, as the first Muslim to become a mayor of a major Western capital, his energies should be focused on improving the image of Islam, which is being destroyed by ISIL terrorists both in Britain and worldwide, rather than undermining our special relationship with the US by continuing a spat with an American president – however big an arsehole he is being, don’t you think?

What we people here in UK do have though, is a great deal of sympathy for the bulk of our Americans cousins, who must be dying of shame that their wonderful country and its intrenched values have been hijacked by the likes of Trump as their President, a man of lewd embarrassing reputation, pontificating incendiary hate-filled tirades, and strutting arrogantly about whilst not issuing crass imbecilic tweets, and swapping schoolboy insults and heated taunts over size of nuclear buttons with North Korean’s mental health challenged despot supreme leader Kim Jong-un.

In reality, in many countries and that includes Britain of course, at times the population get disenchanted with their leaders – and indeed vote them out of power when the opportunity arises – but that feeling never reaches the level of “being ashamed” of the person selected to lead their nation, does it?

However, it is being said that Trump simply dares to voice views held by his supporters, which in the past day seems to include branding significant elements of the less-developed world as ‘shithole countries’ whose people weren’t wanted as immigrants to the USA, whether resulting from national disasters or not – nations such as El Salvador, Haiti or African. As a consequence, he gets America lambasted from all sides at the United nations, so destroys its standing in the World – is that what he meant by “making America great again” – making it a laughing stock?

In a survey last month over half of the Americans polled, disapproved of the job Trump is doing, don’t think he’s honest, don’t believe he is stable, don’t see him as compassionate, consider him reckless, rate him as sexist, and reason ‘credible’ the allegations made against him of sexual misconduct. Other polls find that the majority say the Trump administration is dysfunctional and there is now a loss of pride in American democracy. While six months ago, about half the people thought Trump was keeping his candidature promises, that now has dropped by ten percent, as has belief that he can bring about the kind of change the country needs, while less than a third think he can unite the country, and even amongst Republicans over a third of them don’t think Trump cares about people like them. Apparently more than half of American voters say President Donald Trump is not “fit to serve as president,” and that rises to nearly 95% of black voters, for goodness sake? Only a quarter of Americans now have faith that their President has the respect of leaders around the world

Meanwhile, daily Trump keeps his name in headlines, however derogatory they are or packed with controversy and intrigue, [on the basis that there is no such thing as ‘bad’ publicity, eh?] and he dismisses all criticism, assigns all damaging events as “false news”, nominates the media as witch hunting liars, denies through his teeth even verifiable facts, and lives in an isolated White House bubble of his own construction

Now, many in the wider world will know full well that Trump has faced persistent allegations over his campaign’s Russian connections during his election, and could face removal from office by impeachment if his direct connection with such events or alleged ties to Russia is ever properly established.

Now currently that might seem unlikely because it would require both the House of Representatives and the Senate to abandon him to make it happen. Although both Houses are currently under Republican control that may not last as midterm elections approach, so it is calculated that there a 50-50 chance of that happening or him resigning this term

Special counsel Robert Mueller‘s Russia inquiry has escalated in recent months, with convening a grand jury in Washington, and now heads into 2018 with four people associated with the president, including his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, and his deputy Rick Gates already charged with crimes connected to the probe [former Trump national security advisor Michael Flynn together with campaign foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos, have pleaded ‘guilty’ and are cooperating with investigators].


[Although ‘President Donald Trump’ is apparently too scared to visit ‘special relationship’ Britain, he has made trips to Saudi Arabia, Israel, France, Poland, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and China, eh?]



‘UNEXPECTED’ ‘UNANNOUCED’ ‘UNPRECITENTED’ – “Jeremy Hunt”, the UK’s new Prime Minister?

Hunt the next leader? – therein lies electoral death and destruction of the Conservative Party?

 Well, well, well, last October a post was published here “It is said that Prime Minister Theresa May is planning a Cabinet reshuffle – will that save her skin? that outlined the problems our embattled PM Theresa May faced that had stopped in its tracks her planned Cabinet major reshuffle to fully demonstrate her authority, show power, and destroy any disloyalty or criticism of her leadership. So, the names in the frame to be changed just carried on as before, didn’t they?

The media were widely briefed to peddle the news that this week that May WOULD make big changes in a shake-up of her Cabinet, not only to make it fresh-looking in time for the Local Elections in June, but to show she had regained credible control and was a Prime Minister fully in charge, following her success in getting the EU to move-forward to Trade talks last month.

Now, the last point came somewhat as a surprise to those of us who are ‘BREXIT negotiations’ watchers, because the reason the EU talks have moved forward is simply down to the fact that May completely caved-in to ALL the EU’s outrageous demands (when they had made zero concessions), and utterly capitulated on her commitment to the British people that “NO DEAL IS BETTER THAN A BAD DEAL”. That showed us all that PM May is anything BUT in control of ANY BLOODY THING, let alone this Country’s destiny, surely?

Sure enough, on Monday there was the toing and froing at Number 10 Downing Street associated with Cabinet reshuffles. However, instead of the expected dazzling spectacular display of political fireworks as orchestrated by a strong PM, we watched in amazement at a pyrotechnics malfunction fiasco led by a loser of a PM that delivered a damp squib– no major change to the Cabinet.

As usual and disgracefully as normal, the government leaked change plans in advance, and this time those included sidelining ‘snake-in-the-grass’ Europhile Chancellor Philip Hammond (who continues to try to sabotage BREXIT) by elevating him to deputy-PM [for god’s sake!], giving the ‘in ongoing crisis’ NHS a break by moving-out Jeremy Hunt, and pretending to give education a revamp by moving-on Justine Greening. Plus, to get rid of her past challenger as Leader (and one who had branded her approach to BREXIT as ‘disastrous’), Andrea Leadsom. Also amongst the intended victims was lackluster Business Secretary Greg Clark. Those proposals however simply demonstrated just how weak May is, as it amplified her inescapable inability to ditch her perceived dross.

This game of musical chairs was set to be played with typical bad timing by the PM, as it coincided with the worst NHS winter crisis in years and the appearance of further damning evidence that the health service is falling apart at the seams – the ambulance service in freefall with dying people unattended, ambulances simply queuing for hours outside hospitals’ A&E departments, an unprecedented number of A&E Units put on the highest level of alert, hospitals in lockdown and corridors blocked by the sick on trolleys, 55,000 operations cancelled this month creating the biggest backlog in NHS history, (in addition to the 25,000 that have to be disgracefully cancelled each year anyway due to lack of beds), and all routine hospital appointments put-off until next month.

[One has to question the mental capacity of the decision makers who shut down A&Es (1 in 6 face closure or downgrade in next 4 years), amalgamate hospitals & facilities, close wards (to increase “efficiency”), shut beds (down from 144,455 to 130,417 in past 7 years – when 30 years ago there were 300,000!), refuse to train enough doctors & nurses, or promote a throw-away culture (like metal crutches, walking frames, and sticks – and all else such as washing bowls)].

We don’t know anything about May’s hour-long chat with Hunt about allowing him to continue in Government with a new job, but what we can certainly see the outturn – Hunt told her in no uncertain terms to “get-stuffed”, he wasn’t going anywhere and he was staying in charge of the NHS. Consequently, the whole May reshuffle plan collapsed like a houseof cards, didn’t it?

The power of patronage is a precious one and for a Prime Minister to publicly demonstrate that she is utterly incapable of enacting that is an astounding demonstration of weakness, isn’t it?

Before these events, Putney MP Greening, Education Secretary, honourably made it clear that she was not going quietly, when she had seen incompetent or massively disloyal people, not only allowed to stay in Cabinet, but given even bigger expanded briefs [like Hunt just has]. So, on the day, she quite rightly ‘quit’ and acceded to her PM’s authority in such matters as who served as what, didn’t she? [a “damaging loss” to government perhaps?].

Not so, Hunt, eh? HE decided and NOT May that he would stay in post and that Cabinet changes could wait until HE emerged as the NEW PRIME MINISTER [fat chance, eh?] when May is given her marching orders. [Don’t be fooled by those suggesting that Hunt simply showed his dedication to the job of Health Secretary, will you?].

May simply caved-in to previous Remainer Hunt’s demands, didn’t she? Now, that MIGHT have been understandable if Hunt was a powerful beast at the heart of Government, one with a big power base in the House of commons with major friends and allies there, a favoured son of party backers, or even a popular politician with mass appeal in the Country, but that certainly does NOT apply to Hunt, does it?

The NHS is without doubt a massive Tory weak spot, which after 5 years of Hunt, now has the most hated Health Secretary in charge ever, and that is combined with the igneous fact that he is also the most disliked frontline politician of ANY party – beating into a cocked-hat the likes of his predecessor Andrew Lansley (who steered the Government’s controversial NHS reforms through Parliament), or David Cameron, George Osborne, Philip Hammond, and Jeremy Corbyn, at their worst.

The glaring truth is that the NHS is ‘no longer able to meet the standards in its constitution’, as the chief executive of NHS Services has just warned, and despite the fact that such a crash & burn disaster has to be put down to Hunt, Prime Minister Theresa May in an unprecedented public display of a lack of authority, has unbelievably ignored his abject failure as Health Secretary.

[Reshuffles simply DON’T establish Prime Ministerial authority and Theresa May has now just prove that, and shot herself in the ‘other’ foot – matching her blunderbuss injury of calling a snap General Election last June]

Young woman ‘Jodie Willsher’ slaughtered in Aldi supermarket – time for reintroduction of the death penalty in March 2019?



Just 2 weeks ago, many of us woke up four days before Christmas [21 dec] to face the dreadful fact, plastered all over our daily newspapers and bared on our TV screens and widely reported in other media, that late the previous afternoon Jodie Willsher, a young mother of just 30 years of age, had had her blissfully happy life snatched away from her, when without warning, she had been brutally and cruelly butchered by a knifeman, as she earned her living stacking shelves in a North Yorkshire supermarket.

You don’t have to know anything more about this tragic killing to know deep down that the evil scumbag who committed this vile slaying should be swiftly put down, do you? If there was ever a case for bringing back hanging this fully explicates it, surely?

About a week later  a 44-year-old man, one Neville Hord, appeared in Crown court accused of murdering this innocent mother-of-one. He did not enter a plea during his brief appearance of course, nonetheless we well know the UK’s broken scales of justice encourages not only that, but subsequently inspires a plea of ‘not guilty’ at trial, as regularly is the case?

Now there seems little doubt that Hord savagely slew this poor woman, as he was subdued and apprehended by others at the scene at time, but that doesn’t mean he will be convicted of her murder, does it? No, that is simply because smart-arse’d lawyers, releasers of the guilty, have numerous tricks & defences to put forward against such a ‘fatal offence’ criminal charge, which have been promulgated by liberal do-gooders and studiously developed by devious legal-eagles, to drive a coach & horses through legislation intended to protect society against murderous souls, don’t you think? [Common defences against crimes includes consent, insanity, loss of control, intoxication, epileptic fit, self defence, diminished responsibility, acting under duress, mistake, necessity, provoked, et al].

Oh yes, Christmas is supposedly a season of Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All Men, when we might expect a time of joy, happiness, hope, and love to be in evidence, and moreover that is what it should have been like for lovely, warm, beautiful wife and doting mother Jodie, and her family. Instead, this Christmas has instead delivered a sorrowful nightmare.

The background to events leading to this horrific cruel killing eventually will see the light of day much much later during Court proceedings, but the one thing you can be damned sure about now, is that there can be no plausible justification on earth for her vile execution, and the perpetrator should be made to pay accordingly.

Unfortunately, that family aren’t the only ones grieving the loss of a loved one subjected to a violent killing this Christmas. In North London’s Finsbury Park a young live bubbly girl of 22, Iuliana (Julie) Tudos, was stabbed and beaten to death on Christmas Eve after finishing a shift in a Camden pub, and she was found 3 days later by devastated friends searching for her, in a disused warehouse in the park which was a few hundred yards from her flat. Will her killer escape proper justice when brought to trial? Probably?

North Londoner Kasim Lewis, 31, was charged with Julie’s murder three days ago

It will not have escaped the notice of many watchers disgusted of killers getting away with it, that it is now  just announced that a man, Theodore Johnson, 64, who had already killed two former partners [Yvonne Johnson, then Yvonne Bennett] but was twice released from prison, has gone-on to murder a third ex-girlfriend Angela Best with a claw hammer and then strangling her with a cord at his home in north London last year.

It is thought that the vast majority of people in Britain are in favour of there being some form of death penalty available within the law for some murders – that of course was abolished 53 years ago in in 1965 by liberalities. While some senior Government politicians certainly also go along with the people’s view, the other rabble MPs from all parties are determined that the people should NOT have a say. Why is that for god’s sake?

Do they not know or understand the glaring fact that as soon as the death penalty was abolished, the number of murders DOUBLED in the next thirty years, and that must mean something, surely?

When the opportunity arose, our out-of-touch parliamentarians have consistently voted down every attempt to restore capital punishment even with severely restricted scope. If they hadn’t, then Jodie and Julie would still be alive to see life in 2018, and so would many of the thousands who have been killed in the last five decades.

There is indisputably strong evidence that the past threat of the death penalty diminished murder and attempted murder, so both deterred murderers and scared-off those inclined to carry guns or knives – is it any wonder therefore that without that deterrent, that knife crime is exploding, or that in north, east and south London there were 3 fatal stabbings on THIS New Year’s Eve and another 1 on New Year’s Day. [The total number of fatal knife attacks in London in 2017 alone has been 80].

A year ago, shortly before Christmas in 2016, the post “After BREXIT bring back hanging – enact ‘another’ will of the British people?” was published in this blog. One paragraph recorded and commented Last year alone we saw an over ten percent rise in the homicide rate in England and Wales, with neigh on six-hundred poor souls violently losing their lives and in addition to that number, there were another near three hundred and fifty ‘attempted’ murders. In the past year firearm offences alone have now risen to over 5,000, and that figure is dwarfed by the fact that there was ALSO six times that number of offences involving the use of knives – such high numbers, as has been on record over the past half-decade, amply demonstrates the key fact that violent crime in the UK is out of control and Britain is once again becoming a much more violent Country, doesn’t it?”

The latest available crime figures show an increase in homicides by over 20% close to 15% increase in knife crimes, and firearm offences



‘Liars’ ‘Cheats’ ‘Scoundrels’ ‘Swindlers’ ‘Traitors’ – all exposed by BREXIT?

unionjack yinyang2


Criminalistics Mugshot line-up



[To paraphrase a Shakespeare idiom ‘A plague on ALL your houses’]

BREXITEERS ‘Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here’ [Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate] – the European Union?

unionjack yinyang2

The EU well might be viewed in the same light as Dante’s journey through Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven as depicted in the epic ancient poem Divine Comedy, where above the gates of Hell are inscribed with the proverb ‘Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here’

In this poem, Hell is depicted as nine concentric circles of torment located within the Earth, whereas perhaps the EU might be depicted by its emblem of twelve stars? It seems uncertain now if Britain can ever make the journey through the EU hell and reach the afterlife outside it, don’t you think?

The Conservative Theresa May Government, albeit beset on all sides by the traitorous Remoaners of the UK, have now abjectly surrendered to the mavericks who control the EU, so that the Country’s clear democratic decision to leave the UK is likely to be thwarted. All our politicians suck.

Replicated below is the post published 3 months ago that warned what was on the cards, and so it has come to pass unfortunately.

BREXIT – the British voters sold down the river by a weak Prime Minister?

In June 2016 the population decisively made the historic judgment for Britain to leave the European Union in the largest vote ever recorded in this Country on anything (beating even General Elections into a cocked-hat).

The Conservative Government had tried cowering the people into voting ‘Remain’ in the Referendum using a disgraceful campaign of “Project Fear” led by the Chancellor George Osborne. None of the Nostradamus style predictions came to pass of course, but not any of the pushers of the scare stories has neither ever set the record straight nor apologised to the public, but to simply save their necks they have continued to undermine the road to BREXIT and pray that this Country come crashes down, as a punishment from on high.

ALL the mainstream parties were against ‘Leaving’ the EU and therefore tried to get their supporters to vote that way, so were also aghast at the unexpected result, as it clearly showed just how much out-of-touch they were with ordinary voters.

Faced with ‘voice of the people’ having concluding that we needed to get out of the expensive, oppressive, undemocratic EU as soon as possible, the unmovable ‘Remainer’ Tory politicians, such as behind the scenes serving, former and shadow cabinet ministers like [oops, identity hidden] & BREXIT deniers, like nationality challenged ex-LibDem leader and Deputy PM,  Nick Clegg, basically simply said to themselves “so what”, and they convinced themselves that all they needed to do was to ‘say’ publically “we hear that”, and “we will do that”, but behind closed doors utter the truth of “we will ignore the blighters”, “they’re ‘only’ the electorate – they can get stuffed”, followed by “just let enough water flow under the bridge and with the passage of time, those uninformed, ignorant, misguided, uneducated ‘Leavers’ who thwarted us, will forget there ever was a vote, let alone the result, and the UK will be able to remain to all intents and purposes in the dreaded EU”.

So much then for so-called democracy in the Country that claims to be the founder of it in modern times.

In a fit of pique PM David Cameron immediately resigned though, despite having told the Country before the Referendum that he would definitely stay-on to run the negotiations if he lost the vote. He was then replaced by the Tories as Prime Minister without any kind of election within the party let alone the Country, by vicar’s daughter, one Theresa May, a fellow remainer, a failed but survivor of a Home Secretary, who immediately announced that, like venomous Saul of Tarsus’ (latterly Paul the Apostle) divine conversion on the road to Syrian Damascus, she had seen the light, so would no longer denigrate and persecute Leavers, but instead, as an experienced, accomplished, able, negotiator at the EU, she like a modern Moses would lead the nation out of Europe’s slavery, oppressive yoke, and servitude, while she proudly proclaiming “BREXIT means BREXIT – when what she really MEANT was that “BREXIT actually means Brexit. You see she is less like zealot Saul and more like a kissing, traitorous, betrayer, Judas Iscariot except she coveted her job as top dog politician holding forth in 10 Downing Street, rather than the bribe of thirty pieces of silver that he settled for, eh?

As the saying goes “How did we know that these two PMs were lying through their teeth?” Standard answer, “Their lips moved”.

Shiny new PM May waited an unbelievable long, baby gestation period, of a full 9 months to give the EU formal notice of our resignation from the erstwhile club. Supposedly, that was to give us time to ‘prepare’ (as arsehole Cameron had instructed the Civil Service to ignore any prospect of him losing the vote, so not to make any contingency plans whatsoever). Well, the downsize of that fiasco was of course to give the same ample time of 9 months for the EU mandarins to marshal forces and work out in detail how to screw-up the UK during the departure process, didn’t it?

That delay of course also set-back the Country’s departure date by 9 months, meaning that the things we voted for, like reintroducing accountable democracy, taking back control, making our own laws, having our own bespoke regulations, using our taxpayers moneys as we alone decide, trading with whoever we chose, deciding on our own agriculture policy, restoring our fishing industry, establishing our own immigration rules, etc, in the meantime all fall by the wayside, don’t they? That whole situation had reset the leave date to March 2019.

Hence at the same time of the Referendum a year later in 2017 we were still in the EU, within no sight of leaving, and handing-over a king’s ransom of UK taxpayers’ money each year, to be squandered by a spendthrift unelected bunch of overpaid control freak, appointed administrators, destined to destroy the weak in favour of the strong.

Fast forward nearly another 4 months, and not one inch of progress has been made in making arrangements with the EU for our departure. Now that is solely because they had decided at the outset that THEY and THEY alone could set the ground rules for discussions regarding the relationship between the two parties after our departure. Now there is nothing in the Treaties that dictates that at all, nor indeed their follow-up demand that the UK guarantee to pay an unbelievable sum of money just to leave as a so-called ‘divorce settlement’ (which again has no legitimate basis whatsoever), and that BEFORE they would even discuss, let alone agree, ANY future arrangements, such as a possible trade agreement, as obviously was being sought by the UK.

Now, where has our modern day Celtic Boadicea with her chariot of scythe blade mounted wheels, of a supposed high power EU negotiator, been during all this time, eh? Well, stuck at home licking her wounds, having been given a good kicking in a General Election she had needlessly called last June, which both lost her a parliamentary majority and worst still, her credibility as a trusted safe pair of hands running the Country. That outcome is a disaster for a Tory leader as the Conservative party is a vindictive unforgiving rabble when roused, isn’t it?

Oh yes, she has indeed now finally entered the fray, just last Friday, but not by being in the ring at Brussels giving it her all, and landing telling blows on a fouling, rabbit-punching opponent, but on the trainers stool in the corner outside it [in her case making a speech in the safe haven of Florence Italy). Well gone are the brash harsh words and fighting straight talk of a frightening bare-knuckle fighter, to be replaced by a placatory subservient ingratiating trainer, white towel in hand throwing it into the centre of the ring where David Davis, the man ‘actually’ in there in her place and doing her job, is hardly got a mark on him, never mind a bloody nose.

So what was her contribution, now that she has no stomach for the real fight? Well, cutting out all the smoke and mirrors, the bottom line is that she has totally and utterly indisputably capitulated, and put simply, the UK will now ask pretty-please to STAY in the EU for AT LEAST an extra 2 years, meaning the earliest we will now leave (if EVER, indeed) will be 2021, so some 5 years AFTER the voters in a significantly democratic decision here TOLD Parliament to LEAVE THE EU, when disgracefully late they were finally allowed a voice – now to be ignored, though.

Now, that would be bad enough, but she has compounded even that, by trying to pull the wool over our eyes, pretending to the general public that she IS actually taking us out of the EU in 2019, as currently scheduled. That is just because at that time “officially” we are gone, but in fact nothing changes, we keep paying in and the EU remains our lords and masters, except tellingly that we no longer will have any representation at the EU in any body there whatsoever, so we will have absolutely ZERO SAY at all, neither in ANY of its processes, nor any of the legislation they pass, nor any regulations they impose, nor any budgets they set, nor any gathering they pontificate at, nor how & what they spend, nor who they admit, nor goddamn anything else.

Could anyone have imagined a worse scenario or a bad’er BREXIT outcome, and the cancers within the Tory hierarchy, like chancer and arch-Remainer who was a leading Project Fear loudspeaker, but current Chancellor Philip Hammond, who are laughing their cotton socks off, aren’t they? They have won and BREXIT has been defeated by the backdoor to frustrate democracy, don’t you think?

Her subterfuge on the General Public won’t work though, as we are not as stupid as she takes us for, are we? She has shown her true colours and they certainly aren’t true blue, just a cowardly yellow. Some Iron Lady substitute, eh? Winston Churchill will be turning in his grave, wouldn’t you say?

She and the Conservative Party WILL get their comeuppance in due course and that could even be a new PM from Labour’s left wing, Jeremy Corbyn, in the not too distant future, or at a push from the out of touch, unreliable, unfathomable LibDems with Vince Cable, eh?


[The problem is that in Britain we don’t take to the streets when badly wronged (unlike the French just 18 nautical miles across the Channel). Shame really?]


The loveable southern Irish – merely expendable cannon folder used by the EU in its BREXIT battle?

unionjack yinyang2


  1. Any Member State may decide to withdraw from the Union in accordance with its own constitutional requirements.
  2. A Member State which decides to withdraw shall notify the European Council of its intention. In the light of the guidelines provided by the European Council, the Union shall negotiate and conclude an agreement with that State, setting out the arrangements for its withdrawal, taking account of the framework for its future relationship with the Union. That agreement shall be negotiated in accordance with Article 218(3) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. It shall be concluded on behalf of the Union by the Council [of the European Union], acting by a qualified majority, after obtaining the consent of the European Parliament 
  3. The Treaties shall cease to apply to the State in question from the date of entry into force of the withdrawal agreement or, failing that, two years after the notification referred to in paragraph 2, unless the European Council, in agreement with the Member State concerned, unanimously decides to extend this period.



If there was any doubt in anyone’s mind about it, the BREXIT developments last weekend should be convincing to the entire World that the European Union is set on trying to destroy the United Kingdom for having the audacity to leave their dreadful bloody Club, wouldn’t you say?

Those recent happenings can be summarised by the news that an administrator, unelected, unrepresentative, simply appointed, mr nobody, Donald Tusk, made a papal like edict (bull) that the Republic of Ireland is to have a veto over any BREXIT deal with the UK.

That is to say that Tusk had personally decided on behalf of all the 27 EU countries that are being left adrift behind when Britain departs in fifteen months time, that Eire, a lovely little country but of little commercial influence or political consequence and a mere population of under 5m, should now suddenly and unilaterally make a decision on behalf of an EU’s population 100 times greater, to make the decision on the UK’s ongoing relationship with the EU, eh?

Now, that kind of crass decision behaviour may come as a bit of a surprise to many people, but that is exactly how things are done in their stinking Club, isn’t it? Yes, and that is no doubt why the people of Great Britain, who believe in democracy, actually voted for BREXIT in the biggest ever election turn-out this Country has EVER seen, indeed?

The fact is that Tusk needs to be told in no uncertain terms to crawl back under his stone, but we seem to be in a situation where we have a yellow-belly Prime Minister in Theresa May, [puny and rickety?] who doesn’t have the stomach for a fight, and is a hostage to fortune by her traitorous Remoaners to boot, don’t you think?

It is quite evident to anybody who has watched the BREXIT process develop, that the EU have done anything but entered the required negotiations on its future relationship with the UK, ‘in good faith’. From the very outset, it has been totally obtuse and that is evident by its setting unacceptable, unreasonable, insurmountable hurdles on the way the withdrawal ‘two-year period’ of talks were to be undertaken, which Treaty-wise were hopefully intended to result in a ‘ratified’ (by the other States) agreement, whence any failure to achieve that outcome means that we simply leave the Treaties behind and they cease to apply to the UK two years after the notification: as regards ongoing trade, the EU/UK would then follow World Trade Organisation rules on tariffs.

Firstly, the EU has been in blatant breach of Article 50 of the Treaty [which the UK invoked in March 2017], that ‘required’ it to negotiate and conclude an agreement taking account of the framework for the UK’s future relationship with the EU.

They point blank have refused to do just that, and instead have insisted that we must beforehand both commit to pay them a Queen’s ransom – the type of action more associated with kidnappers and Somali pirates than any internationally responsible body – together with insisting that the UK unilaterally make proposals to resolve any potential border problem between the two Irelands, all BEFORE any such talks are undertaken. Those talks are of course basically ALL about future ‘trading relations’ – and that is of course of prime interest to the British to ensure a smooth transition from isolated EU trading to establishing and benefiting from worldwide trading, which we are likely to excel in, eh?

Not only that, but throughout they have refused to say what illegal fee (corruption sum?) they expect the UK to pay [which bizarrely they insist on terming a ‘divorce settlement’ to make it sound legit], and then urge Britain to keep upping private offers till time runs out, eh?

One of the unacceptable things the EU say we have an obligation to pay-in, is to cover staff pensions! Now that kind of expense is something that has to be provided for at the time it is being incurred, and not later, as anyone involved in a business knows, because pension funds have to be in place to cover it – current pension entitlements aren’t paid-for by new employees or customers, are they? No, they are covered by money put aside from past and current income – if the EU failed to make such provisions, then not only are they demonstrably incompetent but they are crooks to boot, surely? But the EU needed worry, May will eventually agree that Britain pays such an outrageous bill, won’t she?

Now, the Irish might have a somewhat undeserved reputation of being a bit slow on the uptake, but on this occasion, they are certainly being led by the nose by the EU mandarins into fighting an unsavoury battle against the UK. The EU doesn’t give a hoot about issues faces by Éire (Irish)  and NI and just want to create a divisive antagonism between them, and are whispering evil in Dublin’s ear to try to cause a rift that will destroy Britain’s ability to make a clean break from the European Club.

Many in Britain and elsewhere tend to forget that just 95 years ago the current 26 counties constituting Southern Ireland was indeed a constituent part of the United Kingdom, and then by Treaty it became the Irish Free State and became a republic. Since those times the Irish have consequently been welcomed here and many are our resident neighbours in our villages, towns, and cities. What the Dublin government SHOUD be doing is fighting the EU with us to ensure an open border is maintained between North and South, as this is a common cause, surely? It isn’t the UK that would impose a hard border, it is the EU that would want to impose one on the Republic. Isn’t it? Indeed, the problem would simply go away, if talks moved onto a trade deal, because that could be the answer to movement of goods across the border, couldn’t it?

As predicted in a post here two months ago, when May had capitulated in both Florence & Brussels (amongst other things offering to hand them a £20billion ransom), she would concede even further, and that is exactly how it has turned out – she has bloody-well doubled that amount to £44m, hasn’t she? [All the UK giveaways and nothing to show for it]

Now, don’t fall for the ‘false news’ that the UK legally has to pay the EU to meet obligations, will you? The falseness of THAT claim is fully demonstrated by the very fact that we are told that in the event of a ‘no-deal’ outcome, we won’t pay them a penny, eh?

It also turns out that May was prepared to sacrifice our fellow British in Northern Ireland on the alter of a deal to move onto the crux of the negotiations – TRADE. Now, while we don’t know exactly what concession May had agreed to but it would seem that it was to promise a regulation alliance between Dublin and NI, which means that both countries would operate similar directives – meaning that NI would continue to accept EU law and so allow unhindered trade across the border. The NI DUP called May out of her surrendering meeting with the EU President to tell her “no way Yose”.

Such a relationship would mean that NI would need increased cooperation with Dublin government and have closer ties to the EU than with the UK, and in principle NI would look less British – another step towards the Republic’s and IRA’s ultimate goal of a united Ireland [against the expressed will of the NI people].

This negotiation episode highlights the sheer government incompetence of the May administration. To propose something that was totally unacceptable to the DUP when the Tory Government is utterly dependant and reliant on them to survive, is nothing short of madness. It is extraordinary that there had been no prior exchange of papers with DUP, isn’t it?

The situation gets even worse for those of us who voted BREXIT because it has become clear that the May Government were prepared to go further in Phase 2 of the negotiations to commit that the WHOLE of the UK to such a regulatory alliance with the EU – which means surely that we would accept ALL their laws and ALL their regulations without ever having any say in their enactment – does that sound like BREXIT to you, or what the people voted for in ‘taking back control’? That means that we are effectively in the EU Customs Union, with all the downside of that, when the Government promised we would be out of that as well as the Single Market, didn’t they? The fingerprints of Europhile Chancellor Philip Hammond are all over that crime scene, wouldn’t you say?

[Membership of the EU customs union (a trade agreement that imposes common external tariffs on goods from other countries) requires complying with ‘rules of origin’ (50-60% ‘originating’ content), and limits the freedom to strike our own trade deals outside the EU because it means that all goods that have been imported into an EU country can then be moved freely within the EU without further checks .[However Norway, though part of the European Economic Area (so having access to the single market), is NOT in the EU’s customs union, so goods coming through Norway into the single market are subject to further customs checks].

Trade in services make up almost 80% of the UK economy so is much more important to the UK than trade in goods with the EU, but the customs union would have limited impact on trade in services.

A deal to move onto trade is NOT the FINAL deal, so you can fully expect matters to get even worse, not least because the EU are going to give no ground whatsoever, and will demand the UK avoids divergence from all its terms for a decade.

The latest news is that this very morning the Prime Minster of Great Britain got up in the middle of the night to fly to Brussels to sign our total  surrender to the terms set by the EU’s unelected frontmen. She claims to have got the interim deal that allows trade talks to start after there had been “give & take” on both sides. Well, that is PARTLY true – WE have GIVEN and THEY have TAKEN, eh?

Well the what has been agreed already?

  • Guarantee that there will be “no hard border” between Northern Ireland and the Republic maintaining “constitutional and economic integrity of the United Kingdom”
  • EU citizens living in the UK and vice versa will have their rights to live, work and study protected
  • Financial settlement which is “fair to the British taxpayer”

The prime minister made MANY concessions, including a divorce bill of about £50bn and allowing British courts to refer cases about EU citizens to the European court of justice for another eight years!

[Those of you who voted for BREXIT can just forget it – there is now NO CHANCE of you getting it]

Pistorius ‘the sequel’ – justice for Reeva at last?

reevaReeva Steenkamp murdered by Oscar Pistorius

The opening & closing paragraphs of a blog published here sixteen months ago are reproduced below:

“Any hope and prayers we might have had for Judge Masipa to do what is right to administer justice for Reeva Steenkamp, were dashed again today when once more she has shown scant regard for South African law. This is a judge who not only has been exposed by the highest criminal court in SA as not correctly applying the law, but also had invoked excessive leniency in his previous sentencing. The fact that she has been charged with this responsibility for sentencing Pistorius, simply makes a mockery of the SA justice system, and makes it a laughing stock across the World, doesn’t it? [Without compelling reasons (and there aren’t ANY), the MANDATORY minimum sentence is 15 years, but that has been ignored, and the judge has now given him only one more year for the ‘murder’ than she decided on when she originally found him guilty of ‘manslaughter’ – a MUCH less serious conviction. Her justification is that he had shown ‘remorse’ when nothing is further from the truth, since he has NEVER admitted ANY responsibility and consistently insisted in court that it was simply an accident that could have happened to anybody, no less?”


“In the past, numerous world sporting icons indeed have bitten the dust because of their excessively bad behaviour or illegal actions, so Pistorius is no different, just worse – with luck he will rot away in jail, so we won’t have to write about him here ever again, and Reeva will safely be with her maker, eh?


Well, the wheels of South African justice may have turned slowly, but it has finally got there now, eh? The credit for that outcome must be fully taken by the admirable diligence of the prosecution led by advocate Gerrie Nel, who wouldn’t let sleeping dogs lie, and continued their fight for natural justice for murdered Reeva Steenkamp.

Yes, the Supreme Court of Appeal in Bloemfontein [SCA] in a panel of five judges has now unanimously handed down the minimum 15 years jail sentence, as prescribed for murder in South Africa, to Oscar Pistorius – as he “displays a lack of remorse, and does not appreciate the gravity of his actions.” and NO compelling and substantial circumstances existed to waiver the minimum, as we all knew?. Many of us will remember that he had originally got just 5 years for manslaughter, which required him to serve only 10 months incarceration in a cushy prison – now he is going to be banged-up for a long time, and rightly so.

Prosecutors had argued that Pistorius’ six-year term for murdering Reeva Steenkamp was “shockingly light”, and indeed that reflected the common view. He had shot his model girlfriend four times through a locked toilet door at his home in the capital Pretoria. Trial Judge Thokozile Masipa dismissed in August 2016 a request by Nel to appeal Pistorius’ sentence, saying she was not persuaded that there was a reasonable prospect of success at another court, but Nel launched the case at the SCA anyway.

No doubt Pistorius will continue to benefit from his status as an international celebrity [due to his disability (double-amputee) and prowess as an athlete (a multiple Paralympic champion)], garnered by great family wealth, so although he might well continue to receive preferential treatment compared to non-whites, at least he will still be in jail [hopefully a high security facility, eh?].

[Oh yes, this may indeed not be the welcome end of the Pistorius saga, because he has the money available to appeal to the ‘Constitutional Court’, the highest court in South Africa, even though he is likely to fail there].


The ‘Universal Credit’ benefit, together with the rest of the UK’s welfare system, is a national disaster – TIME to start ditching the whole bloody lot?

The terminal state of the British welfare state is ample summed-up by the furore that has arisen daily in recent weeks both across the airways of TV, Radio & Newspapers, and at Westminster about the ‘Universal Credit’ benefit now being widely rolled-out across the UK, wouldn’t you say? The cries from far and wide are that this benefit is the cause of absolute misery to hundreds and thousands, because those utterly dependant on it are not getting the free money quick enough. They are squealing like pigs to the media about how they are being disgracefully let down, eh? No one seems to stop and question just why the hell all these people critically need the State to step-in to continually support their lives, do they?

Well, the actual name of this benefit says it all, doesn’t it? The adjective ‘universal’ actually means “relating to all people in the world“, or is even defined as being comprehensive, common, across the board, all-round, and in reality all those words sum things up as far as all UK benefits go – so every Tom, Dick, and Harry can get them, whether British or foreign national, and moreover that includes those having neither ever having paid a penny into the system, nor ever every done a day’s work in their lives, nor ever every paid any bloody tax, and that benefit availability includes rights to those of course who are asylum seekers, Islamic hate preachers & their terrorist followers, criminals even of the worse kinds likes of killers & rapists, and indeed all else, whether immigrants or not.

And the most galling thing that sticks in the craw for many of us, is that they get paid-out money, or given houses, or free medical & hospital treatment, free education, even child support sent to children living overseas who have never even been in the UK, free drugs for addicts, et all, NOT as a matter of charity, but as a legal RIGHT which is enforced by the Courts, no less?

Now, we in the UK aren’t the only Country that has been bamboozled into providing a state welfare system, but by a long chalk we have been the most ‘stupid’ in just how far we have progressed with it, and how long we have bleeding well persisted with it, despite all the evidence stacking up over decades, which shows that it is a total waste of time, doesn’t meet the intended objective, and that it is in actuality destroying our society, wouldn’t you say? It is all driven by ‘do-gooders’ who don’t understand nor appreciate the damage they are causing to our society’s way of life?

That itself comes of course, on the top of the ‘additional’ mad squandering of the bulk of nigh on £14BILLION currently allocated to Foreign Aid, much which just goes straight into the pockets of overseas corrupt greedy rulers and individuals, or is often used in unacceptable and extravagant, grandiose foreign projects – until 2016, WE were the ONLY country in the whole wide WORLD that allocated 0.7% of Gross National Income (GNI) to overseas aid [and it has now become a legal requirement here, to boot!], aren’t we? Yes and ONLY Germany has done that level since. [The most aid from Britain is going to Pakistan, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Syria].

The evidence is of scandalously wasteful delays and incompetent management of overseas aid projects paid for by us UK taxpayers, isn’t it? Just that has been seen fairly recently regarding a £2 billion gaggle of negligently conducted overseas programmes for climate change and renewable energy projects, covering active or earmarked spend – like solar power plants (Kenya, Mali), rubbish-burning power plant (Maldives), wind farms (Ethiopia), and for example a £250m one, which reportedly has produced only enough renewable electricity to power the equivalent of a British street of just 100 houses, for goodness sake?

Somehow, sometime, somewhere, over the past seventy years, British society’s the cake mix of welfare has curdled in its preparation, and we now are baking a sickening mess, aren’t we? It all needs a radical overhaul, but the current UK political parties are no longer ones of courage and grit prepared to protect our lives, wouldn’t you say? Welfare should be handed back, lock, stock, and barrel to charitable organisations where it rightly belongs – and the government should then provide hands-off support and some finance to them.

The commendable original intention of the historic ‘Beverage’ proposals on welfare back in 1948 were to help the downtrodden poorest members of our community with financial help from the taxpayers, and do away forever with the poor laws of the Tudor times. But it has all rapidly and seriously, wrongly gone downhill and got out of control in the last seventy odd years, hasn’t it?

Welfare which was meant to be simply an effective ‘safety-net’ to catch those who have fallen, so they can quickly recover, and get back on their feet, to resume normal lives, has become a massive ‘constraining net’ that traps millions of our families in it, to the extent that whole generations of them never work or support themselves or their children.

It is a system that fails to help those actually most in need because of the hangers-on, is utterly dysfunctional, encourages long-term unemployment, debilitating dependency on others, destructive incapacitating illiteracy, commonly assignment to substandard if not slum accommodation, abandonment of family values including care for their elderly, demoralising reliance on foodbanks, establishes social housing sink estates of ‘no-go’ areas dominated by gangs, populated by career criminals, and fuelled with drugs rather than food. We have created an iconic “free” system of health care (supposedly the envy of the World?), which we neither adequately fund nor manage, so it continues to suffer dreadful failures and deliver poor survival outcomes compared to other advanced countries (e.g. on cancer).

Furthermore, welfare has played the major part in destroying traditional family values, including marriage, whereby respectable morality has been replaced by unbridled promiscuity, so Britain now has the highest rates of fatherless families within the developed world, and ‘just announced’ is that in UK places of high benefit dependency, two thirds of children are born into unmarried families – and the bottom line of all that is that British children are being brought into the World to commence an ongoing life of poverty and depravation. Year on year the number of children that have to be taken into care rises significantly, and soon there will be 75,000 kids’ lives blighted, when about another 5,000 will also get adopted as well – is that representative of a responsible caring family society looking after the next generation, eh?

Why in this Country do we persist to convince ourselves that our extensive welfare state is something to be proud of and cherished when its adverse consequences are so blatantly damaging to the very fabric of our society, eh?

Many of those on benefits are unashamedly milking the system, and a glaring example of that is the press’ nicknamed ‘queen of benefits’, who rakes in £40,000 from the state each year, has had 13 children with 4 different men, and not satisfied with that level of scrounging, she booked an expensive family holiday  to Menorca with money stolen by her latest man.

You read of situations whereby a family have had the good fortune to have financially climbed out of your average lifestyle, so have got the big house and all the trappings, but when their bubble bursts for whatever reason, they go on state benefits – but they then ‘demand’ they are allowed to keep that ‘higher than you ‘lifestyle, with you paying the bill, eh?

There is an astounding number of UK basic benefits – well, there are bloody SIXTY of them indeed.

The costliest 10 are: Tax credit, Housing benefit, Child benefit, Disability Living Allowance, Income Support, Incapacity Benefit, Jobseeker’s Allowance, Council Tax Benefit, Statutory Maternity Pay, Carer’s Allowance.

The other 50 are: Adult social care, Attendance Allowance, Bereavement Allowance, Bereavement Payment, Budgeting Loans, Child Tax Credit, Child Trust Fund, Cold Weather Payment, Community Care Grant, Constant Attendance Allowance, Crisis Loans, Employment and Support Allowance, Funeral Payments, Guardian’s Allowance, Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme, Health Costs, Health in Pregnancy Grant, Healthy Start Scheme, In Work Credit, Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit, Industrial Death Benefit, Invalidity Benefit, Job Grant, Local Housing Allowance, Maternity Allowance, Mobility Supplement, Over 80 Pension, Pension Credit, Pneumoconiosis (including asbestosis), Byssinosis and Miscellaneous Diseases Benefit, Reduced Earnings Allowance, Retirement Allowance, Return to work credit, School uniform allowances, Severe Disablement Allowance, State Pension, Statutory Adoption Pay, Statutory Paternity Pay, Statutory Sick Pay, Sure Start Maternity Grant, Training premium, Travel to interview scheme, Unemployability Supplement or Allowance, Universal Credit, Vaccine Damage Payment, War Disablement Pension, War Widow’s/Widower’s Pension, Widowed Parent’s Allowance, Widow’s Pension, Winter Fuel Payment, Working Tax Credit.

It’s difficult to find out just how many of the people here in Britain are actually on benefits (the data is incomplete and fragmented), but there are probably some 5 million or more, and about one in a dozen of them won’t even be UK citizens. It is not a sustainable situation, and we need to progressively roll back on the benefits culture if we are to save our society, don’t you think? Universal Credit was just a small step in that direction, but our parliamentary idiots just don’t get it, and are trying to wreck it, aren’t they?

Reported, other countries aren’t making such a pig’s ear of it with benefits, so it is said that the even developing country Singapore copes better with their housing needs, while the more modern economy of Switzerland do better on health care, and the high living standards Dutch’s old age pensioners aren’t amongst their poor.

[The UK needs to actually deliver the welfare reform that was the ambition of the Government of seven years ago – it is not simply about saving money, but the need to turn the clock back to times when the British population had self-respect, standards, and the desire to stand on their own two feet, surely?]


The remaining “Remoaners” will stop at nothing to scupper BREXIT – they deny being TRAITORS though?

unionjack yinyang2

The Tyburn Tree gallows London 1571 [executions at Tyburn 1196 thru 1783]

We currently have a situation in the UK whereby from within the certainly large number of those people who voted for ‘Remain’ in the EU Referendum, there are hoards of them that will NOT ever accept that they, against all expectations, actually LOST the bleeding argument – they therefore fall into the despicable category of extremely ‘bad losers’ don’t they? The galling fact is that while the major prominent BREXIT deniers publically profess to accept the decision, their actions show that they are bloody liars, wouldn’t you say?

Whilst the vast majority of those who voted to remain have accepted the Country’s majority decision to leave the EU and understand that we needed to come together in a common cause as a Nation in national unity, to jointly fight the battle within the EU to negotiate a ‘mutually’ good package and deal for the UK’s departure, there persist to be others who are determined to undermine these events because they cannot understand nor accept the potential and vision of a free UK – successful, autonomous, controlling its own destiny, and making its individual way in the World of the 21st century.

Oh yes, it may be the insult of choice that us others call them ‘Remoaners’, but many of us also see them as Traitors, who are prepared to treasonably betray their own Country, or commit treacherous acts of deliberate disregard for trust to give aid to enemy, and in the process, they are willing to deny us other citizens the basic principle of democracy [something that millions of our ancestors fought and died for, in two horrific world wars within the past hundred years].

Many Remainers, those in favour of the EU (Europhiles), have spent the past seventeen months since the Referendum sneering at the Leavers, those wanting to cancel our European club membership and ditch forever its unalterable control and servitude (Eurosceptics), are claiming that those who turned-out in their millions were simply the ignorant masses who didn’t know what they were voting for, or were racist, or reckless little Englanders determined to recluse the Country from the World, or were ‘past-it’ oldies who would soon be dead anyway (having denied the young the legacy of any real future).

If these BREXIT deniers succeed in thwarting the will of the people on leaving the EU, in what turned out to be the BIGGEST vote ever in favour of something in Britain, it will show that democracy doesn’t work, so will ring the death bells for the rule of law in the UK, as well as obliterate any remaining respect for the political species, wouldn’t you say? The EU Referendum vote was the first time that us ordinary people have been allowed to have direct participation and a say about the crass political decision to hand over control of our Country (without even a fight) to others, as this was unilaterally decided upon by the elite, wasn’t it? The people’s instruction was for the Government of the day to reverse that decision

The population became exceptionally well informed and showed remarkable skill and understanding when sifting the wheat from the chaff  before coming to their decision – that is fully (even if sadly) demonstrated by the family arguments, including rifts, that opposite views resulted in. That is precisely why it is extremely insulting for the losers to continually denigrate and pour scorn on the winners after the result, in an attempt to rubbish the outcome, wouldn’t you agree?

The diehard Remainers who haven’t accepted the result, blatantly lie through their teeth that people didn’t vote to fully ditch the EU, because all the evidence shows that both sides made it crystal clear that we would have to leave the Single Market, and the Customs Union, and the European Court of Justice – and in reality ALL us voters on either side  knew precisely that.

Cutting out all the crap, the single main reason the electorate voted ‘LEAVE’, was to send the clear message to Parliament that they weren’t apathetic about politics, so wanted our politicians to ‘TAKE-BACK-CONTROL’ and do THEIR job they had been elected to do (and paid well for, eh?).

The scare-mongering Remainers with their Government-led “Project Fear” campaign in 2016 predicted numerous (20?) dire consequences if we dared vote ‘leave’, including the immediate effect of calamitous ‘economic shock’ causing a UK recession, flight of businesses from the Country, increased unemployment up to half a million, a crippling cut-off on inward investment, drop in growth, interest rates up, national security jeopardised, et al. Well, it didn’t bloody well happen like that in the least, but what actually occurred certainly was a long overdue fall in sterling, which as we all well know, has certain beneficial effects (improvement on exports, plus inbound tourism, as well as reduction on imports).

Now ALL the major parties and their leaders (in addition naturally their cohorts) were in favour of REMAIN so are still squirming in embarrassment as being so out-of-touch, and hence NOW desperately want to derail BREXIT and disgracefully are trying to do so by ALL means available and possible, whatever DAMAGE it causes to our wonderful Country. So, to save face they want Britain to get a bloody nose over BREXIT (and that includes letting the EU take us to the cleaners), simple to be proven right in the end, don’t you think? Those conscientious people who used to support the Labour Party, are disgusted that it is selling our Country down the river in a doubtless fruitless attempt to unseat the current Tory Government – that including not least, surreptitiously using the currently debated BREXIT bill [intended to be a simple non-controversial technical method of initially legally incorporating EU law], as a runaway juggernaut vehicle to overturn the Referendum result.

How else to you explain their inexcusable actions, starting here at home when they DEMAND that the UK must NOT leave without a DEAL – i.e. they require our negotiators to accept just ANYTHING the enemy (make no mistake about that they are, will you?) negotiators come up with, eh?

Then there is the astonishing assertion by the EU mercenary conscript army of Leave MPs, mostly nobodies at Westminster, violently fighting on our front line in the colours of the Brussels’ forces, against their own Countrymen, whence they insist that they MUST perform their constitutionally duty, including protection of democracy freedoms, so consequently MUST be allowed a hallowed role of making the final decision on BREXIT [which would be to scrap it] and to determine our future governance and legislation [which would be to hand-it over to Europe’s non-elected administrators].

This gross pretence, follows-on from the undeniable fact that not only did they voluntarily (even if expectantly?) promised the British people that very right in the EU Referendum (and stressed the importance and critical significance of that historic decision), but more significantly, some 45 years ago, they had actually handed-over the right, with total ultimate responsibility, to regulate the fate and destiny of this Country [and for determination of ALL our laws] to the European’s unelected bureaucrats. As claimed defenders of UK sovereignty they have been very conspicuous by their absence over all those years, wouldn’t you say?

The damaging consequence of these MPs’ enormous disservice to the country by the undermining and sabotage of Britain’s negotiating position, is that we will NOT get a GOOD deal, since we will only be offered a RUBBISH deal – and that will involve us unnecessarily gifting 60 to 100 BILLION pounds to those tyrant pirates sailing out of Brussels. [We should leave with NO DEAL and not give them a bleeding penny].

Anyone who has been involved in the world of politics, or has watched TV’s “Yes Minister” and “Yes Prime Minister”, will recognise that the Civil Service seriously hanker after running the Country without the constraints of satisfying the volatile demands of the general public, which inevitably ties the hands of elected politicians and prevents the introduction of unpopular governance. And so it is with the EU, which is indeed ruthlessly controlled by an administrative class, and there is no way that is going to change, is there? Despite its warts & all, the British people believe in an elected democracy, with its built-in checks and balances on power, and the voters’ability from time to time, to change those put in charge.

Everybody here recognises that the UK would prefer to negotiate a Trade Deal with the EU and leave on good ‘friendly’ terms when negotiating the relationship for the future – but the EU mandarins have decided otherwise from the outset, haven’t they? They have put discussion on trade on the backburner until we agree to pay a massive ransom to leave – a payment which has no legal basis. Exactly why then, did the scumbag 18 out of 20 Labour MEPs vote in Brussels to STOP trade talks even starting? Indeed, why did 2 totally irresponsible Tory MEPs also do exactly the same thing [it got the them expelled from the party though]? How would you classify the actions of those men and women then, either  ‘traitorous’ or ‘treacherous’? It must be one of them, surely?

In the last War, the British traitors weren’t simply people who refused to fight for this Country, were they? No, those non-combatants were simply ‘semi-respected’ as “conscientious objectors”, but the big traitors and treacherous men and women were those in our midst who fought for or supported the other side, weren’t they?

Oh yes, after the War, there might have been only ten or so visibly brought to proper trial justice (half of them hanged), amongst them being those of the likes of notorious Lord Haw-Haw, fascist William Joyce, civilian Dorothy O’Grady   – but in the present BREXIT war, there are multitudes of these Remainer tricksters and spies communicating with enemy – all publicly denying wrong doing, whilst at every turn siding with the enemy and materially supporting it, in determinedly trying to bring this Country down. They constantly deliver inflated setback reports to promote misinformation and propaganda for the enemy, all designed to derail BREXIT and demoralise a government still supported by the British people who are backing it whole heartedly to deliver a successful BREXIT.

Those recalcitrant MPs guilty of scuppering BREXIT, can rest assured that although the Act of Parliament defining high treason remains on the United Kingdom’s statute books, they themselves if tried for high treason, and if found guilty will NOT be hanged, drawn and quartered in accordance with the statuary penalty of 1351, as was say Oliver Plunket, Archbishop of Armagh, at Tyburn in 1681. No, that level of punishment was abolished in 1870 in favour of hanging, but beheading remained the monarch’s option of right. Well, the EU sunk the UK’s death penalty at the end of the last century – nothing to stop us reinstating it though as soon as we leave the EU, is there?


[Some MPs should perhaps dwell on the fact that “high treason” is still punishable by “life imprisonment’, eh?]


Labour: Lucy Anderson London, Paul Brannen North East England, Richard Corbett Yorkshire and the Humber, Seb Dance London, Neena Gill West Midlands, Theresa Griffin North West England, Mary Honeyball London, John Howarth South East England, Wajid Khan North West England, Jude Kirton-Darling North East England, David Martin Scotland, Alex Mayer, East of England Linda McAvan, Yorkshire and the Humber, Claude Moraes London, Simon West, Midlands, Catherine Stihler Scotland, Derek Vaughan Wales, Julie Ward North West England [Whip – no action taken].

Tory: Julie Girling South West England, Richard Ashworth South East England [Whip withdrawn]